Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo constest, more releases ... sales... and more!


I’m wondering if you are all feeling ok? As I haven’t seen many pictures posted in our flickr group and the days are flying by! Yes, I am talking about our photo contest! It’s really simple to enter, just wear some beautiful clothing, grab a pose from Striking Poses and head over to our Studio! And Walla! Snap! Bang! You have a photo! Keep in mind the theme is “Bewitched” and the studio is setup perfectly for this! (Take your taxi to Harlow Movie Studios here)

Photo Contest Logo

You all know about this weeks release? Right? Well, this week is based on a super model and the collection is just superb! As always I have selected one of the poses to show off to you. In this picture I am using pose number 1, and it is just a perfect way to show you that you are passionate about something, and to show a way to adore what is the most beautiful thing in the world, which for me… is nature.

Natalia Vidianova

And course that is not all, we have this new couple poses based on Gianni Versace advert. The set is named “Bishes” which suits the pose perfectly. This is an ideal set of poses to use in adverts, magazines and within stores.

Bishes Group Pose

As with every new release we also have a sale, and this week we have the Princess Girls fatback on sale! How adorable these poses are, and very feminine! It comes with the perfect price! Just 250L for the complete fatpack and then just 25L for each single pose! What a bargain!

Princess Girl Fatpack

And for our loyal members we have for a limited time the Body Slam set, it’s perfect for a little summer fun! If you are a member you can come over to the store and pick this up for a low price of… 1L! and well, if you are not a member, I’m sorry you’ll have to pay full price.

Body Slam Couples Pose

Enjoy it!


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