Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to the past

Hola Striking Poses lovers,

How is everybody doing today? I hope not so bad for the ones that are living that storms weather, and not too hot for the Europeans, for me … raining and cold weather, last Saturday was snowing in my city, is not very common that kind of events here, even when I live just under the Andes Mountains, the City is too deep down that the snow doesn’t come to it, till last Saturday and today is so cold that maybe we will have the visit of those lovely snowflakes again :D

Well … as I told you, I will be reviewing some old collections meanwhile Zelly is taking some nice holidays, lucky her! … For today I have in mind a retro fatpack, based on Grace Kelly, this beautiful actress and member of the royalty caught the eye of Striking Poses to create some of her most beautiful and elegant poses.

Grace Kelly  mix

Check them out at the entrance of Striking Poses main store, I am sure you will love them, and just to let you know which poses I have used in my picture, from left to right 3, 5 and 7.

Now, if you were interesting on rent a board for you to advertise at Harlow sim, I am sorry to tell you that they are all gone. But keep an eye to the blog and the group info, we will keeping telling you when we have some free space for you.

What we have free are some of the store to rent, there are 4 of them near the beach, at the dock there is one too, in my opinion this is really good, because the fishing tournaments, the docks is quite busy at evenings, and one on the second streets that goes to the docks. For more information about the shops, contact Jordan Whitt.

So … if you have been having fun with the 7Seas Tournaments at Harlow, well … Rhianna will be keeping you inform on the 7Seas chat and also the Harlow subscribo.

That is for today ... have a nice time !


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