Friday, July 24, 2009

Something for Friday...

Hello everyone!

You won’t believe it, but I’m sat here writing this at 3am in the morning. I can’t sleep as I had such a wonderful surprise from my boyfriend Spad, as you know we are a couple in real life too, but at the moment due to the distance we can’t be together… The thing is I have just finished opening one of my birthday presents from him, it was a lovely Teddy bear from the Tatty Teddy collection and we named him “Much” as his T-shirt says “I love you this much”. I have the past man in my life, in both my lives!

Okay, Okay, this post isn’t about me, so I am going to show you some of my latest pictures using the latest release of poses, the Nadia Vodianova collection and the Bishes group poses.

I’ve made a mixture of the poses, I’ve put together 2 of the Nadia poses and one of the Bishes:

Okay, from left to right, we have Nadia Pose 7, followed by the left Bishes group pose, and then Nadia pose 2. I must mention that the outfit I am wearing in the middle pose is a gift from my good friend Gigi Sapeur, she had designed and made this wonderful outfit and requested that I model it for her store Blush and Bashful and I have to say she is a huge fan of Striking Poses too :D

I hope you had all grabbed your couple’s pose ‘Body Slam’ as the time in which to get it will pass for you and you’ll have to pay the normal price instead of the 1L it is for our group members.

Also, I haven’t seen many pictures for the contest, time is running and you only have till Sunday to send in your work, after that we’ll be working hard selecting the best of the best ;)

Mmmm what else? … I guess that is all for now, I really have to go because a friend is going to take me to the cinema, hehe I love birthdays!

And and.. I made this.. well.. for myself :p


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope your next year is one full of love, joy, and discovery.

Jordan Whitt said...

Have a wonderful Bday Ake!!!!

Zelly Mornington said...

Happiest birthday ever! :D

Akelei Schnyder said...

Thank you!!!! I am really having fun with my 3 mousquetaires but just 2 of them came to spend the weekend with me :)