Friday, August 21, 2009

A little bit of Drama?


How is everyone doing? I hope you are all as good as I am! Today could be the last day we spend showing you the older poses, rumor has it that Zelly is working on a new collection, and from what I heard it is going to be absolutely awesome!

Anyways, I will call this week, the “Retro” week collections, on Tuesday I showed you the Grace Kelly collection, what a wonderful set of poses they were. Today I have for you a mixture of a collection, which is named “Drama Queens”. We all know we like to see and have drama in our lives, so why not grab this fatpack and start acting like a Drama Queen! ;)

Drama Queens

The pose to the left is number 8, and the one to the right is pose number 9.

If you like sales, well this is your opportunity to take part in one. We at Harlow Sim are holding a huge sale, you need to find the “sale” logos (big red star, just like the picture below) and well.. SHOP! :)

Harlow Sim Wide SALE!

Don’t forget that the “Body Slam” pose is still in store for members at the wonderfully low price of 1L! And being a member all the dollarbies will also be.. 1L! Just remember though, you need to be a Striking Poses member! If for whatever silly reason you are not a member, then join us! The group won’t cost you a group slot, just click the board in the shop and POW! Welcome to our fantastic group full of wonderful surprises and gifts.

Pay attention to the Harlow subscribe and keep an eye on the 7Seas chat, as the date and time will be announced there for the next fishing tournament!

Oh, and remember if you are looking for some wonderful shops to rent, then Harlow is the place! We have only a few shops left, but they are waiting for you! Just contact Jordan Whitt for more information on the pricing, prims and availability.

That’s it! I’m off for the weekend!


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