Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stores On Harlow Reminder!!!

I thought I would be a bit different today and instead of picking out a few stores to show you, I'd remind you of all the stores we have at Harlow.

I had to add a picture at least! From our newest addition, Silk & Satyr, come these fabulous bohemian earrings which are their opening special dollarbie. Check out their store on the docks. The gowns are stunning!

Ali Couture
Karnal Rage
Rainbow's End
Sasy Styles
Kat Kreations
Sonatta Morales
A Touch of Candy
Couture Chapeau
Ticky Tacky
Silk & Satyr
Awesome Designs
Ema's Secret
Fire Good
Eye Candi
Stylin Designs
CS Fandango
Jazmyn D
Fashion Oasis
Sugar Mill
Total Betty
Foxy Fashions
Kreative Kaos
Creations and Modifications
The Gallery
T Junction
Sweeter than Candy
Amanda's Fashions
Dance Creations
B Side Couture

Omg just look at the all the stores to browse through and shop at. Why would you need to go anywhere else???

We have two vacancies left, a 50 prim store on the docks and a 100 prim store. We also have our huge Come As You Are Street Party taking place this Saturday at 2pm. Rhianna and our fabulous stores have rounded up some fantastic prizes so you do not want to miss this!!!

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Looking for cheap poses? visit Striking Poses!

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if you ever wanted to advertise your store in a popular location? Yes? But you have no idea where to do it? Well then, we have the ideal solution for you! We have the perfect location with a great amount of passing trade here at Harlow, ideal for advertising your store!

For Ad Boards at Harlow, click here

Don’t forget that we are holding another party this Saturday and I have to say it will be fantastic! No dress code required, just come as you are! Your guaranteed to have fun, we have for you a live DJ, DJ Tydeyz Snook. He will be playing the most amazing of music live from Australia! Grab the note card by touching one of the adverts (see below) for more information!

Come as you are party

Now, I hope you all realise that our group gift is still available at the wonderfully low price of 1L! Only catch, you have to be a member in order to get it at this great price, not a member? Sorry you’ll have to pay full price! Body Slam is your ideal choice for this summer!

Body Slam Couples Pose

There are just few days left until the ‘Cinderella's Lost Slipper hunt’ is over! If you haven’t managed to get the beautiful gift from Striking Poses, come on over and grab it! It is a beautiful pose called Kiss The Frog. All details are at the entrance of the store.

Kiss The Frog Pose

Oh I heard that there are still some shops available to rent in Harlow, contact Jordan Whitt and get yours rented as they will soon be gone again ;)

Oh oh, lets not forget that the Princess Girl Collection is still on sale, the full pack is 250L and a single pose is 25L and in my opinion this is an absolute bargain considering you will become a princess with these poses ;)

Princess Girl Fatpack

So ... enjoy it and see ya soon!



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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Party Time!

Hello Everybody!

This has been a long week but a really good one for me. I am happy to be back in my routine. I have to thank my friends that greet me for my real life birthday. I had a really great time with them.

I always finish and start chatting about me, and I forget what I should be posting about, silly me! Well, let me get stuck right in and tell you the latest from Striking Poses!

First thing, we are currently looking through all the contest submissions and I have to say were having a hard time trying to choose the winner. But we’ll be sure to tell you all on July 30th!

While you wait, why not go grab your best pair of shoes, and your favourite dress.. as we at Striking Posses are going ...... PARTY PARTY!!! That’s right, were holding another PARTY!!!

The party will be this Saturday (1st of August) at 2pm SLT and it’s going to be held on one of the streets of Harlow and to keep things easy we have themed it.. “Come as you are” that means come in whatever you like! I’ll mention that you should all bring your thinking caps, as we’ll be holding random trivia’s to test your knowledge, and if you get a question right, you’ll win a prize! Weeee! We’ll also have a live DJ attending.. DJ Tydeyz Snook, she has a very sexy voice, and I’m always curious about him when I hear him speak! Oh.. did I mention Prizes? Well, what would a party be without Prizes? Soo.. we many prizes to give away all contributed from the stores in Harlow!

Where ever you see the following advert, just click and you’ll receive the notecard with direction to our party!

Come as you are party

If you haven’t received your group gift yet, you can still pop over to our Striking Poses store and buy it for 1L, but if you are not a member, sorry guys but you will have to pay the full price, think about it, and join our Striking Poses Group.

Body Slam Couples Pose

That’s all for now, see you soon!


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Sneaking in on Monday...Just!

Eep I'm cutting it close with the post today. I hit a "no motivation" spot this morning and kept putting things off and now rushing to get in before its Tuesday and Ake's posting day! I do have some awesome things for you today though, so let's get to it.

Pose - Vanessa Paradise Dollarbie
Wearing -
Alexandra ($649) from Ali Couture

I just LOVE this gown! In fact I haven't taken it off since Alia sent it to me, except for doing other pictures that is anyway. Its just the most stunning thing I have ever seen...and thats saying something. With three versions of the bodice (standard, see through and a prim draped version) and a gorgeous rose trimmed skirt, its spectacular and looks incredible when you're dancing. It also comes with the roses for your hair. This is a definate MUST HAVE gown!!!

Pose - Tatiana Del Toro Dollarbie
Wearing -
Prada ($490) from MEB

Another one of my favourite designs from MEB is the Prada dress. Its simply lovely! I love the delicacy of it and the muted colouring. It flows amazingly and is an elegant summer dress for any special occasion. Its dressy enough to go from shopping trip to a night out dancing. You will fall in love with this dress too, or maybe something else in the store. All the designs are something special!

Pose - Cameron : Marlon Brando Dollarbie Jordan - Stop in the Name of Love Group Pose (left)
Wearing -
Tees ($75) from T Junction

Omg just when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore, I opened my new releases from T Junction and found some of the best shirts yet!!!! For Cam - "Buy me another beer, you're still ugly" which did have me wishing I could ctrl alt del him!!!! Here we are hanging out at the Bewitched set in the Studio. Have you checked it out yet? We have cleverly replicated the living room from bewitched and its open for you to come have some fun with and its also the setting for our photo competition. Don't forget to check out T Junction for the funniest tees in SL!

Pose - Tiffany Theissen Lucky Chair
Wearing -
Tee ($75) from T Junction and Scotty Shorts ($20) from RLF

RLF is owned by a new designer just wetting her feet in the clothing field and her first attempt, the Scotty Shorts, are just super. They are unisex and look good on whether you are a male or female. Cameron modelled them for me earlier and he looked hot in them, but I pinched them back cos I love them! I slipped into yet another T Junction release - Come to the dark side...we have cookies! Mmmm cookies! Look out dark side, here I come! RLF also do custom shapes as well as some standard models sold in store.

Have you heard about the special store at Harlow? Called Penny Palisade, its our Sim gift to you all. Everything in it comes from our generous vendors and is priced at $25 or less. I had a look around earlier and picked up a few things shown below. Only available at Penny Palisade.

Pose - Natalia Vodianova #3
Wearing -
Ruffles Lingerie ($25) from STC

From Sweeter Than Candy, you will find this gorgeous lingerie set.

Pose - Scarlet Johansson #5
Wearing -
Casual Grey Shirt and Crystal Mimi eyes ($25) from Ema's Secret

As well as the shirt and eyes, you also receive a belly piercing and nail colour.

There is so much super shopping to be found on Harlow. We've also got our new Event Diva, Rhianna, cooking up some special plans so keep your eyes open for details coming soon.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Something for Friday...

Hello everyone!

You won’t believe it, but I’m sat here writing this at 3am in the morning. I can’t sleep as I had such a wonderful surprise from my boyfriend Spad, as you know we are a couple in real life too, but at the moment due to the distance we can’t be together… The thing is I have just finished opening one of my birthday presents from him, it was a lovely Teddy bear from the Tatty Teddy collection and we named him “Much” as his T-shirt says “I love you this much”. I have the past man in my life, in both my lives!

Okay, Okay, this post isn’t about me, so I am going to show you some of my latest pictures using the latest release of poses, the Nadia Vodianova collection and the Bishes group poses.

I’ve made a mixture of the poses, I’ve put together 2 of the Nadia poses and one of the Bishes:

Okay, from left to right, we have Nadia Pose 7, followed by the left Bishes group pose, and then Nadia pose 2. I must mention that the outfit I am wearing in the middle pose is a gift from my good friend Gigi Sapeur, she had designed and made this wonderful outfit and requested that I model it for her store Blush and Bashful and I have to say she is a huge fan of Striking Poses too :D

I hope you had all grabbed your couple’s pose ‘Body Slam’ as the time in which to get it will pass for you and you’ll have to pay the normal price instead of the 1L it is for our group members.

Also, I haven’t seen many pictures for the contest, time is running and you only have till Sunday to send in your work, after that we’ll be working hard selecting the best of the best ;)

Mmmm what else? … I guess that is all for now, I really have to go because a friend is going to take me to the cinema, hehe I love birthdays!

And and.. I made this.. well.. for myself :p

Thursday Goodies from Harlow!

Wo0t its almost the weekend again! What a busy week its been! I've finally caught up on all the stuff I missed when my computer was out of commission and now I can finally relax a bit. I'm having a lot of fun with the new poses and can more often be found out around the grid taking photos.

Which reminds me, have you entered our Bewitched contest yet? There's still time and some fabulous prizes up for grabs. Its as simple as wiggling your nose to enter, so what are you waiting for? All info is posted on the Striking Poses Flickr page and in posts from Ake below.

Pose - Katherine Heigl Pick #3 (No longer available)
Wearing -
Open Denim Shirt ($200), Cropped Jeans ($150) & Logger Shirt ($200) from Dyn

Ok I love love love this look. Nothing is sexier than an unbuttoned shirt, jeans and another shirt tied casually around the waist. I've been a huge fan of Dyn since my early SL days and with every new design out, I'm even more gaga over them. They just get better and better. Plus they are transferable so its a nice way to buy gifts or even share clothing with friends or an alt. From sexy dresses through to casual wear, Dyn has everything you could possibly want or need. Check them out soon and fall in love too!

Pose - Alessandra Ambrosio #4
Wearing -
Moments Combined Wedding Set ($300 ) from Fashion Oasis

Pose - Vin Diesel #4
Wearing -
Moments Wedding Ring ($300) from Fashion Oasis

Well it had to happen sometime - Cam finally hooked someone with his corny pick up lines and tshirts. New this week at Fashion Oasis is the With Love range of jewellry, including some gorgeous and amazing wedding sets. He chose Moments for his lovely bride to celebrate all the special moments they have had and will continue to have. All wedding sets come in a fatpack of four rings - engagement ring, seperate wedding rings (male and female) as well as a combined engagement/wedding ring for $900, or you can buy the ones you want seperately for $300 ea. If wedding bells are tinkling in your future...check out the With Love range and see if you find the perfect set for you and your intended.

Pose - Krista Allen #10
Wearing -
Tube Bikini ($75) from T Junction

I have another new release from T Junction for you this week. As well as the best tees in SL, you can now find sexy and affordable bikinis to add to your collection. Available in three solid colours or three patterned ones, you will be able to find one or more for yourself, or even a friend, as they are transferable!!! And at only $75 ea (fatpack of all 6 for $350) you can afford more than one. The tube top also looks fabulous with jeans or a skirt. Don't forget to hit the subscribo in store to keep up with all the great new releases!

Pose - Charlize Theron #6
Wearing -
Hawaiian Top and Capris ($0) from Moulliez

Another perfect look for summer is this gorgeous capri and top outfit from Moulliez. Best of all, its a gift for you in store! There are also many fabulous summer gowns and dresses to add to your wardrobe, and the prices won't bankrupt you either. I'm standing there in store having lusties over something I think I will add to mine and share with you another time. See if you can figure out what it is before I get around to posting it.

Pose - Hello Lover #5
Wearing -
Get Fresh ($250) from Pout

Nothing is more summery than this gorgeous set from Pout. A floaty chiffon babydoll camisole top in a stunning design worn with capris will have you looking amazing for any casual occasion. Complete with flip flops and a matching headband (not worn) its the perfect summer outfit. Available in 8 colour sets, there is definately the right one for you. Its so cute, so summer and so must have!

Well thats it for me for this stunning Thursday. I hope you check out the stores for these and other incredible designs. There really are some talented people in SL creating such gorgeous things. I envy them. Making a box is the total extent of my building and designing talents lol. I think I'll stick to blogging.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo constest, more releases ... sales... and more!


I’m wondering if you are all feeling ok? As I haven’t seen many pictures posted in our flickr group and the days are flying by! Yes, I am talking about our photo contest! It’s really simple to enter, just wear some beautiful clothing, grab a pose from Striking Poses and head over to our Studio! And Walla! Snap! Bang! You have a photo! Keep in mind the theme is “Bewitched” and the studio is setup perfectly for this! (Take your taxi to Harlow Movie Studios here)

Photo Contest Logo

You all know about this weeks release? Right? Well, this week is based on a super model and the collection is just superb! As always I have selected one of the poses to show off to you. In this picture I am using pose number 1, and it is just a perfect way to show you that you are passionate about something, and to show a way to adore what is the most beautiful thing in the world, which for me… is nature.

Natalia Vidianova

And course that is not all, we have this new couple poses based on Gianni Versace advert. The set is named “Bishes” which suits the pose perfectly. This is an ideal set of poses to use in adverts, magazines and within stores.

Bishes Group Pose

As with every new release we also have a sale, and this week we have the Princess Girls fatback on sale! How adorable these poses are, and very feminine! It comes with the perfect price! Just 250L for the complete fatpack and then just 25L for each single pose! What a bargain!

Princess Girl Fatpack

And for our loyal members we have for a limited time the Body Slam set, it’s perfect for a little summer fun! If you are a member you can come over to the store and pick this up for a low price of… 1L! and well, if you are not a member, I’m sorry you’ll have to pay full price.

Body Slam Couples Pose

Enjoy it!


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo Contest and More!

Hello photo contest fans!

That’s right, I’m sure you all recall that we at Striking poses are holding a photo contest! This contest is sponsored by some of the generous creators we have here at Harlow.

Photo Contest Logo

For more information on the contest read on our Striking Poses Flickr group

Next! … Of course we have a new release for this week and what is better than an International Super Model! Yay! This release is based on Natalia Vodianova these poses are totally sensual (mmm sexy in English) you could use them for personal shots, profile pictures or big adds. It’s difficult on deciding which ones to show you over the next few days :P

Natalia Vodianova Fatpack

Do you want a dollarbie? Come on over to our store and grab this fantastic couples pose known as ‘Body Slam’! It’s a fun way to spend your summer time and to show off how strong your tummy can be! xD don’t forget that this is only 1L for a limited time! If you are not a group member the pose will cost you 300L.

Body Slam Couples Pose

If you want to be part of our group and enjoy all the member benefits, all you need to do is click on the black boat in our store to join, yes it’s that simple and best of all it’s free! So what are you waiting for?

Now the lucky winners for our Weekly Drawings are:

*Asrai Farella

*Cliothe Luo

*Fann Hyun

*Marienna Cortes

*Serana Baroque

All these lucky winners are members of our group, and it’s the only way you can win a fabulous prize! If your name is in the last, then contact Zelly by the 23rd of July… don’t forget!

Okay, that is for today ...



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Monday, July 20, 2009

Marvellous Monday Stuffs!!!

I'm going to jump straight into things today cos I already missed blogging last week and have so much to catch up on telling you all about.

Pose - Sports Illustrated 1991
Wearing -
Tropical Breeze ($120) from Pout

I love swimsuits and have a huge collection of bikinis, but finding stunning one piece suits is a bit harder when you are as picky as I am. I love the Tropical breeze strapless one piece from Pout though. It has a gorgeous tropical print and cute little bows on the hips and chest. I think its a very glamorous suit to wear to the beach or for lazing out by the pool.

Poses - Cameron - Vin Diesel #1 Jordan - Hello Lover #9
Wearing -
Tshirts ($75ea) from T Junction

I think the one thing I love most about T Junction matter how deluded Cam gets with his tshirt choices there, I can always find one for a comeback! This week he is under the misapprehension that he is The Incredible Hunk. ZOMG!!!! The shirts here never fail to amuse me and get me giggling. If fun shirts is your thing, then you neeeeed to check out this store!

Pose - Hello Lover #10
Wearing -
Vagabond Shirt ($275) from Lookr

Lookr has been a favourite store of mine for a while now and its a huge buzz having them here on Harlow with us. I love their designs and the textures they use are so yummy. I'm having the nawty lusties over this shirt though. Not only is it very very sexy worn with nothing underneath, but the colours and textures are amazing. In store is a bag of demos for you to pick up so you can try the clothing to see if you love it as much as I do. Such a fabulous idea!!!

Pose - Charlize Theron #4
Wearing -
Chandelier Earrings (Harlow Opening Gift) from Primagine

I missed the big Sim opening bash last weekend, and also missed collecting the wonderful gifts from our fabulous store owners. A couple did send me theirs and Primagine was one. These are probably no longer available, but I thought I would still show off the gorgeous earrings as an example of the fabulous jewellry you can find in store. The range is simply stunning.

The second main store on Harlow has been rented out to a very talented photographer. Ooh La La Studio is incredible. I peeked in earlier and was blown away by the examples and what they have done with the store. For this month only, there is a profile pic special running. Instead of paying the usual price of $500, you will only pay $350 for an amazing new professional profile pic - with a custom frame included. Check out more examples of their work here.

Well here it is - the very last store available to rent on the Harlow Sim. Its situated on the dock right beside the 7seas fishing area and is $250/wk for 50 prims. Not only do you get a fabulously designed store on a stunning Sim when you rent here, but you also get me blogging about your store, access to the Harlow subscribo group so you can promote your stores and new releases there, and now you also have the super Rhianna working to create fun and traffic-attracting events on the Sim that you can all participate in. We have an awesome group of store owners and staff here at Harlow and we all love to have fun and make things as pleasant, easy and fabulous for you. If you want to be the lucky last Harlow rentee, look me up and I'll set you up with your new store asap.

Don't forget the Bewitched Photo Contest we are running at the moment. The details are on the Striking Poses Flickr page, here on this blog, as well as in the group notices. We have some amazing prizes up for grabs, so check out the studio and let your creativity loose!!!

Also Zelly has popped out the MIDNIGHT MANIA BOARD with a pack of 3 no longer available poses in it. Run on in and give the board a slap and at midnight, it could be paying out if we reach the target! Don't forget to check out the rest of the fabulous deals in store and in the rest of the stores around Harlow.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Holding a Contest!!!

Hello lovelies,

As the title says ... in just one week our Rhianna has managed to organise an amazing FLICKR PHOTO CONTEST for you all to take part in! We at Striking Poses and all the designers in Harlow can’t wait to see what creations you all come up with!

Keep reading For details and rules below:

Want to win some cool prizes and have a chance at being "HARLOW TOP MODEL DIVA" and do a little modeling work? Here's your chance!

Entries will be accepted from 7/19/09 to 7/26/09...Winners will be announced by 7/30/09..Judging will be done by the SP staff: Zelly, Akelei, Jordan, Rhianna.


*Pictures must be taken at the Harlow Movie Studio which currently is centered around the "Bewitched" theme. Be creative with it!

*Entries must use a pose from Striking Poses and at least one prop/accessory from the Harlow stores listed below.

*May submit up to three photos, but each entry must be unique to the others in regards to the pose and Harlow props.

*Entries must list both the model and photographers name, along with the stores and item names of the props included.

*By submitting the photo both the model and photographer are granting Striking Poses full permission to use the photo in promotional pieces.

*No nudity

*Photoshopping is allowed

*Striking Poses staff reserves the right to omit and remove any images that do not meet the criteria

IMPORTANT: You must use at least one pose from STRIKING POSES and one item from one of the following Harlow Shops:

Ali Couture


Atomic Cherry

Fashion Oasis




Striking Poses

Prizes won will be only from the shops you include in your photos, so the more you use, the more you can win!

Prize packages offered (all at the Harlow locations):

* Striking Poses-2 Fatpacks of Poses or 2 Couples Poses
* Ali Couture -1000L gift card for Ali Couture
* Angels-1000L gift voucher for Angels
* Atomic Cherry- 500L gift card for Atomic Cherry
* Fashion Oasis - Outfit of winner's choice and Jewelry Set
* ^^Moulliez - Outfit of your choice from Moulliez
* Nushru - 1500L gift voucher to Nushru
* Spyralle - Limited Edition Dress


How to Submit:

*If you are not already a member visit and sign up-it is no cost.

*Join the Striking Poses Flickr group and upload your picture to the pool.

*Tag the photo Harlow/Striking Poses Photo Contest and include the info referred to in the rules.

Striking Poses Flickr Group

Good Lucky!

Ake! ;)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Omg it soooo good to be back! I am still bummed out at missing the huge opening party last weekend, but my computer seems to have a sixth sense of when I really need it...and it dies a day or two ahead of then, usually on the weekend when I can't do a thing about it, and then by the time all is hunky dory again, I have missed what I needed it for. I swear my computer is male!!!

I have been working like anything to catch up on picture taking for a super store blog for you on Monday. Today I am going to continue the interviews with our designers from Harlow with the fabulously gorgeous Alia Rabeni from Ali Couture.

Who is Alia Rabeni :
A passionate, sword wielding designer who may go from 0 to bitch in a few seconds!!! I came in here to beat this game in less than 5 days tops! Realized soon that it wasn't just a game. Alia was just a character and now she is part of me and has made some of the most wonderful closest friends ever! The friends who hold my heart have become MY PIXELATED OBSESSIONS.

How did you get into designing :
You know there are soooo many things to do in SL. I tried a lot and till now still trying some more. One day I thought hmmmm let me place two prims together, started rotating and cutting and voila my first skirt! I made my first outfit soon after FOR ME. Then a friend saw it and said "oh where did you get that?" I was like "huh.. this? I made it." She asked for one in a specific color and she was my first customer. I didnt charge her cuz she had given me Glitter shooz. Hahahahaha OK so I WAS a noob too ONCE and bling was in!!!!!

What would you say your main inspiration is :
My main inspiration for designing depends on what I feel like, who I talk to, someone I see. Colors , words , thoughts inspire me. Or lets say I'm in RP and wanna kick someones ass...there comes my next outfit :))

Does your Ali Couture style reflect your RL style :
I'm rather conservative in RL but you know how it goes. Deep down inside each girl wants a pair of thigh high leather boots, mini mini mini skirt, a body hugging corset and yielding a sword that will scare the living daylights out of every man.

What would you say your design niche is :
Basically RPG again with the leather and chains, but you know what, like I stated before...I get inspired with a phrase, a word, a color, a feelin. So for example if you catch me today.. I'm making a flamenco dress cuz I just feel "Spanish' today.

What is your favourite creation : Oh my .. my favorite creation.. eeks that's hard they are all my babies. You see, everytime I make an outfit its hard for me to take it off. Some I wear for weeks until my friends tell me "um are you gonna ever change?" I would say for now my "Day of the Dead" outfit. Black leather pants with skulls and a black matching jacket. But in a few days maybe my blue jeans with a belt buckle that says "Stubborn Mexican"

What is the one you wish had stayed in your head :
Hahahaha thats funny really ... ok for all those who love Lady Gaga here it goes. I was into her for a few weeks made my own version of Poker Face. Yeah pretty much retired that puppy soon after I made it. One Designer showed up at my store when I was practically giving it away and I noticed she bought it I gave her her money back. I'm like NOOOOO you can't pay for that one...!!!!!

What is the biggest challenge facing designers today :
I believe SL is huge and everyone should do what they want to do here. There is room for everyone. If you want to design, go right ahead, but there is sooo much competition out there. There are some awesome designers in here and sometimes if you are starting out its hard to find your clientele. Its all pounding the pavement and finding your group.

Whats the biggest benefit for designers in SL : That my beautiful biting customers like pixelated fashion!!!!!! Are you kidding, I still get a kick out of seeing someone wearing my designs!!!! I get a benefit everytime my customers say they love my clothes!!! Its because OF THEM that we are who WE are!!!!! Sometimes designers get up in themselves - Don't IM me, Don't write to me, Don't look at me, Don't talk to me blah blah blah. Come on its YOU my twinkle eyed avatar customers WHO MADE ME , YOU MADE ALI COUTURE!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Where do you see yourself and Ali Couture this time next year :
WOW a few weeks in SL seem like a year!!! But thats what I said almost 2 years ago!! Well I hope I'm still here next year!! As for Ali Couture, it will be what my Biters make it, as it always has been. There was one instance when someone I guess was having a bad day and decided to use group chat to talk about Ali Couture and it was amazing the response that he got. I sat back and watched line after line coming from my customers from everywhere coming to my aid. Now THAT is worth more than any lindens I may make.

Where do you like to shop :
Well basically I became a designer because I wanted a certain look so I wear my own clothes most of the time. If I like a store though I usually buy THE WHOLE STORE. I did that recently hahaahahah as a matter of fact. and shoez OMG!!! Thats where you will find me. I cannot stop buying either of them!!!!!!!!

What is your biggest fashion weakness :
TIME. ... TIME....TIME...... I have soooo many ideas, soooo many designs, sooooo many designs for MEN but not enough TIME.

What do you do in SL when you're not designing :
SEX , j/k... I am a member of a Samurai Clan. I kill avis for a living .... and LOVE IT!!!!

What is something no-one knows about you :
That I'm a pixel lover!!!! I am a gamer outside of MSL. One of my old time favorite games is The Prince of Persia The Two Thrones.......and I had a secret crush on 'The Prince ". So when I found out about SL, I came in here looking for my prince and actually came in here to find hacks and finish this game off in a week. Well that didn't work, its never ending!!!!! But thats another story. Anyway....... two week into SL I was in a club, learning how to pan etc and OMG...there he was at the other end of the club. The heavens opened, angels descended and started their angelic chants. The Prince.....HERE...... IN SL. I quickly found out how to IM him. He asked me to dance and there I was in the arms of MY PRINCE finally. Later I found out he was twice my age and retired.. :))))

Pose - Jean Shrimpton #7
Wearing -
Illicit from Ali Couture

One of my favourite designs from Ali Couture is Illicit. The gown is so sexy and daring and is such a jawdropper. So you don't have to be a sword weilding RP queen to find something for yourself in Ali Couture. There are so many amazing designs that is bound to be something that calls to you.

See you on Monday when I go back to my usual blogging =)

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hellow Weekend and ...

Hello Striking Poses Fans!

Friday is here and that means one more week till my big day, in a way, I’m not really looking forward to it, as Spad is not going to be with me to celebrate it, but … I have really good friends and if all goes well, we will spend the weekend in the snowed covered mountains!! YAY!!!

Anyway … Jordan is back so WELCOME BACK HUN! It is really nice to have her here again as I couldn’t do her awesome job xD

So … I have for you one of my last pictures using 2 of the poses from the fatpack Hello Lover. I used the sitting pose number 3 and the standing pose number 7, I chose these because they have a sensual view, they look like they want to be loved and to receive all the tenderness that your partner can offer to you. They look so soft and lovely, they invite you to be touched … the touch of an angel (in rollers xD)

hellol over mix

Don’t forget to take a look at our Xstreet Market, you can find all our old dollarbies there! Open 24hrs a day!

Take the TAXI … remember that our dollarbies will be just 1L for all our group member, and the rest will have to buy them for 25L … (You have to be a member of the group for 2 days to take advantage of this. Enjoy it!)

Okay, that is all for today, have a lovely weekend!


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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My day is coming ...

Hello pose lovers!

I can’t believe that were half way through the week and even worse were half way through the month! Oh, and let’s not mention the fact were half way through the year! Where does the time go? Ah, only 9 days till I become one year more wiser ;) (and no, I’m not getting older, no no!)

Anyway, enough about that… let’s get back to… poses! So, I hope you have already taken a look at our new pose releases for this week, as in my opinion it has been the best release so far this month!

I have chosen the pose for today, it is an ideal pose to show off the rear side of your body. It allows you to reveal the detail of clothing from behind, think on a long black open back dress, or perhaps a high detailed tattoo running down your spine or how about a beautiful hair piece?, Me? I have chosen this detailed shirt to show off the pose wit,…

hello lover pose 1

Now let me tell you about our freebies and in shop sale!

The dollarbie for this week is based on an old retro style celebrity, Doris Day. The pose is ideal to show off the happiness you feel! I’m sure you will all love it!

Doris Day Pose
As sale, there is this fabulous fatpack based on Liv Tyler, the price for this week is going to be 250L and each pose will cost 25L … isn’t a bargain?!!!
Liv Tyler Fatpack

Do you want more? … Of course you do!

7Seas Fishing is at Harlow, take a trip to our docks, grab yourself a fishing pole and with the perfect spot you can fish for wonderful prizes! Not convinced? Well, some of the prizes you can catch are beautifully made poses, as well as couple poses!

Okay, that is all for today …. See ya soon! (Tomorrow, if our Jordan isn’t able to post, then I will! If you are wondering where she is, well she is having lots of computer problems.. but she is working hard to get them fixed!)



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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did you enjoy your weekend? ... because we did!

I’m not sure where to start, so many things happened over the past few days. I will try and cover it as best I can in a readable and understandable kind of way. xD

First of all, I would like to thank all of you fantastic people who came over and partied with us at the weekend. I have to say we had lots of fun, and the selection of people who stopped by was just amazing, we had famous SL people, we had bloggers, designers, our customers, friends.. ah we had everyone! Because of all these fantastic people the part was a huge success!

And of course this couldn’t of happened without the excellent job that the guys from Studio Red did! They had produce the most wonderful set of invitations, they were brilliant hosts and excellent planners, and because of them everything turned out just amazing!

Next we want to thank the brilliant designers at our sim, they worked really hard in creating the most fabulous set of gifts for you and we really appreciated the love and attention you put into each gift. Without you guys this party would have never happened.

I’d like to Congratulate all of our Trivia winners, and I’m sure you are all enjoying your prizes and let’s not forget the two “Best in Glam” winners, wow didn’t they look stunning! If you missed them, or if they didn’t rezz fully (like for me, Thanks Linden!) you’ll get a chance to see them in the next couple of days when we award them their prizes!

I will be putting some photos online soon from the party, and you’ll need to look over at our flickr group to see them all! But for now … enjoy these ones ;)

Harlow Party 02

Halow Party 01

Harlo Party 03

Harlow Party 04

This week’s release is not based on any particular celebrity. Zelly has called these poses “Hello Lover” and the poses are well, you know Zelly.. they are as always, absolutely fantastic, and I can’t make my mind up to how I will show them to you.

Hello Lover Poses Fatpack

If I could, I’d love to spend the time and show you all 10 poses done my way.

Well … were nearly at the end of the post… but as always we will finish with the lucky winners for this week, you will have until this Thursday 16th to contact Zelly and claim your prize.

* Asthenia Pinazzo
* Eileen Villiers
* HunneeCup Kenin
* Perry Quintessa
* Topcat Trevellion

Okay! That is all today …. Tomorrow you will have another long post to read!!!


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