Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do you remember this?


You probably know that this week we don’t have any new releases to show you, and it’ll be the same for next week too. Don’t worry as Zelly is currently on holiday and as soon as she returns except to see some new releases!

With our boss on holiday doesn’t mean that we are on holiday too, no siree! We are still working hard every minute of every day, and that is why put together this post to show you some of our older collections.

Before Zelly for her holidays I got her to send me some of the old fatpacks. I want to show our new and our older customers some of the older poses just in case you’ve forgotten or not seen them! ;)

Firstly, I’m sure you have all heard of Brigitte Bardot (if not, I suggest you Google her ;)) and you’ll know how sexy and erotic this lady had been in her early years. If you are looking for a sexy, feminine and some natural, then this fatpack is for you!


From the fatpack I have chosen the following poses: 1, 2 and 7 (Going from left to right).

I’d like to add, that I did the next picture for a good friend, she is a huge fan of Striking Poses and I love to see her hard at work at her own store and I have to say she puts a lot of effort into everything she produces! When she asks me to pose for her products, I just can’t say no! She is the lovely Gigi Sapeur owner of “Blush & Bashful Boutique”, and this outfit is called “Santa's Naughty Helper” ;)

Adriana Lima Mix

If you like the poses, this is a mix from the Adriana Lima fatpack, the poses in the pictures are to the left number 2, 1 and the one to the right is number 1 and the two found in the frames are number 4 and 6.

If you had fun fishing with us, well … you can come do it again just keep an eye to the Harlow subscribo notices for the time, grab your fishing rod and come join us in catching some amazing prizes! Always located at Harlow’s dock

See ya soon!


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