Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Missed Monday Man Candy!

Took threats of hunting down and spanking, and when that didn't work I sent in his partner, but my designer FINALLY sent in his interview sheet, so its not exactly Monday anymore, but I wanna share some man candy with you all.

Its time to unleash your rage with the man behind Karnal Rage, Mikhail Meriman.

Who is Mikhail Meriman :
Known to many as the 'smartest man alive'. LOL. I am going to refer to a quote from my profile for that one. I am a:

Fashion Designer
Interior and Exterior Decorator
Computer Programmer
Graphic Artist
Extreme Sports Athlete

SecondLife has given me the opportunity to be all of these and more. All the things that I have done in SL pale in comparison to the friends that I have made. You all know who you are.

How did you get into designing :
I did a lot in SL before becoming a designer. I tried building, scripting, combined the two, sculpties. I even tried animation but I always stayed away from clothing design in SL. Not sure why, I just did. My partner was an up and coming designer. As she started gaining a following and customers asked about a men's line, it was a perfect opportunity so I took the plunge and havent looked back (although I do take breaks from time to time to script).

What would you say your main inspiration is :
Inspiration....hmmmmm. Thanks for starting with a tough one. ;) I dont know that I have an inspiration per say. I started making clothes more as an experiment. Once I started seeing other people wearing them though, I was hooked. It's really uplifting when you realize that other people appreciate your artistry.

Does your Karnal Rage style reflect your RL style :
Absolutely. My avatar is a perfect replica of my RL body and I can go from bald to long hair in 3.67 seconds. I just wish that my apartment wasnt so laggy. ;) Seriously, I think *kARNAL rAGE* is partially a reflection of my RL style but more of my vision of the ultimate bad ass. The guy that takes charge. Women want him and Men want to be him (as long as my partner isnt around, she is quite .....feisty at times)

What would you say your design niche is :
A lot of designers will answer this one very vaguely in an attempt to not pigeon-hole themselves. GO AHEAD, PIGEONHOLE ME. I design rugged clothes for rugged men. I don't target pretty boys or the sensitive type. My clothes are for MEN, aggressive, bad boys, fighter types.

What is your favourite creation :
My favorite creation.....can I say all of them. Just kidding....... kinda. When I design, I am designing clothes for me. They all represent me so they all hold a place in my heart. If I have to pick one, I really dig the Conflict shirt. It is a military style shirt in either green or grey. I have a similar shirt in RL and think it really embodies my style, RL and SL.

What is the one you wish had stayed in your head :
Finally, an easy question. First let me set the stage. Unbeknownst to me, I was enrolled in an Alice in Wonderland themed hunt which I found out about 2 days before the hunt started. I had tons of other things that I was working on and to say the least, I was pissy. How do you do a rugged Alice in Wonderland outfit? They dont really go together. But I sucked it and decided to make an outfit based on the cheshire cat. It was a purple and lavender mess.... I mean Jacket with purple and black pants to match. Completely atrocious. Anyone that wants a copy, IM me. I might even pay you to wear it. Hehe

What is the biggest challenge facing designers today :
Standing out. There are so many talented designers in SL. If you aren't careful, it is very easy to blend right into the canvas. Designers need to develop a style that can be identified with them and then do whatever is necessary to stand out from other stores with a similar style. BE CREATIVE.

Where do you see yourself and Karnal Rage this time next year :
Hopefully still in business. Just kidding. I am hoping to have expanded my clothing line to the point where I am THE RUGGED CLOTHING STORE. The store that pops into people's head when they are looking for manly clothing. I am also hoping to build some tools for myself and other designers to better manager and promote their stores. That's all you are gonna squeeze out of me. You'll just have to wait and see.

Where do you like to shop :
Believe it or not, I don't shop very much. I am usually dragged by the girls when I need a break from work although I love to tattoo shop and try on all the men's hair in a store.

What is your biggest fashion weakness :
One man's weakness is another man's hot shirt. I have been called anal and slow when designing. These things I have to admit are all true but at the same time, I think that is the crux of my product and a strength. I hope it shows in my work.

What do you do in SL when you're not designing :
I still like to build. I also enjoy C:SI Samurai Combat as well as playing with guns although I havent found much time for either recently.

What is something no-one knows about you :
WOW. On the spot with this one. LOL. Let me see. I am a profile whore. The first thing I do when I meet someone is check their profile. Not sure why. I never use the info for conversation pieces.

Most embarrassing SL moment to date - pics would also be good :
I was at a club on skype having 'sexy time'. Little did I realize, that I was also on SL voice and the whole club was listening. I was not looking at the screen but kept hearing the little bell when you get an IM. I came back to the screen to like 10 IMs 'Dude, you're on voice', 'Damn...' You get the picture.

Ok I'm still giggling at Mik getting caught out on skype. Too funny! Something he is never gonna live down, thats for sure. Karnal Rage is one of my fav menswear stores...and no, not just cos I enjoy perving on the hot pics, but I love the shirts. They not only look hot on your man, but I kinda like wearing them too. Check this store out soon and let your karnal rage flow!!!

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