Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're Having A Yardsale!

Yes that's right. We at Harlow have been cleaning out our inventories and on Monday you can see what some of your favourite designers have to spare and save big money on clothing and furniture.

To get there, just look for the sign on the sim and click it for a landmark that will take you to where we've set up the sale.

As part of the Yardsale, we are helping to raise money for the Feather River Toy Run. This is a yearly fundraiser which raises money to help the less fortunate kids and families in the small community of Plumas County. This is the 7th year in which money has been raised to give toys to the children and food to families around the holidays. Last year, events and fund raising in Second Life helped feed an additional 20 families at Thanksgiving and Xmas. This year we've started early and hope to make the holidays better for more families.

How can you help?

There are donation bears set around the yardsale and every linden helps and is greatly appreciated. Also some of the items on sale were donated by friends of the Toy Run and store owners here at Harlow with all proceeds from sales going straight to the Toy Run. Or maybe you have some stuff cluttering your inventories the you no longer want or need. If you would like to donate it to the fundraiser, just box it up, slap a piccy on it and put everything together in a big box or folder and drop it to me, Jordan Whitt, and I will forward it on.

Running along with the Yardsale is the Sim Wide Sale on Harlow. Look for the signs in the windows of the participating stores and snap up even more bargains.

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