Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Back to you!

Hello everybody! I am back! Weee

I hope you have missed me because I really did, well … kind of, I was so busy that I hardly got time to think in other stuffs, and I am sure you all know what I mean.

Well, I shouldn’t be posting, I should be on holidays after all this long non stop working wee, but you know, I am addicted to all of you to let you know what is Striking Poses up to.

So, I am gonna star with excellent news … WE WILL HAVE A NEW RELEASE! Woooot! Jup and just exclusive for you I have the full collection and of course a sneak peak for you all ;)

Seak Peak!

As you know, the celebrities name can’t not be mention in any SL area, but here at our blog we can and let me tell you that this new collection is a really good one, based on the most sexy hottes woman of the world. The rest, you will find it on Friday ;)

Don’t forget people, this is so much important, the old collections names are gone but no the poses, all the poses that you know are the same, we just changed the names of them and if you want to know the new name, go to the store and click that big ads around the whole store. If you are too lazy for doing that or just don’t want to get another NC in your inventory, please feel free to contact me, I’ll help you and even I can make you a tour in the store xD

I’ll try to be posting the new ads on my post too, all that depends if I am able to upgrade my flickr account, I am so proud of them that I just hope you all like it as I do J

What else? … ah yes J … here some news for you about what is going on not just at Striking Poses, also at Harlow … keep reading!

To Hot To Handle ! is the Hunt that Harlow is having at the moment, you’ll have till the end of the month to grab the fabulous gift that some of the store at Harlow have for you, I am sure Jordan has already showed you some of the fantastic gift, I have some of them too, and believe me … you can’t miss it! All questions about it, contact Rhianna Zelnik, she’ll be glad to assist you.

If you are interest on rent a shop at Harlow, contact Jordan Whitt, she will be your girl for any questions do you have about it. We also have some Advertising Boards where you can show your business, in front of our store and at the Docks … where always holds fishing tournaments, so lots of people around that will be looking your store name ;)

Well my dear people, that is for today … see ya on Friday with the new release!!



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