Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hello lovelies.

I am very sad to announce that I am shutting the doors of Striking Poses indefinitely. I am having some serious health issues and as much as I've tried to keep SP current and thriving, I just can't at this time.

I have had so much fun making poses and meeting so many great people. I'm going to really miss that. Thank you for making my second life something special. :)

I am currently have a sale on everything in my's all been reduced to 50% or more. I don't know how long the sale will last. I'm selling my sim, so as soon as it sells, the sale will be over.

I'll still be logging in to SL from time to time and my poses will be available at I hope to one day return, but until then, this is all I have to offer.

PS if you are interested in purchasing the sim, please contact me. I will not be selling my business, just the sim.

Zelly <3

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Another excuse to wear green and SP poses :)



Okay, I know you were expecting some nice pictures to celebrate this day, but I just forgot. I am living in a place without time and I just didn’t realise till today that is 17th!! Sowwy! T_T

But .. I do have something nice, and this is one of the poses from our new collection High Fashion. This pose is perfect for those gowns that have a open side leg, just like the dress I am wearing in my picture:

High Fashion Patrick ;)

This is pose number 2, I like the way you look, a cool stand and a very feminine way to put your hands, you are the boss! Totally!

Close up

Do not forget, our sale … Burlesque Queen II, these fantastic poses based on Ditta Von Teese ;)

Burlesque queen

Mmmm … what else? … let me think … to much Guinness isn’t helping to remember these things!

Ah yes … In April Striking Poses is going to be part of the Pose Fair 2010! YAAAY!! It's about time the pose community has a fair, don't you think? You won't want to miss this. We will have exclusive sets made for the fair and to help support charity. Mark it on your calendars!

Don’t forget we still have some free space for rent at Harlow … if you are looking for a nice shop, in a great sim, Harlow is your choice. For all information about it, contact Italia Villota our new rental manager.

And, I haven’t said a word before, cuz al l he stuff I am going thru, but here is my big big HUG! To Jordan, who worked with us for such a long time, and did an awesome job! I am missing her but I know she will not forget us! so dear J, thanks for all your time and dedication and we’ll be in touch … don’t miss me that much okay? ;)

One more thing! ... pictures for our new collection High Fashion are ready on flickr, click the link below and take a look! (or just click the picture)

High Fashion Fatpack

So, that is for today … stay in tune!


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

is High ... is Fashion ... it is Striking Poses

Okey here’s the thing, I don’t know what we have done wrong here in Chile, huge earthquake followed by a tsunami and then many aftershocks each night. Yesterday we even had a blackout that affected over 9 states for 3hours, and we only have 13 states! Please someone give us a break!!! T_T

Anyway … Last Friday I told you about our new collection “High Fashion”, which is available now at our store :D

High Fashion Collection

This collection is the first from Striking Poses new FASHION COUTURE POSE line; these poses are specifically made to go with your haute couture fashion. You can’t miss these! Not now with all the RLF things happening, you will need one of our poses to match all the clothes you will get there ;)

Just how I did ;) …
High Fashion 6

This adorable pose is number 6, when I first saw the hand near the face I thought "she is talking on the phone!" so I added my particular mobile and voilá!!!

The full collection will be add to Striking Poses flickr account.

As you know, a new collection doesn’t come alone … it always comes with a new SALE!!! And for this complete week our new sale is “Burlesque Queen III”. Half price for fatpack! and half price for single poses!

Burlesque queen

So … stay tune … more is coming ;)

Ake! :3

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone!

I’m back! … and not just me, Striking Poses too! We have been working hard these past few weeks to bring you the best ever glamorous poses.

I’m still dealing with the earthquakes and aftershocks, but thank God I am still here, Zelly will have a hard time getting rid of me! xD

I haven’t had the chance to welcome our new rentals manager, Italia Villota! … If you need anything in regards to rentals on the Harlow sim she is the girl to speak with! … She’s super cool!

Of course my post doesn’t come alone … no way! … I have for you a sneak peek … something fabulous, something fashionable … something HIGH! ;)

Coming Next!

Lots of new stores are coming to our Harlow sim, for all styles, Italia will tell you later on more about it, but you can come along and have a look, just don’t forget your pursues! :P

So people, stay tune for more!

Have a lovely day!

Ake! :3

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks for being concern :3

Hi There,

Lots of my friends have been asking if I was okay after what happened in my country, Chile, we got a strong earthquake level 8.8, after that, a huge Tsunami ... I am good, thanks God nothing happened to me and my family or house, for me the earthquake was level 7 and 3 minutes longer >.< ... but we passed in good conditions, I must say, I am a lucky person.

At the south of Chile, where was the catastrophy, lots of towns are gone when the Tsunami hit not with one wave, with 3 or 5 waves one after the other and destroyed everything ... ships are over houses, inside them or betweens trees in the wood houses are over other houses, it's just like a science fiction movie like 2012 or the day after tomorrow.

Some of you have been asking how can they help us ... so here is the info of what I've found

International Red Cross – account Citibank Nº 9941973331 – code ABA:021000089 – address: 153 east 53 Rd. Street 4th floor. New York, Ny 10022

I will be very glad if you wanna help, but I wanna make sure that I'm not begging you, I just want to share my damage people with the rest of you that maybe don't have any idea what an earthquake is like.

There are dozen of kids looking for their parents, calling them under the destroyed buildings ... if you wanna help, do it for them please ... everything counts, a pray, a light a candle, a best wishes ... everything!

I wanna Thank to Zelly to allow me to use her blog for this. Zelly you are the best EVER! also I wanna thank to Nicky Ree, she has been lighting candles for our people and waiting to know how she can help ... you are wonderul Nicky! :3

And how we say "We are strong, we keep moving forward"

Go Chile!

Sorry about my english spelling or grammar *blushes*

Ake .. the people seeker

PS. thanks to US, Perú, Bolivia, Australia, Russia, China, Indonesia for your help :3

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen...

Several weeks ago, and with a heavy heart, I went to Zelly and told her my commitments in SL meant I was no longer giving Harlow my all or best, so we decided that it was best for the Sim to find someone who could.

I am thrilled to say she found her new "Jordan", Italia Villota, who is stepping into my shoes and will be taking over as Sim Manager and blogger for Harlow.

Tali is going to be an excellent addition to the Harlow family, and I wish her all the best in her new role. I look forward to watching her in action and seeing what she will bring you all each week.

As for me, I am still behind Harlow, Striking Poses and the wonderful stores I discovered and fangirl 100%. Plus I'm working with Zelly on another project now, so there really is no escaping me!!!

Good luck Tali! You have joined an awesome team and group of people to work with!

On a different note, we'd like to send Ake all our thoughts and best wishes. Ake lives in Chile and luckily escaped harm in the recent earthquake. Many others weren't as lucky.

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