Thursday, August 27, 2009

Woohooo Its Thursday!!!

We're bouncing through another week here at Harlow. I'm sitting on the docks with Rhianna watching yet another fishing tournament in progress. There must be at least 15+ people down here today all going after a share of the fishing pot which stands at $760 at the moment, but donations keep bumping it up higher.

So why am I telling you about this? Because the last dock store is still available to rent, along with four advertising boards. Your store or business can be seen by our fishers as they stand around for 45 mins competing in the tournament. And don't forget, Rhianna hosts at least 2 - 3 a week.

Wearing - Cropped Jeans and Papillion Top from Dyn

I decided to give fishing a go before the tournament started. I wasn't alone in that thought either. We had a lot of people here getting ready long before the official start time. Perfect for fishing, shopping around during the Sim Wide Sale or even yardsale browsing is the sexy Papillion assymetrical tunic and cropped jeans from Dyn. If you haven't checked out the amzing style and design at Dyn lately, you're missing out. They just keep going from incredible to incredible.

Wearing - Kissed Bikini Black & Kissed Ripped Jeans (dark) from Alexohol Fashions
Pose 1 - Jessica Alba #2
Pose 2 - Tatiana Del Toro Dollarbie

New to Harlow is Alexohol Fashions. Just released is the "Kiss" range which guessed it...a bright pink kiss. Its just adorable! I especially liked the kiss on the butt on the bikini pants. I had a little giggle over that! The jeans are very awesome too, so check them out and see if you would like to be Kissed by Alexohol!

Wearing - Dots Bikini from Viviane Fashion & Ornate and Black Pearls Bracelet from Aluinn
Pose - Jane Fonda Dollarbie

I hit up the subscribo board when I was having a browse through another of our new stores, Viviane Fashions, and this bikini was sent to me as a thank you. In a gorgeous shade of grey with little black dots, it goes perfectly with the bracelets in the gift in store at Aluinn. But you receive not only the bracelets, but also a gorgeous teardrop necklace and earring set, and if you are male, there's an onyx ring in there for you. Both stores have incredible designs in clothing (Viviane's) and jewellry (Aluinn) that you are bound to fall in love with.

The only thing more fun than flying around Harlow on my new flying noob is the Sim Wide Sale which is still going on. Some of our stores have stock up to 50% off, so you can bag lots of awesome bargains by shopping at Harlow this week. The yardsale is still in swing as well. Check it out and see if you can bag more great deals up there too. Remember, it is for a great cause and you'll be helping needy families have an awesome Xmas!

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