Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shopping at Harlow.

A certain designer forgot to send in his interview card again *glare* so instead I'll tell you all about our fab stores and the great shopping you will find at Harlow.

And shopping is much more fun when you have someone to share it with. Here I am sharing it with my hunny...who is as big a shopaholic as I am! We're so gonna be bad influences on each other!!!!

What we have at Harlow is some of the best shopping around the grid all in one spot. Not only can you stock up on fabulous poses from Striking Poses, but afterwards you can walk around the wide streets, or pick up a scooter from the vendor and drive around until you spot a store you would like to browse in. Personally I enjoy pedalling around on my big wheeler, cos I always seem to crash anything that moves faster, when I'm not zooming around in the spaceship I mentioned in my last blog. Omg still loving that!!!

There are some vacancies available at the moment, and to make things easier, I will put links to each one so if you are looking for a new spot to rent, you can easily pop in and see if this is for you.

Store 11 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 12 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 19 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 22 - 50 prims/$250 per week
Store 51 - 75 prims/$375 per week
Store 52 - 75 prims/$375 per week
Store 53 - 75 prims/$375 per week

We have a team of fabulous people here at Harlow dedicated to making this sim one of the top shopping places in SL. There is Ake who does a fantastic job sharing the wonderful poses Zelly creates with us on this blog. Rhianna who is hard at working cooking up fabulous events and ideas to get the sim hopping. She has some wonderful events coming up, so keep your eyes open for those!! And then there is me, Jordan. I look after the rentals, make sure everyone is happy and things are bouncing along and that you all are informed of the great stores and amazing things we have here. All of us are available for questions, enquiries or if you have any problems.

There are also advertising boards available to promote your business or service. You just pay the board and then place your texture for all to see.

My favourite spot here at Harlow is the Dock area. Not only can you fish for wonderful fishy friends and some fantastic poses using the 7seas system, but you can shop in the stores there or just have some romantic time with your loved one, like I did.

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