Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Release! Kim B at Striking Poses!

Hello everybody!

This weekend is going to be another busy few days as lots of new skins and shapes come out, and I have to say that I have been waiting some time for this to come. Why? Because my lovely fiancé has promised to buy me my favorite “make up” set :D

And how can we not forget, with the weekend comes…. A NEW RELEASE! I have for you this fabulous sexy woman who goes by the name of Kim Basinger. Remember the sneak peak? Well this is her! The collection comes with 10 poses, two of which are sitting and one lying pose. It is a very insinuating collection the poses are original, making them ideal for cloth designers. A pose set we should all have in our inventory….. In our adverts… and well.. In every store! Be sure you’ll be ‘In the Mood’ to get this ;)

inthemood512 copy

Also as mentioned in my previous post, we have put together some large adverts that detail the name changes to each pose set, this should make it easier to identify if you already own the pose or not. Since the changes in our store the only release is this ‘In The Mood’ collection so you have not missed anything!

New Name List ad

A REMINDER! You only have 4 days left to collect the chilies in Harlow! Be warned, they are “too hot to handle” *giggles* So make sure you visit our sim Hunt here at Harlow, you have till the 30th September. Hurry Hurry! Every store in the sim that has the hunt advert will have a chili, and with this you’ll get some amazing items made especially for you ;)

Too Hot To Handle Hunt

Wanting to do a little advertising? Advertise in the streets of Harlow! There are still 2 free boards at the docks, get yours before they are all gone!

Ads for rent at the docks

Don't forget that today is the sale at Dance Creations the prices are really down ... just for today!

Have a nice weekend!


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