Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Manic Monday!

Its another Monday, which means I have hunted up more goodies for you from Harlow. We have some fab new stores joining us and you will love them!

Pose - Attitude 4
Wearing -
Tempt from Gothica

If a more gothic look is your thing, then you need to check out Gothica. With fabulous designs and prices (nothing over $200!!!), you will love this store. There are even some amazing skins for $50ea!!! Zomg! I'm in skin-ho paradise!!! Pop on in and check them out, and while you are there, pick up the free gifts.

Pose - Body Beautiful #7
Wearing -
Top & Shorts from Magnolia

Eep I have made a boo-boo here. These sets actually come with the top and a matching pair of jeans. For $25, you can purchase the matching shorts, which I am wearing here. This is why I need to check things out a bit more before I blog I think! Either way, it is still an amazing bargain! You can get the top, jeans and shorts all for $100!!! Magnolia is the place to check out if you are after stunning seperates or affordable quality clothing!

Quickly run in and snap up the "Who Dat" shirts still out as a free gift at Magnolia before Jessica remembers to put them away!

Pose - Plaything 0209 USA 1
Wearing -
Venus & Callisto from XTC

Ok so Valentines Day was yesterday, but that doesn't mean you cannot keep buying sexy lingerie to tease and tempt your loved one. Bring out your inner naughty girl with more stunning leather teddies from XTC. Run on in and see if you can pick a fav teddy. I know I can't!

Pink Tulips in Planter from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

Every home need some floral touches and these gorgeous tulips are just the thing to brighten up a dull corner outside or inside the house. They are especially good if you are a skybox dweller, like I am!

Pose - Plaything 0209 USA1
Wearing -
Trapped Heart from Darker Side

Wheee I love finding a new hair place I didn't know about! Where have I been hiding? Darker Side has oodles of fabulous styles which have a more goth/dramatic/darker leaning to them. There is even a stunning updo that is on my "to buy" list! The hair comes in a fatpack of the 5 popular colours - Black, White, Brown, Blonde and Red. Colour demos are available if you want to check out that they suit you. Or pick up the stunning gift fatpacks, like Trapped Heart. The heart jewel is colour change! How awesome is that! There are also lashes and a few tattoos in store as well.

Don't forget the fun Love Notes Hunt going on at the moment, and all the other fabulous stores we have here for you to look around.

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