Thursday, August 27, 2009

Woohooo Its Thursday!!!

We're bouncing through another week here at Harlow. I'm sitting on the docks with Rhianna watching yet another fishing tournament in progress. There must be at least 15+ people down here today all going after a share of the fishing pot which stands at $760 at the moment, but donations keep bumping it up higher.

So why am I telling you about this? Because the last dock store is still available to rent, along with four advertising boards. Your store or business can be seen by our fishers as they stand around for 45 mins competing in the tournament. And don't forget, Rhianna hosts at least 2 - 3 a week.

Wearing - Cropped Jeans and Papillion Top from Dyn

I decided to give fishing a go before the tournament started. I wasn't alone in that thought either. We had a lot of people here getting ready long before the official start time. Perfect for fishing, shopping around during the Sim Wide Sale or even yardsale browsing is the sexy Papillion assymetrical tunic and cropped jeans from Dyn. If you haven't checked out the amzing style and design at Dyn lately, you're missing out. They just keep going from incredible to incredible.

Wearing - Kissed Bikini Black & Kissed Ripped Jeans (dark) from Alexohol Fashions
Pose 1 - Jessica Alba #2
Pose 2 - Tatiana Del Toro Dollarbie

New to Harlow is Alexohol Fashions. Just released is the "Kiss" range which guessed it...a bright pink kiss. Its just adorable! I especially liked the kiss on the butt on the bikini pants. I had a little giggle over that! The jeans are very awesome too, so check them out and see if you would like to be Kissed by Alexohol!

Wearing - Dots Bikini from Viviane Fashion & Ornate and Black Pearls Bracelet from Aluinn
Pose - Jane Fonda Dollarbie

I hit up the subscribo board when I was having a browse through another of our new stores, Viviane Fashions, and this bikini was sent to me as a thank you. In a gorgeous shade of grey with little black dots, it goes perfectly with the bracelets in the gift in store at Aluinn. But you receive not only the bracelets, but also a gorgeous teardrop necklace and earring set, and if you are male, there's an onyx ring in there for you. Both stores have incredible designs in clothing (Viviane's) and jewellry (Aluinn) that you are bound to fall in love with.

The only thing more fun than flying around Harlow on my new flying noob is the Sim Wide Sale which is still going on. Some of our stores have stock up to 50% off, so you can bag lots of awesome bargains by shopping at Harlow this week. The yardsale is still in swing as well. Check it out and see if you can bag more great deals up there too. Remember, it is for a great cause and you'll be helping needy families have an awesome Xmas!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Its Monday!

Firstly...the Yardsale has swung open its doors and is ready for you to come browse through the things we no longer want, but you might. It will be running for two weeks, so keep checking back as more stock will be added when it becomes available. And if you have a linden or two to spare, think about dropping it into the donation bears to help us raise money for needy families and kids this coming holiday season. We're starting early to make this an awesome Xmas for the people in Plumas County!

Secondly...we've had the builders in and made some adjustments to the Striking Poses building. Here's the gorgeous Zelly hanging out with them during a break in building. The adorable cardboard robot builder is back and I'm still wanting to take her home with me lol. And this time, our other builder was having a "Sweet Transvestite" moment which gave us plenty of giggles.

What they have done is put in a couple of new entrances into the Striking Poses building. This one is situated in the middle section where we keep our dollarbies, new releases and sale items. There is also another one further down in the main pose section. What this does is make it easier for you to come in and out when you are shopping around the sim.

Have you checked out the Fishing Tournaments at Harlow yet? Rhianna has been hosting a couple a week for the past few weeks and the turn out has been incredible! Every tournament has had at least 20 people on the docks fishing for fishy friends, poses and the cash in the fishing pot. There is still one store available to rent right in the middle of all this action, and Zelly has added some advertising boards. Your billboard or store will be seen by our fishers. In fact, there is another fishing tournament being held right now!!!

Don't forget the incredible Sim Wide Sale going on this week. Some of our most popular stores are slashing their prices and giving you some amazing deals on their fabulous items.

New LL restrictions have Ake and Zelly working overtime this week to rebrand and reshoot all advertisements, posters and poses, so Ake is taking a break from blogging to work on that. I'll be filling in her shoes and keeping you company till she returns.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're Having A Yardsale!

Yes that's right. We at Harlow have been cleaning out our inventories and on Monday you can see what some of your favourite designers have to spare and save big money on clothing and furniture.

To get there, just look for the sign on the sim and click it for a landmark that will take you to where we've set up the sale.

As part of the Yardsale, we are helping to raise money for the Feather River Toy Run. This is a yearly fundraiser which raises money to help the less fortunate kids and families in the small community of Plumas County. This is the 7th year in which money has been raised to give toys to the children and food to families around the holidays. Last year, events and fund raising in Second Life helped feed an additional 20 families at Thanksgiving and Xmas. This year we've started early and hope to make the holidays better for more families.

How can you help?

There are donation bears set around the yardsale and every linden helps and is greatly appreciated. Also some of the items on sale were donated by friends of the Toy Run and store owners here at Harlow with all proceeds from sales going straight to the Toy Run. Or maybe you have some stuff cluttering your inventories the you no longer want or need. If you would like to donate it to the fundraiser, just box it up, slap a piccy on it and put everything together in a big box or folder and drop it to me, Jordan Whitt, and I will forward it on.

Running along with the Yardsale is the Sim Wide Sale on Harlow. Look for the signs in the windows of the participating stores and snap up even more bargains.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

A little bit of Drama?


How is everyone doing? I hope you are all as good as I am! Today could be the last day we spend showing you the older poses, rumor has it that Zelly is working on a new collection, and from what I heard it is going to be absolutely awesome!

Anyways, I will call this week, the “Retro” week collections, on Tuesday I showed you the Grace Kelly collection, what a wonderful set of poses they were. Today I have for you a mixture of a collection, which is named “Drama Queens”. We all know we like to see and have drama in our lives, so why not grab this fatpack and start acting like a Drama Queen! ;)

Drama Queens

The pose to the left is number 8, and the one to the right is pose number 9.

If you like sales, well this is your opportunity to take part in one. We at Harlow Sim are holding a huge sale, you need to find the “sale” logos (big red star, just like the picture below) and well.. SHOP! :)

Harlow Sim Wide SALE!

Don’t forget that the “Body Slam” pose is still in store for members at the wonderfully low price of 1L! And being a member all the dollarbies will also be.. 1L! Just remember though, you need to be a Striking Poses member! If for whatever silly reason you are not a member, then join us! The group won’t cost you a group slot, just click the board in the shop and POW! Welcome to our fantastic group full of wonderful surprises and gifts.

Pay attention to the Harlow subscribe and keep an eye on the 7Seas chat, as the date and time will be announced there for the next fishing tournament!

Oh, and remember if you are looking for some wonderful shops to rent, then Harlow is the place! We have only a few shops left, but they are waiting for you! Just contact Jordan Whitt for more information on the pricing, prims and availability.

That’s it! I’m off for the weekend!


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to the past

Hola Striking Poses lovers,

How is everybody doing today? I hope not so bad for the ones that are living that storms weather, and not too hot for the Europeans, for me … raining and cold weather, last Saturday was snowing in my city, is not very common that kind of events here, even when I live just under the Andes Mountains, the City is too deep down that the snow doesn’t come to it, till last Saturday and today is so cold that maybe we will have the visit of those lovely snowflakes again :D

Well … as I told you, I will be reviewing some old collections meanwhile Zelly is taking some nice holidays, lucky her! … For today I have in mind a retro fatpack, based on Grace Kelly, this beautiful actress and member of the royalty caught the eye of Striking Poses to create some of her most beautiful and elegant poses.

Grace Kelly  mix

Check them out at the entrance of Striking Poses main store, I am sure you will love them, and just to let you know which poses I have used in my picture, from left to right 3, 5 and 7.

Now, if you were interesting on rent a board for you to advertise at Harlow sim, I am sorry to tell you that they are all gone. But keep an eye to the blog and the group info, we will keeping telling you when we have some free space for you.

What we have free are some of the store to rent, there are 4 of them near the beach, at the dock there is one too, in my opinion this is really good, because the fishing tournaments, the docks is quite busy at evenings, and one on the second streets that goes to the docks. For more information about the shops, contact Jordan Whitt.

So … if you have been having fun with the 7Seas Tournaments at Harlow, well … Rhianna will be keeping you inform on the 7Seas chat and also the Harlow subscribo.

That is for today ... have a nice time !


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Just Missed Monday Man Candy!

Took threats of hunting down and spanking, and when that didn't work I sent in his partner, but my designer FINALLY sent in his interview sheet, so its not exactly Monday anymore, but I wanna share some man candy with you all.

Its time to unleash your rage with the man behind Karnal Rage, Mikhail Meriman.

Who is Mikhail Meriman :
Known to many as the 'smartest man alive'. LOL. I am going to refer to a quote from my profile for that one. I am a:

Fashion Designer
Interior and Exterior Decorator
Computer Programmer
Graphic Artist
Extreme Sports Athlete

SecondLife has given me the opportunity to be all of these and more. All the things that I have done in SL pale in comparison to the friends that I have made. You all know who you are.

How did you get into designing :
I did a lot in SL before becoming a designer. I tried building, scripting, combined the two, sculpties. I even tried animation but I always stayed away from clothing design in SL. Not sure why, I just did. My partner was an up and coming designer. As she started gaining a following and customers asked about a men's line, it was a perfect opportunity so I took the plunge and havent looked back (although I do take breaks from time to time to script).

What would you say your main inspiration is :
Inspiration....hmmmmm. Thanks for starting with a tough one. ;) I dont know that I have an inspiration per say. I started making clothes more as an experiment. Once I started seeing other people wearing them though, I was hooked. It's really uplifting when you realize that other people appreciate your artistry.

Does your Karnal Rage style reflect your RL style :
Absolutely. My avatar is a perfect replica of my RL body and I can go from bald to long hair in 3.67 seconds. I just wish that my apartment wasnt so laggy. ;) Seriously, I think *kARNAL rAGE* is partially a reflection of my RL style but more of my vision of the ultimate bad ass. The guy that takes charge. Women want him and Men want to be him (as long as my partner isnt around, she is quite .....feisty at times)

What would you say your design niche is :
A lot of designers will answer this one very vaguely in an attempt to not pigeon-hole themselves. GO AHEAD, PIGEONHOLE ME. I design rugged clothes for rugged men. I don't target pretty boys or the sensitive type. My clothes are for MEN, aggressive, bad boys, fighter types.

What is your favourite creation :
My favorite creation.....can I say all of them. Just kidding....... kinda. When I design, I am designing clothes for me. They all represent me so they all hold a place in my heart. If I have to pick one, I really dig the Conflict shirt. It is a military style shirt in either green or grey. I have a similar shirt in RL and think it really embodies my style, RL and SL.

What is the one you wish had stayed in your head :
Finally, an easy question. First let me set the stage. Unbeknownst to me, I was enrolled in an Alice in Wonderland themed hunt which I found out about 2 days before the hunt started. I had tons of other things that I was working on and to say the least, I was pissy. How do you do a rugged Alice in Wonderland outfit? They dont really go together. But I sucked it and decided to make an outfit based on the cheshire cat. It was a purple and lavender mess.... I mean Jacket with purple and black pants to match. Completely atrocious. Anyone that wants a copy, IM me. I might even pay you to wear it. Hehe

What is the biggest challenge facing designers today :
Standing out. There are so many talented designers in SL. If you aren't careful, it is very easy to blend right into the canvas. Designers need to develop a style that can be identified with them and then do whatever is necessary to stand out from other stores with a similar style. BE CREATIVE.

Where do you see yourself and Karnal Rage this time next year :
Hopefully still in business. Just kidding. I am hoping to have expanded my clothing line to the point where I am THE RUGGED CLOTHING STORE. The store that pops into people's head when they are looking for manly clothing. I am also hoping to build some tools for myself and other designers to better manager and promote their stores. That's all you are gonna squeeze out of me. You'll just have to wait and see.

Where do you like to shop :
Believe it or not, I don't shop very much. I am usually dragged by the girls when I need a break from work although I love to tattoo shop and try on all the men's hair in a store.

What is your biggest fashion weakness :
One man's weakness is another man's hot shirt. I have been called anal and slow when designing. These things I have to admit are all true but at the same time, I think that is the crux of my product and a strength. I hope it shows in my work.

What do you do in SL when you're not designing :
I still like to build. I also enjoy C:SI Samurai Combat as well as playing with guns although I havent found much time for either recently.

What is something no-one knows about you :
WOW. On the spot with this one. LOL. Let me see. I am a profile whore. The first thing I do when I meet someone is check their profile. Not sure why. I never use the info for conversation pieces.

Most embarrassing SL moment to date - pics would also be good :
I was at a club on skype having 'sexy time'. Little did I realize, that I was also on SL voice and the whole club was listening. I was not looking at the screen but kept hearing the little bell when you get an IM. I came back to the screen to like 10 IMs 'Dude, you're on voice', 'Damn...' You get the picture.

Ok I'm still giggling at Mik getting caught out on skype. Too funny! Something he is never gonna live down, thats for sure. Karnal Rage is one of my fav menswear stores...and no, not just cos I enjoy perving on the hot pics, but I love the shirts. They not only look hot on your man, but I kinda like wearing them too. Check this store out soon and let your karnal rage flow!!!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shopping at Harlow.

A certain designer forgot to send in his interview card again *glare* so instead I'll tell you all about our fab stores and the great shopping you will find at Harlow.

And shopping is much more fun when you have someone to share it with. Here I am sharing it with my hunny...who is as big a shopaholic as I am! We're so gonna be bad influences on each other!!!!

What we have at Harlow is some of the best shopping around the grid all in one spot. Not only can you stock up on fabulous poses from Striking Poses, but afterwards you can walk around the wide streets, or pick up a scooter from the vendor and drive around until you spot a store you would like to browse in. Personally I enjoy pedalling around on my big wheeler, cos I always seem to crash anything that moves faster, when I'm not zooming around in the spaceship I mentioned in my last blog. Omg still loving that!!!

There are some vacancies available at the moment, and to make things easier, I will put links to each one so if you are looking for a new spot to rent, you can easily pop in and see if this is for you.

Store 11 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 12 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 19 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 22 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 51 - 75 prims/$375 per week
Store 52 - 75 prims/$375 per week
Store 53 - 75 prims/$375 per week

We have a team of fabulous people here at Harlow dedicated to making this sim one of the top shopping places in SL. There is Ake who does a fantastic job sharing the wonderful poses Zelly creates with us on this blog. Rhianna who is hard at working cooking up fabulous events and ideas to get the sim hopping. She has some wonderful events coming up, so keep your eyes open for those!! And then there is me, Jordan. I look after the rentals, make sure everyone is happy and things are bouncing along and that you all are informed of the great stores and amazing things we have here. All of us are available for questions, enquiries or if you have any problems.

There are also advertising boards available to promote your business or service. You just pay the board and then place your texture for all to see.

My favourite spot here at Harlow is the Dock area. Not only can you fish for wonderful fishy friends and some fantastic poses using the 7seas system, but you can shop in the stores there or just have some romantic time with your loved one, like I did.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do you remember this?


You probably know that this week we don’t have any new releases to show you, and it’ll be the same for next week too. Don’t worry as Zelly is currently on holiday and as soon as she returns except to see some new releases!

With our boss on holiday doesn’t mean that we are on holiday too, no siree! We are still working hard every minute of every day, and that is why put together this post to show you some of our older collections.

Before Zelly for her holidays I got her to send me some of the old fatpacks. I want to show our new and our older customers some of the older poses just in case you’ve forgotten or not seen them! ;)

Firstly, I’m sure you have all heard of Brigitte Bardot (if not, I suggest you Google her ;)) and you’ll know how sexy and erotic this lady had been in her early years. If you are looking for a sexy, feminine and some natural, then this fatpack is for you!


From the fatpack I have chosen the following poses: 1, 2 and 7 (Going from left to right).

I’d like to add, that I did the next picture for a good friend, she is a huge fan of Striking Poses and I love to see her hard at work at her own store and I have to say she puts a lot of effort into everything she produces! When she asks me to pose for her products, I just can’t say no! She is the lovely Gigi Sapeur owner of “Blush & Bashful Boutique”, and this outfit is called “Santa's Naughty Helper” ;)

Adriana Lima Mix

If you like the poses, this is a mix from the Adriana Lima fatpack, the poses in the pictures are to the left number 2, 1 and the one to the right is number 1 and the two found in the frames are number 4 and 6.

If you had fun fishing with us, well … you can come do it again just keep an eye to the Harlow subscribo notices for the time, grab your fishing rod and come join us in catching some amazing prizes! Always located at Harlow’s dock

See ya soon!


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take Me To Your Leader!

Zelly's away on holiday, so the aliens have landed at Harlow and they are taking over!

Ok so its just me in my new toy...but OMG it sooo rocks!!!

From Fire Good, its the Bubble Floaty Spaceship! Omg this is just the BEST thing EVER! Simple to use, you just wear and turn off your ao then you can zoom around all over the grid invading and assimilating. It has cool spaceship sounds as you start walking or flying, flames and particles. Its just awesome! Available in 6 fabulous colours and only $250, you will love this as much as I do. Resistance is Futile!!!! I'm buying my best friend a bright pink soon as he gets his butt back in here to go invading with me!!!!

Pose - Pink #2
Wearing -
Day of the Dead from Ali Couture

Unleash the bad girl in you with this super smexy leather outfit from Ali Couture. Tight leather pants are topped off with a great prim belt with bullets, cos you never know when you will need those. The open jacket is just stunningly designed and looks great on, especially with nothing underneath! In this, no-one will mess with you when you are tearing up the grid on your ride! In my case, my big wheeler! I'm such a rebel!

Oh Ali Couture is having a photo comp at the moment. You could win $1000 and be in the next new release picture. Pop into the Harlow store, pick up some stunning designs and take a picture of you looking sexy and fabulous in them and then pick up the LM to the main store and pop the full perm texture (named so Ali knows who you are) into the mailbox. I've already sent mine in!!!!

Pose - Jane Fonda Dollarbie
Wearing -
August Dollarbie from Swim

If you didn't hear the news that Swim is having a 50% off sale at their Harlow store, then you must be living under a rock!!! Everything in store is half price this week only. You still have a few days to save big on the fantastic swimwear in store. Its Second Life after all, there's always a beach to explore and the weather is always fantastic!!! You can never have enough sexy swimsuits or bikinis to show off either, so run in and save save save at Swim!

Pose - Taylor Swift #6
Wearing -
Gold Fishes Bikini from Exodi and Bloom Belly Ring from Flirt

I picked up this bikini from Exodi, and I just love it. Its perfect to wear with the Jasper Bloom belly ring from Flirt. The gold and green flower looks fabulous against the skin and is just the perfect finishing touch for a stunning bikini at the beach!

The pot at the fishing tournament got up to $1000 and everyone had a lot of fun fishing here at Harlow. Keep your eyes open cos we're bound to have another one in the near future, along with more fabulous events. Until then, we have some of the best shopping on the grid, so pop on in and check out our stores and pick yourself up some fabulous stuff soon!

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It's Fishing time!

fishing time

Okay, How I have no idea how this things works, I had to ask Rhinna for a NC explaining this funny tournament ... so here you have!

The all new Harlow Fishing Tournaments offer a generous 300L prize pot! That will be split 3 ways! Not only that but we accept donations to the pot, taking the pot to anywhere over 500L! Oh oh.. and not just that.. no no no! You will also have a high chance of catching many of the Striking Poses poses that managed to end up in the sea!
So in simple terms, grab your fishing rod, some bait, come join us by the docks at Harlow and you’ll win many prizes, from Poses to Linden cash! Weee....

All this to happen today at 5:00pm SLT! But keep an eye to the blog because I will be telling you when the next one comes in the case you miss this one for today :)

Be quick, who knows how many prizes lie at the bottom of the sea waiting to be caught!

And last one thing ...getting started is pretty easy, but if you've never done it, its hard to know where to contact Rhianna and she'll help them get started? how nice of her! I will take the first lesson today :D

Get your boat to the Harlow 7seas Docks here

See ya there!


P.S. Lots of people are already here, hurry up!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What about some fishing? ...

Hello lovelies,

Hi there, I must apologize for not posting sooner. Real life issues have made it next to impossible to manage both.. for example.. Spending the full weekend in the snow with best pals! Weee :P
So … here we go…

For this week I do not have any new release to show you! Sorry! :I

But I’m sure you have all been curious about the prizes that we’ll be giving away with the ‘7 Seas’ fishing down by the docks in Harlow. Well, only way to satisfy that curiosity is to keep an eye on this blog, or watch out for the group notice from the Harlow group! As over the next few days Rhianna will be organizing more tournaments for you all to take part in! More you ask? That’s right we’ll be kicking off with the first tournament at 5pm SLT TOMORROW!! So don’t miss it!!

Let me see, what do I have here? That’s right! A picture showing all the poses that can be won from the ‘7 Seas’ fishing tournament! :P

(Pose on the left is Fergie Pose and pose on the right is Audrey Kitching 1)

SP fishing gift poses

I also used one of the poses from the prizes to produce the following picture that I had submitted to a contest, this is pose number 10 from Barbara Eden

MYTH-1year Bday-Photocontest-Akelei Schnyder-Pic1

And of course were giving away some fantastic couple poses, like ‘Soley Yours’:

Soley Yours Couples Pose

Isn’t this amazing? … I will go tomorrow to the tournament! See ya there!

Boat to the docks

You will also find some comfortable chairs to use while fishing! So come on over with your bait boxes and catch some prizes.. errr.. fish!! :D

Don’t forget that now you can advertise with us on our sim, these are located on our the main street. You will find some ad spots ready to use, contact Zelly if you are interested on advertising with us!


And … the Body Slam is still at 1L for all our group members of Striking Poses , freebies and group gifts will be 1L if you are member, if not … take your wallet out and pay the full price!

Well that is all for today!

See you at the Tournament!


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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rushing in on Saturday!

I didn't get my designer interview done on time, yet again, this week, so I rushed around Harlow and picked up a few more things to show you.

First off I hit Penny Palisades and found myself a new friend. Meet Fred, my new pet Cootie! Everyone needs a pet cootie in their lives, and Fire Good has just the one for you! Its not only cute and bound to get everyone talking, but you can name them too!

Pose - Yamila Diaz Lucky Chair

I also found this stunning Choli top from Spyralle in Penny Palisades. Great with jeans of a pretty skirt, its going to make you look amazing. The combination of pattern and colour gives it an almost outerspace-like feel and just elevates it from a cute top to something special.

Pose - Fay Wray #10

Dance Creations is having a $10 hunt sale in their Harlow store this weekend. I bounced on in and found this gorgeous dress! In stunning purple, it has a gorgeous strapless bodice and assymetrical skirt which starts short in front and flares out behind you. It also comes with a neck scarf.

Pose - Playboy 0209 USA2

Here is another special bargain from Dance Creations. In gorgeous teal, this is just the outfit for a night out dancing. Don't forget to check the amazing furniture and the $5 wall.

I'm in kind of a rush tonight to hit the deadline before midnight, cos Sunday is Ake's day, so by the time I finished the pics and noticed how dark they were, well I was out of time to go redo them. I really need to remember to check everything before moving on to the next thing.

Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Mine's over in a couple of hours, but thats time zones for ya I guess!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Summery Goodies!

Wow almost the end of another week and once again, I have some more great stuff from the stores at Harlow for you.

Pose - Alessandra Ambrosio #9
Wearing -
Zebra Dress from Jazmyn D

A striking black and white print gives this dress its name. From Jazmyn D comes the Zebra dress and its just gorgeous! A strapless bodice with a solid black band around the torso breaks up the print and gives it a gorgeous touch. The skirt flows beautifully! Its the perfect summer dress for a casual or even a dressier occasion.

Pose - Glamorous Freebie
Wearing -
Papillion Top and White Jeans from Dyn

If you are looking for the top with a difference, then the Papillion from Dyn is the one you have been searching for. The assymetrical design is simply gorgeous! The long side is balanced by the thicker shoulder strap, with a spaghetti strap holding up the other one. The fabric is just beautiful and really makes this a top that you will love to wear anywhere at anytime.

Pose - Charlise Theron #5
Wearing -
Lilian Tank from Exodi

Tank tops are just the thing for hot summer days, and from Exodi comes the Lilian. Featuring a band of pattern around the torso, lace decolletage and tucked/untucked versions, this is one that you will wear again and again. The colours are stunning, as is the creasing effects down the stomach which gives it a more "worn" look.

Just a quickie post from me today. I'll be back on Saturday with the behind the scenes interview with another one of our Harlow designers, so look out for that! Don't forget the wonderful dollarbies and the great stores we have available to rent on Harlow.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


First at all …

Happy Bday Zelly!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday Zelly, we all love you zillions and we wish you all the best for the future, and of course, one more year, means one year wiser!

Hello people!

I hope you are all doing good, as much as I do, I’m really busy in both life’s, and that keeps me happy, spending my day doing something productive.. always makes me smile! :D

Anyway … this is something we have been waiting on for some time now and finally I have it!

The Striking Poses Diva!

The Divas

Enjoy your day!


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Striking Poses every where!

Hello Striking Poses lovers!

Oh my, what a really nice weekend we had, I hope you all took a look at the pictures, I have to admit I am no good at taking them with people moving all the time! Guess I need a little more practice. Anyway what could be better then catching a natural feel of a party full of happiness and excitement? Nothing other than a funny picture!

So … I’ve some really good news for you, Striking Poses has a new store in Second Life, It is a very posh elegant looking store located in the sim: **Prism Main Store**

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

You will love the store decoration, it also has some of the pictures that some of you had made for us a long time ago when we got our main store at Glenn and we’ve kept this pictures on our Flickr!

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

In the middle of the store you will find an elegant fountain, if you listen closely you can hear the water trickling, and it is beautifully decorated with Caribbean style plants. Also you’ll see more of the pictures taken by our customers, this is also where out advert for our group is located.. Soo.. if you not a member already, you know where to go! Plus, being a member will allow you to take part in our sales, see sneak peeks and free gifts!

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

You’ll also find two area where all the poses are, these has been setup with a number of sofas, it’s the perfect spot for our male partners to relax… while we… SHOP! :)

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

At the back of the store you will find all of our couple and group poses.

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

We still have the Body Slam couple pose on sale 1L. You have to remember though the price is only for the people that are part of our group. If you are not a member, or maybe your friends would like to join, just read further up this post and you’ll find the location to the advert in our store. Group members will also get to see our sneak peeks, be part of the weekly drawings, free gifts and much much more! Oh, and let’s not forget about the dollarbies that are available to members only! (Poses for 1L!!).

Body Slam Couples Pose

Have a nice evening!


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lazy Days and Mondays!

I just can't seem to kick start myself after the weekend...even though for me its Tuesday!!! Thats the disadvantage of being so after ahead of SLT. I either get confused and lost as to what day it is, or I just float along till it hits me that its one of my blogging days...and I almost forgot it AGAIN!!!

But I didn't and have been off taking pics for the past few hours...and then redoing them cos I forgot to reset my graphics or didn't notice something wrong with the prims etc. Ack editing is a pita!!!

Pose - Anna Wong Dollarbie
Wearing -
Delicia ($549) from Ali Couture

Ali Couture is fast becoming one of my favourite stores in SL. Not only are the clothes sexy and fabulous, but there is something for every occasion. For those days when you feel like flamenco-ing through SL, there is the Delicia gown which comes with hair roses, comb and a fan (scripted and non-scripted). I went with a different windlight setting for this picture to highlight the fabulous and delicate textures used to make up this gorgeous gown. For a better look, click on the picture. Sexy black lace molds to your form and then explodes in a sea of ruffles down from your right hip. Its a stunner!

Pose - Halle Berry #8
Wearing -
Oleander from Calla

Is it just me or are the hairs from Calla getting more and more sexy and stylish? I also love the names used for them. It does look like a garden of hair every time I open my Calla hair folder. The Oleander is a stunning style that sweeps back from the forehead and falls down around the shoulders where it bounces up in soft curls, giving it a playful yet still sophistocated look. Available in 25 shades, you are sure to find the one for you!

*shameless plug moment*

I took this picture in front of the advertising boards available to rent on Harlow. For $200/wk you can let the Harlow shoppers know all about your club, store or service. Or if you are interested in renting a store, we have a few still available.

Poses - Cameron : Vin Diesel #7 Jordan : Yuko Ogura Lucky Chair
Wearing -
Tees ($75ea) from T Junction

It wouldn't be Monday without some new tees from T Junction. Omg I loooove this store and the stuff they find to put on their shirts. I never fail to laugh my butt off when I read the notecards and see the new releases. This week Cameron is trying to convince me he is with the FBI - Female Body Inspectors that is. Now anyone who knows me will have to say that the new shirt I am wearing could not be more appropriate - Brat. Of course I have no idea why they would think that!!!

Pose - Audrey Kitching #10
Wearing -
Silks (Hunt Gift from the Fashion Expo) from Silk & Satyr

I found these the other day when I was cleaning out my inventory, which seems to be a never ending ordeal for me. They were made for the Fashion Expo, so I have no idea if they are available for sale anymore, or if there are different colours. I thought I would simply show the detail and exquisiteness of the silks from Silk & Satyr. I popped into the Harlow store and was awed by the Cascading range of silks and the gorgeous gowns sold there. I envy the winner who walked away with the $1200 gift cert to this store at the street party. Check them out, and hit the subscribo and you will receive a wonderful gift. Also don't forget their opening special earrings.

Well once again I am barely squeaking in before Tuesday. Hope you all have a wonderful week and come check out our fabulous stores cos you never know what you will discover.

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