Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday at Harlow...

Yes thats the one and only ZELLY partying at Harlow. Ake will have all the goss and pics from the fabulous party we had today later during the week, so look out for that!

Today I'll be updating you on some vacancies we have at Harlow so if you are looking for a spot to set up shop, you can swing by and check us out. We have a fabulous sim with some of the best stores in SL already with us. And the build is incredible!!!!

Vacancies at present...

Two 50 prim stores at $250/wk.
One 75 prim store at $375/wk
Two 100 prim stores at $500/wk

You not only get a fabulous store at Harlow, you get me tooting you horn on this blog, access to the Harlow Sim subscribo, the opportunity to participate in fantastic Sim events, like today's street party and the best group of people to work with. So where would you be anywhere else?

If you are interested, chase me down and I'll sort you out.

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