Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eeep Just Snuck In!

I've been skivving off a bit today. My favouritest DJ ever was back streaming so I had to go hang out listening to her snort up a storm for a while and lost track of time. No cookie for me today *pout*

Poses - Jordan : Audrey Kitching #5 Cameron : Vin Diesel #4
Wearing -
Tshirts ($75ea) from T Junction

Poor Cam never gives up. After his disasterous attempt last week, he was back at it with a new shirt from T Junction. This time he chose one which says "Wanted - meaningful one night relationship". In reply I slipped into my Superbitch shirt and told him to talk to the hand. Omg you seriously need to check out the shirts in store. I have not laughed so much in a while!

Poses - Jordan : Sports Illustrated 2004 Cameron : Vin Diesel #10
Wearing -
July Dollarbie ($1) from Swim

I still say you can never have enough swimsuits, and with a new sexy dollarbie from Swim each month, well you would be silly not to run in and snap it up. In it is a sexy bikini for her and trunks for him. Unfortunately they aren't transferable so your hunny will need to snap it up himself too.

Pose - Taylor Swift #3
Wearing -
Jive ($250) from Pout

This week's new release from Pout is a gorgeous strapless dress in black or white called Jive. It does have a 50s kind of feel to it, especially with the scarf around the neck, which does add an nice extra touch. You can buy either colour, or them both in a fatpack for $400. I love the way this dress moves with you and the band of pure colour around the torso is a sexy detail.

I hope you have your dress picked out for the party this weekend. Its gonna rock SL!!! We are all so excited about it and hope you can pop in, even for a short time to say hi and check out our fabulous stores and have some fun with us.

Ake will be back tomorrow with more posing goodness from Zelly and I'll be back with more from the stores on Thursday.

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