Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lazy Days and Mondays!

I just can't seem to kick start myself after the weekend...even though for me its Tuesday!!! Thats the disadvantage of being so after ahead of SLT. I either get confused and lost as to what day it is, or I just float along till it hits me that its one of my blogging days...and I almost forgot it AGAIN!!!

But I didn't and have been off taking pics for the past few hours...and then redoing them cos I forgot to reset my graphics or didn't notice something wrong with the prims etc. Ack editing is a pita!!!

Pose - Anna Wong Dollarbie
Wearing -
Delicia ($549) from Ali Couture

Ali Couture is fast becoming one of my favourite stores in SL. Not only are the clothes sexy and fabulous, but there is something for every occasion. For those days when you feel like flamenco-ing through SL, there is the Delicia gown which comes with hair roses, comb and a fan (scripted and non-scripted). I went with a different windlight setting for this picture to highlight the fabulous and delicate textures used to make up this gorgeous gown. For a better look, click on the picture. Sexy black lace molds to your form and then explodes in a sea of ruffles down from your right hip. Its a stunner!

Pose - Halle Berry #8
Wearing -
Oleander from Calla

Is it just me or are the hairs from Calla getting more and more sexy and stylish? I also love the names used for them. It does look like a garden of hair every time I open my Calla hair folder. The Oleander is a stunning style that sweeps back from the forehead and falls down around the shoulders where it bounces up in soft curls, giving it a playful yet still sophistocated look. Available in 25 shades, you are sure to find the one for you!

*shameless plug moment*

I took this picture in front of the advertising boards available to rent on Harlow. For $200/wk you can let the Harlow shoppers know all about your club, store or service. Or if you are interested in renting a store, we have a few still available.

Poses - Cameron : Vin Diesel #7 Jordan : Yuko Ogura Lucky Chair
Wearing -
Tees ($75ea) from T Junction

It wouldn't be Monday without some new tees from T Junction. Omg I loooove this store and the stuff they find to put on their shirts. I never fail to laugh my butt off when I read the notecards and see the new releases. This week Cameron is trying to convince me he is with the FBI - Female Body Inspectors that is. Now anyone who knows me will have to say that the new shirt I am wearing could not be more appropriate - Brat. Of course I have no idea why they would think that!!!

Pose - Audrey Kitching #10
Wearing -
Silks (Hunt Gift from the Fashion Expo) from Silk & Satyr

I found these the other day when I was cleaning out my inventory, which seems to be a never ending ordeal for me. They were made for the Fashion Expo, so I have no idea if they are available for sale anymore, or if there are different colours. I thought I would simply show the detail and exquisiteness of the silks from Silk & Satyr. I popped into the Harlow store and was awed by the Cascading range of silks and the gorgeous gowns sold there. I envy the winner who walked away with the $1200 gift cert to this store at the street party. Check them out, and hit the subscribo and you will receive a wonderful gift. Also don't forget their opening special earrings.

Well once again I am barely squeaking in before Tuesday. Hope you all have a wonderful week and come check out our fabulous stores cos you never know what you will discover.

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