Thursday, February 25, 2010

Humpday on Harlow

Its Wednesday and you know what that bloggage from the Harlow stores!

Pose - Tickled Feet 6
Wearing -
Boyfriend Shirt from SF Designs

Full of great clothing for men and women, SF Designs has joined us here on Harlow. One of my favourite shirts is their boyfriend shirt. Its a perfect casual shirt to wear with jeans and comes in 3 colour choices. There is also 3 ways to wear it. You can wear it like I am above, tied around your waist, or as an open shirt with a tank or bra top underneath. Check out what else is in store!

Pose - Sulty 9
Wearing -
Fenanimal in Snake from XTC

I think of all the XTC clothing I own, this remains my favourite. You get a sexy leather thong worn with chaps, a cropped leather jacket, fingerless gloves, and the most stunningly textured long sleeve shirt in an animal print. I love to wear the top with jeans or leather pants when I just out and about. You have to see these textures to believe them!

Pose - International Model 3 #9
Wearing -
SSC Laqroki Jasmin Shape from Body Doubles with Deschanel Earrings and Cheetah Corset Set from Snatch

I just love my collection of Body Doubles shapes! I just love how sexy and proportioned they are. Unfortunately I don't own a Jasmin skin, so I'm wearing my Laq Tasha 2 skin with it. It still looks stunning! I teamed it up with a retro set from Snatch that I picked up during a Hump Day sale a few weeks back and my fav earrings...and they are colour change, so can be worn with anything!

Pose - Working The Camera 1
Wearing -
Slouch (Store Gift) from Fierce Designs

Fierce Designs is another new addition to Harlow. With sexy clothing to bring out the playful side of you and raunchy shoes, you are bound to find something to tease and delight your other half...or maybe find them when you wear this around the grid! As their gift to Harlow, the Slouch pink sweatsuit is free in store and is perfect for a casual jog around the sim while you shop!

Pose - International Model 4 #10
Wearing -
Leprechaun Special from Magnolia

Just in time for St Paddy's Day (March 17th) Magnolia has released a sexy sparklie green number to bring out the Irish in you...even if you don't have any! As with most all of the clothing in store, you get several outfits in the pack. You can wear the fabulous top with jeans, two style of flexi miniskirts, a fitted system skirt mini and a sexy little pair of panties. There is also two styles of stockings included, so you can be the sexiest leprechaun on the grid.

Pose - Pulse Racer #6
Wearing -
Grace in Silver from Catagory 5

If you haven't checked out whats happening in Catagory 5 for a while, you need to pop on in asap! Not only are the Grace and Kate gowns still only $10 each, but there is a fatpack of 30 soon to be retired outfits for only $29! Perfect for clothing an alt or helping out a new resident!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Last Chance to get these great poses!

Hi you all!

Today ends the Love Note Hunt, that means, is your last chance to get all these 10 poses because from tomorrow on ... they will be gone forever!

So, here are the rest of them, for you to realise what you are missing xD

In Love 01

In Love

Love Hurts 02

Love Hurts

Love Drunks 05

Love Drunk

Love Monster 07

Love Moster

Love Stinks 08

Love Stinks

Don't forget Zelly is hiring a new Sim Property Manager, for more details, read the post she wrote here

mmmm I wonder who will be my new collegue :P ... pls just send NC to Zelly Mornington about this job possition :3

Have fun!

Ake! :3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Striking Poses is Now Hiring

Sim Property Manager

This employee must have a great personality and love working with people. Must
be highly motivated, dedicated and be a team player. The employee must be well organized and skilled in effectively meeting the needs of the tenants as well as management for a fashion commerce sim.

Job Vision

To provide tentant satisfaction and maintain occupancy goals.

Job Requirements

Must meet and greet each new tenant and provide a welcome packet

Able to work with minimum supervision; a self-starter

Minimal builder skills, such as wall/floor modification, hanging signs, changing texture, etc.

Be the main point of contact for the tenant for any questions, help and compliments and complaints

Diligent advertisement of vacancies in various venues

Send personal invitations to respectable content creators

Advise Estate Managers on matters requiring their attention and implement their decisions

Feel comfortable with bringing ideas to the table

Compile a weekly vacancy list

Personal Requirements

Enjoy working with people
Good organizational skills
Outoing personality with strong salesmanship
Good communication skills
Able to negotiate, organize, delegate and work under pressure.

Please send salary requirements along with resume. Resumes received without salary requirements will not be considered.

To apply, please submit a resume to Zelly Mornington. Make sure your avatar name and rez date are included.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

About Love Notes Hunt at Striking Poses


I know I'm late doing this, but as we say in Chile, is better now than never ;)

So, I finally manage to do some new shots with the poses from Love Notes Hunt, and here are 3 more, you can find them looking for the suculpted heart inside Striking Poses' Store, there are some you will find outside too.

Love Bugs # 3

Pose Note "Love Bugs" 03

Love Me # 6

Pose Note "Love Me" 06

Sexy Love # 10

Pose Note "Sexy Love" 10

(Details about the notes in my flickr account, click the pictures)

Don't forget, this hunt will be on until Feb. 22nd.

Have a nice weekend!

Ake! :3

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Be whatever you want with Striking Poses

Hello beautiful people,

I’m back on track, not 100% yet as my PC is still broken and I’m finding it hard to work on anything nice for you.

So, I’ll try my best to show you the poses from the Love Notes Hunt. If you haven’t picked them up yet you have until Feb. 22nd.

There are 10 different poses and each one has a special love message that you’ll all love.

Like this one “love you” which is pose number 9

Love you Note

And to refresh your memory, here we have the last release from the past 3 weeks

Hollywood Startlet Fatpack

Singing Sensation Fatpack

The Fairy Essance Fatpack

Also don’t forget, if you adore the girl by the name of Paris Hilton, well her collection is on sale half price for the full fatpak and also half price for the single ones!

Lap of Luxury

Don’t miss the new Dollarbie 3, is super cool, great for happy shots!

Dollarbie 3

Have you wanted to rent a store at Harlow? Take a stroll around and find your perfect location. Please contact Jordan Whitt for any questions. **Remember, if you pay for 4 weeks in advance, you get a 20% discount on your rent.
Taxi here

Wanting to do a little advertising? Advertise in the streets of Harlow!
Taxi here

Oh, I love the pose number 7 from Hollywood Starlet, so I made another pic with it and this is how its look from the back side :)

No End

Have a nice Pre weekend xD

Ak! :3

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Manic Monday!

Its another Monday, which means I have hunted up more goodies for you from Harlow. We have some fab new stores joining us and you will love them!

Pose - Attitude 4
Wearing -
Tempt from Gothica

If a more gothic look is your thing, then you need to check out Gothica. With fabulous designs and prices (nothing over $200!!!), you will love this store. There are even some amazing skins for $50ea!!! Zomg! I'm in skin-ho paradise!!! Pop on in and check them out, and while you are there, pick up the free gifts.

Pose - Body Beautiful #7
Wearing -
Top & Shorts from Magnolia

Eep I have made a boo-boo here. These sets actually come with the top and a matching pair of jeans. For $25, you can purchase the matching shorts, which I am wearing here. This is why I need to check things out a bit more before I blog I think! Either way, it is still an amazing bargain! You can get the top, jeans and shorts all for $100!!! Magnolia is the place to check out if you are after stunning seperates or affordable quality clothing!

Quickly run in and snap up the "Who Dat" shirts still out as a free gift at Magnolia before Jessica remembers to put them away!

Pose - Plaything 0209 USA 1
Wearing -
Venus & Callisto from XTC

Ok so Valentines Day was yesterday, but that doesn't mean you cannot keep buying sexy lingerie to tease and tempt your loved one. Bring out your inner naughty girl with more stunning leather teddies from XTC. Run on in and see if you can pick a fav teddy. I know I can't!

Pink Tulips in Planter from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

Every home need some floral touches and these gorgeous tulips are just the thing to brighten up a dull corner outside or inside the house. They are especially good if you are a skybox dweller, like I am!

Pose - Plaything 0209 USA1
Wearing -
Trapped Heart from Darker Side

Wheee I love finding a new hair place I didn't know about! Where have I been hiding? Darker Side has oodles of fabulous styles which have a more goth/dramatic/darker leaning to them. There is even a stunning updo that is on my "to buy" list! The hair comes in a fatpack of the 5 popular colours - Black, White, Brown, Blonde and Red. Colour demos are available if you want to check out that they suit you. Or pick up the stunning gift fatpacks, like Trapped Heart. The heart jewel is colour change! How awesome is that! There are also lashes and a few tattoos in store as well.

Don't forget the fun Love Notes Hunt going on at the moment, and all the other fabulous stores we have here for you to look around.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

More ideas for your poses :)

Hello Striking Poses Lovers,

The famous valentine’s day or Vday is coming. I’m wondering how you can tell the difference from Vday and Bday when you say them.. Vday… Bday.. Vday.. they sound the same! anyway I’m not going to celebrate it as it’s my brothers Bday on Vday…. How confusing? Bday.. Vday… haha :p

Anyhow, I wanted to share my happiness with you all, as finally my precious Visa has been granted and I will marry Spad in RL soon :D Yaaay!!

Anyway as I always say, this isn’t about me, but about Poses! Okies, for today I have some of my artwork inspired by this elegant pose collection called Hollywood Starlet which has been modeled on Susan Hayward.

Hollywood Startlet Fatpack

In this picture I used poses 6 and 7, making a Expo car show with 2 fantastic models, as you know every nice expo has gorgeous models, and even that is not a model pose, you can always use it for it.

Hollywood starlet

Sometimes just using torsos and arms can really work well in a shot, which is why I’ve chosen pose number 9, this pose has a nice leg stand, but what I loved more was the head looking up to the sky, that is why I’ve decided to do this picture!

Look at me

So … don’t forget the hunt we have on, the poses are super great and the included notes are just perfect to express what you want to say but you are to shy to do it :) Look for the red sculpted heart and have fun!

Love Notes Hunt

And don't forget the sale for this week! totally cheap :D

Lap of Luxury

Just to remind you, this collection is based on Paris Hilton :)

Have a nice weekend and V Day!


Ake! :3

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Be a Starlet? ... with Striking Poses ;)

Hello people!
I hope you are all busy at our hunt! No? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me remind you then, we at Striking Poses are holding a Hunt from Feb. 7th to 22nd. It is the “Love Notes Hunt” which means all the 10 poses in the hunt come with some different love message for you to express!
I did the hunt and is pretty easy to find all the hearts, don’t wait too long or you’ll miss your chance ;)

Love Notes Hunt

As you know, our celebrity for this week is the Hollywood Starlet, the beautiful Susan Hayward., the poses are totally glam, I like the style of elegance they have, that is why I was greatly inspired by them and did some pictures with it.
First the original pictures that Zelly used to get her inspiration.

Susan Hayward

And now … meet my inspirational work
This is pose number 02, it is perfect to seduce your partner this valentine’s day, also is a perfect pose for lingerie designers, If I were one, I would use this pose to show my work or my assets ;)

Silent World

Also, I decided to work with close up shot, not that I am getting egocentric, but sometimes people think that a pose must be used to show the whole body, but there are poses that tell “show some part of me!” … So, I took pose number 05, a sitting pose ;)

in my mind

That is all for today, don’t forget we have a sale going on this week, time for a Lap of Luxury, based on Paris Hilton ;) Half price the complete collection and single poses.

Lap of Luxury

I also want to share with you some sad news. From now on our lovely Rhianna won’t be a Diva anymore, this means she is leaving Harlow and Striking Poses for personal reasons. Rhi, we will really miss you, was so much fun to work with you and I will feel alone now you won’t be around. A big hug, take a lot of care of yourself and send me emails!!! :D We Love you! We also want to thank for all your hard work and devotion you gave to us. *Hugs*

Okay see ya soon!


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Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Manic Monday!

Its another week and I have a blog full of great things to show you today!

Pose - Love Notes Hunt "Love Stinks"
Wearing -
Reveal Thyself Garters from Snatch

If you haven't checked out the Love Notes Hunt...omg you don't know what you are missing! 10 Hearts are hidden around the store and each one contains a pose and little note to hold. With V Day coming up, they are great for expressing your sentiments. Its also a perfect time to show off your sexy lingerie. This set from Sn@tch (link broken) is one of my all time favs. With 5 corset colours in the pack, you have a new one for every night of the week...and on the weekend, its open season!

Pose - Pulse Racer #4
Wearing -
Free Speerit Kimberly Shape from Body Doubles

Another dazzling addition from the Skin Specific Range at Body Doubles is Free Speerit's Kimberly. Its a gorgeous shape that shows off the skin to its best, cos after all, we spend enough on them, so we should always look amazing!

Pose - Working the Camera #6
Wearing -
Exotica 2 from Magnolia

A huge Saints fan, Jessica has made some sexy outfits in their black and gold colours. I love this one, Exotica 2. It comes with many options, and I'm just showing one - hotpants worn with the half skirt. It also comes with a full length skirt, mini skirt, long pants and you can just wear it with the hot pants as swimwear or hot clubwear. Check out Magnolia (formerly Dance Creations) for more awesome clothing at amazingly afford prices.

Pose - Working the Camera #8
Wearing -
Tornado Weather Skins from YoLo

As her contribution to the Haiti Relief Funds, Anik from YoLo is giving the proceeds of the Tornado Weather skins to the Red Cross. In darker skin tones, they are a nice addition to any skin collection, and you are doing something good when you buy them!

Black Leather & Copper Set from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

A nice addition to any home or business are the new table and chair sets from Jazzy's Home Furnishings. Available in three varieties, there is bound to be one that suits your home, and they will definately suit your budget! The chairs have two male and two female poses, just perfect for a dinner party with another couple.

Check out the hunts we're involved with, the fab stores you can find on the sim and maybe find yourself a new place to set up your own store. We have vacancies!

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Sunday News at Striking Poses

Hunting Open Season!

No no, this is not like a bugs bunny cartoon, this is about Striking Poses holding a hunt! YAY! I’ve been lucky to be asked to do the advert and the note card to put into every pose you find. This hunt starts today and runs till February 22nd. (I have the location for all of the poses … muahaha(evil laugh))

Love Notes Hunt

If you like to go hunting, well SP is also participating in the Snacks N’ Sweets Hunt, you have to look for a yummy cupcake and get your prize :D

Snacks N' Sweets Hunt

No, we are not just focused on hunts, no way … we have a new release for you, and this week it is the time for retro Celebrities! Yay! This weeks is modeled on Susan Hayward, a beautiful woman that made the silver screen sizzle, and now you can too! Only if you get the “ Hollywood Starlet Collection!

Hollywood Startlet Fatpack

Okay! We know you like presents and sales, this is why Striking Poses has a new dollarbie for you, but don’t forget that group members will pay less for dollarbies! :D

Dollarbie 3

And we have a new collection is on sale, this time it is the turn for Lap of Luxury… go to our store and try them out!

Lap of Luxury

Zelly has told me that a new collection will be out this Monday for the Midnight Mania … but … sadly the name of this collection is a mystery, as I don’t know it either! But keep an eye to the group notices, Zelly will inform you all soon ;)

Don’t forget we have free stores for rent at our sim, if you want to open your new branch, or share a sim with wonderful designers, Harlow is your sim … come on over and pick yours!

You can also do some advertising at Harlow, how? Well we have some Advertising Boards for you to show all our customers about your store, no matter if your store is inside Harlow or not, just let us know about you!

You can find them at Harlow streets or at the Docks :)

Okay, that is for today!

Have a nice week!


Ake :3 >

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday Goodies!

Another Monday and another month. Wow February already! At this rate its going to be Christmas again before you know it.

From Harlow this week I have found some awesome things to show you.

Pose - Hello Lover #9
Wearing -
Finger Trix and War of the Roses from Snatch

Great big fangirl "squeeeeee" moment! I have been a huge fan of Sn@tch (link broken) since I stumbled across it a couple of years ago. Since then I have managed to almost buy out the store and every new release day, you know thats where you can find me. With a reputation for being a bit of a goth/vampire/neko/alternative store, many people haven't given it a chance, but its branched out into clothing for anyone and everyone. The value is fabulous, as is the designs. You don't just get one colour when you buy an outfit - you receive whole fatpacks of colours for under $300. Worth checking out!

Pose - International Model 14 #2
Wearing -
Pluto and Europa from XTC

Valentines Day is coming up, and nothing says "love" like a sexy leather me anyway. I'll be buying them for myself this year, but maybe you have a sexy other half to buy this for, or buy it yourself and wear it for them. Either way, it will add something to your night! Check out the range of sexy leather teddies in XTC asap!

Cafe Table and Chairs from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

Nothing beats kicking back and relaxing, and a finishing touch to any home is a cafe set where you can enjoy time with someone special. Complete with a male and female pose on the chairs, this set is just the thing...and at only $39 from Jazzy's Home Furnishings, you cannot go wrong!

Pose - Hot Chica #7
Wearing -
Colour Me Stars Tatt from El Oh El

El Oh El is back and while I was looking around, I stumbled on this cute tatt which is their epic week one giveaway. Its well worth check out as by the sounds of things there will be a new one next week, the week after that etc. There's a MM and some cute items in store for you to buy, so check them out!

Want a store with us on Harlow? Come by and check out the vacancies. We have not only a fab build, but access to our subscribo, Rhianna who works her tail off planning fab events for the sim and me to blog your wonderful goodies.

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