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Omg it soooo good to be back! I am still bummed out at missing the huge opening party last weekend, but my computer seems to have a sixth sense of when I really need it...and it dies a day or two ahead of then, usually on the weekend when I can't do a thing about it, and then by the time all is hunky dory again, I have missed what I needed it for. I swear my computer is male!!!

I have been working like anything to catch up on picture taking for a super store blog for you on Monday. Today I am going to continue the interviews with our designers from Harlow with the fabulously gorgeous Alia Rabeni from Ali Couture.

Who is Alia Rabeni :
A passionate, sword wielding designer who may go from 0 to bitch in a few seconds!!! I came in here to beat this game in less than 5 days tops! Realized soon that it wasn't just a game. Alia was just a character and now she is part of me and has made some of the most wonderful closest friends ever! The friends who hold my heart have become MY PIXELATED OBSESSIONS.

How did you get into designing :
You know there are soooo many things to do in SL. I tried a lot and till now still trying some more. One day I thought hmmmm let me place two prims together, started rotating and cutting and voila my first skirt! I made my first outfit soon after FOR ME. Then a friend saw it and said "oh where did you get that?" I was like "huh.. this? I made it." She asked for one in a specific color and she was my first customer. I didnt charge her cuz she had given me Glitter shooz. Hahahahaha OK so I WAS a noob too ONCE and bling was in!!!!!

What would you say your main inspiration is :
My main inspiration for designing depends on what I feel like, who I talk to, someone I see. Colors , words , thoughts inspire me. Or lets say I'm in RP and wanna kick someones ass...there comes my next outfit :))

Does your Ali Couture style reflect your RL style :
I'm rather conservative in RL but you know how it goes. Deep down inside each girl wants a pair of thigh high leather boots, mini mini mini skirt, a body hugging corset and yielding a sword that will scare the living daylights out of every man.

What would you say your design niche is :
Basically RPG again with the leather and chains, but you know what, like I stated before...I get inspired with a phrase, a word, a color, a feelin. So for example if you catch me today.. I'm making a flamenco dress cuz I just feel "Spanish' today.

What is your favourite creation : Oh my .. my favorite creation.. eeks that's hard they are all my babies. You see, everytime I make an outfit its hard for me to take it off. Some I wear for weeks until my friends tell me "um are you gonna ever change?" I would say for now my "Day of the Dead" outfit. Black leather pants with skulls and a black matching jacket. But in a few days maybe my blue jeans with a belt buckle that says "Stubborn Mexican"

What is the one you wish had stayed in your head :
Hahahaha thats funny really ... ok for all those who love Lady Gaga here it goes. I was into her for a few weeks made my own version of Poker Face. Yeah pretty much retired that puppy soon after I made it. One Designer showed up at my store when I was practically giving it away and I noticed she bought it I gave her her money back. I'm like NOOOOO you can't pay for that one...!!!!!

What is the biggest challenge facing designers today :
I believe SL is huge and everyone should do what they want to do here. There is room for everyone. If you want to design, go right ahead, but there is sooo much competition out there. There are some awesome designers in here and sometimes if you are starting out its hard to find your clientele. Its all pounding the pavement and finding your group.

Whats the biggest benefit for designers in SL : That my beautiful biting customers like pixelated fashion!!!!!! Are you kidding, I still get a kick out of seeing someone wearing my designs!!!! I get a benefit everytime my customers say they love my clothes!!! Its because OF THEM that we are who WE are!!!!! Sometimes designers get up in themselves - Don't IM me, Don't write to me, Don't look at me, Don't talk to me blah blah blah. Come on its YOU my twinkle eyed avatar customers WHO MADE ME , YOU MADE ALI COUTURE!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Where do you see yourself and Ali Couture this time next year :
WOW a few weeks in SL seem like a year!!! But thats what I said almost 2 years ago!! Well I hope I'm still here next year!! As for Ali Couture, it will be what my Biters make it, as it always has been. There was one instance when someone I guess was having a bad day and decided to use group chat to talk about Ali Couture and it was amazing the response that he got. I sat back and watched line after line coming from my customers from everywhere coming to my aid. Now THAT is worth more than any lindens I may make.

Where do you like to shop :
Well basically I became a designer because I wanted a certain look so I wear my own clothes most of the time. If I like a store though I usually buy THE WHOLE STORE. I did that recently hahaahahah as a matter of fact. and shoez OMG!!! Thats where you will find me. I cannot stop buying either of them!!!!!!!!

What is your biggest fashion weakness :
TIME. ... TIME....TIME...... I have soooo many ideas, soooo many designs, sooooo many designs for MEN but not enough TIME.

What do you do in SL when you're not designing :
SEX , j/k... I am a member of a Samurai Clan. I kill avis for a living .... and LOVE IT!!!!

What is something no-one knows about you :
That I'm a pixel lover!!!! I am a gamer outside of MSL. One of my old time favorite games is The Prince of Persia The Two Thrones.......and I had a secret crush on 'The Prince ". So when I found out about SL, I came in here looking for my prince and actually came in here to find hacks and finish this game off in a week. Well that didn't work, its never ending!!!!! But thats another story. Anyway....... two week into SL I was in a club, learning how to pan etc and OMG...there he was at the other end of the club. The heavens opened, angels descended and started their angelic chants. The Prince.....HERE...... IN SL. I quickly found out how to IM him. He asked me to dance and there I was in the arms of MY PRINCE finally. Later I found out he was twice my age and retired.. :))))

Pose - Jean Shrimpton #7
Wearing -
Illicit from Ali Couture

One of my favourite designs from Ali Couture is Illicit. The gown is so sexy and daring and is such a jawdropper. So you don't have to be a sword weilding RP queen to find something for yourself in Ali Couture. There are so many amazing designs that is bound to be something that calls to you.

See you on Monday when I go back to my usual blogging =)

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