Monday, August 24, 2009

Its Monday!

Firstly...the Yardsale has swung open its doors and is ready for you to come browse through the things we no longer want, but you might. It will be running for two weeks, so keep checking back as more stock will be added when it becomes available. And if you have a linden or two to spare, think about dropping it into the donation bears to help us raise money for needy families and kids this coming holiday season. We're starting early to make this an awesome Xmas for the people in Plumas County!

Secondly...we've had the builders in and made some adjustments to the Striking Poses building. Here's the gorgeous Zelly hanging out with them during a break in building. The adorable cardboard robot builder is back and I'm still wanting to take her home with me lol. And this time, our other builder was having a "Sweet Transvestite" moment which gave us plenty of giggles.

What they have done is put in a couple of new entrances into the Striking Poses building. This one is situated in the middle section where we keep our dollarbies, new releases and sale items. There is also another one further down in the main pose section. What this does is make it easier for you to come in and out when you are shopping around the sim.

Have you checked out the Fishing Tournaments at Harlow yet? Rhianna has been hosting a couple a week for the past few weeks and the turn out has been incredible! Every tournament has had at least 20 people on the docks fishing for fishy friends, poses and the cash in the fishing pot. There is still one store available to rent right in the middle of all this action, and Zelly has added some advertising boards. Your billboard or store will be seen by our fishers. In fact, there is another fishing tournament being held right now!!!

Don't forget the incredible Sim Wide Sale going on this week. Some of our most popular stores are slashing their prices and giving you some amazing deals on their fabulous items.

New LL restrictions have Ake and Zelly working overtime this week to rebrand and reshoot all advertisements, posters and poses, so Ake is taking a break from blogging to work on that. I'll be filling in her shoes and keeping you company till she returns.

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