Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I 'm a mess with titles :S

Hey Folks!

When I have too much on my mind it becomes blocked and after attending a boss-employee meeting I ended up with so many ideas floating round my mind I just forgot about all the other things I should have been doing. Today I managed to finally finish the sneak peak and some other job that Zelly has me working on for her.

The post today will be based on three things. First of all I’ll show you the last 5 pictures from the collection “In the Mood” based on Kim Basinger. This was released on Saturday and can be found in the middle of our mains tore.

I have for you something that Zelly wanted me to create and it’s to show you the original pictures that the poses were based on. It took me some time to come up with this nice little design for them :)

I have to say the end result is not what I had in my mind, as I’d prefer to show you my own way to the use the poses in Second Life and in Real Life; I may come up with something else a later, not sure yet though.

Anyhow, here they are ;)






Next, I’m getting the new releases well in advance of their release date, so I am now able to produce true sneak peak pictures for you. The next line up of poses are incredible and I am really looking forward to showing them all to you, but in the mean time you’ll have to wait.. but I do have this for you, enjoy it :P

Sneak Peak next release

Lastly, we have a new dollarbie available to you all and like all the other poses our dollarbies now come with a new style and name…

Dollarbie Pose 01

The dollarbie poses are available to our group members for the super low sum of 1L, if you are not a member then you have two choices, the first is simple.. Become a group member! The second.. is to buy them at a slightly higher price than 1L. But of course the obvious choice is join our group and enjoy all the great benefits our group members receive. Not a group member? What are you waiting for? Join us now!

Join our group is real easy, just locate one of the huge group adverts we have round the store, and then do a simple ‘click’ and voila! you are now a member! Simple huh? What are you waiting for then? Not convinced? Well, joining our group won’t take a group slot, you’ll enjoy all the lovely gifts we give out, you’ll get the latest updates and news and you’ll get full access to all the dollarbie we have on offer! I assume you have stopped reading now.. and are on your way to find our group advert…. If you are reading I guess you’re already a member! :P

Oh, before I forget, I reminder that there are still a few shops available to rent here at Harlow!

There is one store for 375L weekly and you'll get 75 prims to use, contact Jordan Whitt for more details. But our other choice is the boards for advertising, there are 6 boards avaliables for you in front of the main store and 4 at the docks ... come to have a look!


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Release! Kim B at Striking Poses!

Hello everybody!

This weekend is going to be another busy few days as lots of new skins and shapes come out, and I have to say that I have been waiting some time for this to come. Why? Because my lovely fiancé has promised to buy me my favorite “make up” set :D

And how can we not forget, with the weekend comes…. A NEW RELEASE! I have for you this fabulous sexy woman who goes by the name of Kim Basinger. Remember the sneak peak? Well this is her! The collection comes with 10 poses, two of which are sitting and one lying pose. It is a very insinuating collection the poses are original, making them ideal for cloth designers. A pose set we should all have in our inventory….. In our adverts… and well.. In every store! Be sure you’ll be ‘In the Mood’ to get this ;)

inthemood512 copy

Also as mentioned in my previous post, we have put together some large adverts that detail the name changes to each pose set, this should make it easier to identify if you already own the pose or not. Since the changes in our store the only release is this ‘In The Mood’ collection so you have not missed anything!

New Name List ad

A REMINDER! You only have 4 days left to collect the chilies in Harlow! Be warned, they are “too hot to handle” *giggles* So make sure you visit our sim Hunt here at Harlow, you have till the 30th September. Hurry Hurry! Every store in the sim that has the hunt advert will have a chili, and with this you’ll get some amazing items made especially for you ;)

Too Hot To Handle Hunt

Wanting to do a little advertising? Advertise in the streets of Harlow! There are still 2 free boards at the docks, get yours before they are all gone!

Ads for rent at the docks

Don't forget that today is the sale at Dance Creations the prices are really down ... just for today!

Have a nice weekend!


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Something really quick!

Hello people,

I was planning to do a huge post today, but for some reasons I’ll do it tomorrow :P

So, quickly as ever … do you know we have several interesting stores at Harlow, right? Well, today Rhianna sent me an IM telling me that Dance Creations store is having a SALE!!! Why? Well they are so much lovely that in honor of girlfriends and sisters everywhere they decided to do this sale! WooT! THANK YOU!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I was just few minutes ago at the store and they have really cute stuff, don’t miss it! It'll be just for this Saturday 26th :P

Another few remind … just 4 stores are able to rent at Harlow Sim, check out this list that Jordan gave to me, and if you have any interest, contact her for more information ;)

With 75 prims and 375L weekly are stores 4951 - 54
With 100 prims and 500L weekly is store 36

Have a nice evening!


Ps.- Sorry about my messy English :S

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Back to you!

Hello everybody! I am back! Weee

I hope you have missed me because I really did, well … kind of, I was so busy that I hardly got time to think in other stuffs, and I am sure you all know what I mean.

Well, I shouldn’t be posting, I should be on holidays after all this long non stop working wee, but you know, I am addicted to all of you to let you know what is Striking Poses up to.

So, I am gonna star with excellent news … WE WILL HAVE A NEW RELEASE! Woooot! Jup and just exclusive for you I have the full collection and of course a sneak peak for you all ;)

Seak Peak!

As you know, the celebrities name can’t not be mention in any SL area, but here at our blog we can and let me tell you that this new collection is a really good one, based on the most sexy hottes woman of the world. The rest, you will find it on Friday ;)

Don’t forget people, this is so much important, the old collections names are gone but no the poses, all the poses that you know are the same, we just changed the names of them and if you want to know the new name, go to the store and click that big ads around the whole store. If you are too lazy for doing that or just don’t want to get another NC in your inventory, please feel free to contact me, I’ll help you and even I can make you a tour in the store xD

I’ll try to be posting the new ads on my post too, all that depends if I am able to upgrade my flickr account, I am so proud of them that I just hope you all like it as I do J

What else? … ah yes J … here some news for you about what is going on not just at Striking Poses, also at Harlow … keep reading!

To Hot To Handle ! is the Hunt that Harlow is having at the moment, you’ll have till the end of the month to grab the fabulous gift that some of the store at Harlow have for you, I am sure Jordan has already showed you some of the fantastic gift, I have some of them too, and believe me … you can’t miss it! All questions about it, contact Rhianna Zelnik, she’ll be glad to assist you.

If you are interest on rent a shop at Harlow, contact Jordan Whitt, she will be your girl for any questions do you have about it. We also have some Advertising Boards where you can show your business, in front of our store and at the Docks … where always holds fishing tournaments, so lots of people around that will be looking your store name ;)

Well my dear people, that is for today … see ya on Friday with the new release!!



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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its Getting Hot in Here!

Almost "Too Hot To Handle"!!!!

I've been bouncing around Harlow picking up chili peppers full of goodies that our stores have put out for you to find. I'm so amazed at the gorgeous gifts that they are giving and have some pics for you to look at. I'll be heading back down to hunt some more a bit later and will have more goodies to share soon!

Pose - Full Tilt #

One of my favourite finds was this uber sexy dress from Dance Creations. They are not just giving you one gift during this hunt...but 5 amazing gifts! This is in #2 and I just love it. The bodice is breathtaking and it comes with 5 skirt options, so there is one for any occasion. With it I am wearing the women's engagement ring from The Loved Collection at Zari. Its her gift for you in the hunt. Its a simply stunning heart shaped diamond ring which you can wear even when you're not engaged!

Pose - Misunderstood #3

You have NO IDEA how long I have lusted over this dress...and to find it in one of the two gifts from Milady's Fancy...OMG...it made my entire hunt!!!! I love the lace detailing down the sides, the sparklie fabric and just everything about it. Its one of those dresses you just feel incredibly sexy in! If blue isn't your colour, there is a whole range of other options in store at Harlow.

Pose - International Model 12 #2

A new addition to our stores at Harlow is Multiple Personality Disorder. This is one store you are bound to love. The clothing is incredible and such wonderful quality...and EVERYTHING costs only $1!!!!! Yes that is not a misprint. Everything in store is only one linden!!! You can afford to go nuts in here...I know I did. This is the cute gift from MPD and its just adorable!

Pose - Body Beautiful #1

From Amanda's Fashions comes two sexy sets of lingerie from her new line - Amanda's Secret. You get this sexy set which is the Cherry one, and another in Red. You can just never have enough lingerie and these are two sets that will be sexy new additions! I love corsets and these are lovely ones!

Pose - Long Cool Woman #8

Silk & Satyr's addition to the hunt is this sexy little number called Caliente. Its a gorgeous little number that will look great whether you're dancing alone in your bedroom or out in a club. Its just a fun little outfit and you will love it! Check out their other dollarbie in store!

This is just a tiny taste of the goodies hiding around the stores in Harlow. The hunt runs until the 30th Sept, so you have plenty of time to come hunt out the hot peppers and the fabulous gifts they are hiding.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Another quickie....

Hiya guys, just another quick update.

Yes we're all still alive and kicking, although suffering technical difficulties at the moment.

We have the Too Hot To Handle sim wide hunt at Harlow starting tomorrow, the 15th September, which will be running till the 30th. Keep your eyes open for the stores displaying the hunt poster!

Zelly's router has had a meltdown and she is unable to be online at the moment, so she sends her apologies to all hunters who will be searching in the Striking Poses store. As soon as she is back with us, her gift will be hidden. But don't forget to check out the rest of the stores for their hidden gifts.

Current Vacancies at Harlow:

50 Prim Stores...$250/wk

74 Prim Store...$375/wk

150 Prim Store...$750/wk

700 Prim Store...$1470/wk

Don't forget the advertising boards around the sim. We have some on the docks where we have at least 20 people several times a week participating in fishing tournaments who can see your advertised business or service.

So we're hoping to be back to our normal blog postings soon. This whole pose rebranding has taken a lot out of us all...especially Ake who deserves a medal for all the hard work she is doing. Don't forget to pick up a list from the signs around the store which will tell you the name changes so you don't do a "Jordan" and keep buying poses you already have.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick Post =)

Wow what a bad week or so I have had lately! Things ended up being overlooked or put on the backburner while I dealt with some SL dramas, RL bad news and other things that needed my time and attention.

We have a sim-wide hunt coming up soon, so watch this space for more info on that. Also we have all been hard at work (especially Ake and Zelly) renaming and shooting all the poses, so don't forget to pick up a list from the vendors around the store and to rename the ones you have so you don't end up confused and buying poses you already have. That seems to be a constant problem I have!

We also have some fantastic new stores on the sim to come check out as well as a few vacancies. I can't wait to share them all with you!

The yardsale was a lot of fun and thank you to all who participated by donating items or lindens, or who stopped by and shopped.

Hi Everyone

Gabi/Feather here... I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for ALL of your support during the yard sale at Harlow. With your help and that of your friends...The Toy Run earned about 16,000 lindens over the two week period. That and your donations to the bear will definately help to feed alot of families this coming Holiday Season!!!

Words cannot express what it means to Russ and Myself how much the people in SL give to this cause. It is something very close to our hearts.

Please know that every linden donated means so much and without people like all of you, it wouldn't be possible to supply toys for the kids and feed additional families in need.
From the bottom of our hearts..and lots of love....THANK YOU SO MUCH

Gabriella Molinari (aka) FeatherRiver Bolissima

As an aside, if you would like a bear to set up in your store or give to your friends that have clubs, or any other area that might seem appropriate, please give me a hollar. They are copyable and transferable, and all donations are paid to the owners of the bear then automatically paid to Feather..so no tracking is necessary. We will have the bears out until December 1, 2009. At which time, all money donated will be exchanged for US dollars and deposited in the account set up for the Feather River Toy Run.

Thank you again


We'll be back to our regular blogging soon =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Same Poses, New Names

In keeping with LL TOS, all of my poses that have a celebrity name in the title will be renamed. I know this will cause confusion to people who have already bought poses with the old names so I am posting this chart. It lists the old name and the new name. If you are not sure whether you've already purchased a pose or not, please refer to this chart as I will not be offering refunds on double purchases.

Abigail Clancy--International Supermodel 01
Adriana Lima--International Supermodel 02
Alessandra Ambrosio--International Supermodel 03
Alyssa Milano--Charming
Angelina Jolie--Long Cool Woman
Ann Margaret--Smexy
Anna Nicole Smith--Flirtacious
Ashley Judd--Mysterious
Audrey Kitching--Working The Camera
Barbara Eden--Jeanie In a Bottle
Bette Davis--Eye Candy
Bettie Page--Domination
Beyonce--Soul Sister
Brigitte Bardot--Sexy As She Goes
Britney Spears--Wild Child
Brittany Murphy--Untamed Heat
Cameron Diaz--Something About Her
Camryn Manheim--Bold and Beautiful
Carmen Kass--International Supermodel 12
Catrinel Menghia--International Supermodel 04
Charlize Theron--Full Tilt
Cher--Dark Beauty
Christina Aguilera--Dirty Girl
Christy Turlington----International Supermodel 10
Cindy Crawford--Look At Me
Clara Bow--The It Girl
Claudia Cardinale--Quiet Elegance
Debra Paget--Cheesecake
Demi Moore--Cougor
Dita Von Teese--Burlesque Queen 01
Dita Von Teese--Burlesque Queen 02
Dita Von Teese--Burlesque Queen 03
Doutzen Kroes--International Supermodel 11
Drew Barrymore--Miss All American
Eva Longoria--Bueno Chaquita
Eva Mendes--Hot Salsa
Fay Wray--Scream Queen
Fergie--Kickin' It
Gisele Bundchen--International Supermodel 05
Grace Kelly--Full of Grace
Gwen Stefani--Glamorous
Halle Berry--Catty Girl
Hayden Panettiere--Cute As Punch
Heidi Klum--International Supermodel 06
Janet Jackson--Stank In The Tank
Jean Shrimpton--International Supermodel 07
Jennifer Aniston--Friendly Persuasion
Jennifer Garner--Feeling Pretty
Jennifer Lopez--Lust in the Dust
Jennifer Love Hewitt--Innocent Love
Jessica Alba--Play Me Softly
Kate Beckinsale--Hot Chic
Keeley Hazell--International Supermodel 08
Keira Knightley--Carribean Shimmer
Kirsten Dunst--Cutesy
Krista Allen--Sultry
Kristin Bell--Sugar and Spice
Kristin Stewart--Pulse Racer
Lady Gaga--All That Glitters
Lara Croft--Girls With Guns
Lea Thompson--City Girl
Leah Remini--Body Beautiful
Lindsay Lohan--Misunderstood
Liv Tyler----Girl Next Door
Mariah Carey--Diva
Marilyn Monroe--Screen Siren
Milla Jovovich--Whimsical
Ms Marilyn Monroe--Screen Siren 2
Natalia Vodianova--International Supermodel 13
Neve Campbell--Sticky and Sweet
Norma Jean--Screen Siren 3
Olivia Munn--Hot, Hot, Hot
Pamela Anderson--Sexy Baby
Paris Hilton--Lap of Luxury
Playboy 01.09--Playthings 01.09
Playboy 02.09--Playthings 02.09
Playboy 03.09--Playthings 03.09
Playboy 10.08--Playthings 10.08
Playboy 11.08--Playthings 11.08
Playboy 12.08--Playthings 12.08
Queen Latifah--Big and Beautiful
Raquel Welch 1--Sex Kitten 01
Raquel Welch 2--Sex Kitten 02
Rihanna--Sexy Attitude
Sandra Bullock--Sassy
Sarah Jessica Parker--City Chic
Sarah Michelle Gellar--Sexlicious
Scarlett Johannson--Enchantress
Taylor Swift--Soft and Supple
Tyra Banks--International Supermodel 09
Victoria Beckham--Posh and Spicy
Zooey Deschanel--Framed in Beauty

Elvis Presley--Performer
Michael Jackson--Thrill Me
Zac Efron--Young and Dangerous
Vin Diesel--Male Models 02

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