Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Manic Monday!

Its another week and I have a blog full of great things to show you today!

Pose - Love Notes Hunt "Love Stinks"
Wearing -
Reveal Thyself Garters from Snatch

If you haven't checked out the Love Notes Hunt...omg you don't know what you are missing! 10 Hearts are hidden around the store and each one contains a pose and little note to hold. With V Day coming up, they are great for expressing your sentiments. Its also a perfect time to show off your sexy lingerie. This set from Sn@tch (link broken) is one of my all time favs. With 5 corset colours in the pack, you have a new one for every night of the week...and on the weekend, its open season!

Pose - Pulse Racer #4
Wearing -
Free Speerit Kimberly Shape from Body Doubles

Another dazzling addition from the Skin Specific Range at Body Doubles is Free Speerit's Kimberly. Its a gorgeous shape that shows off the skin to its best, cos after all, we spend enough on them, so we should always look amazing!

Pose - Working the Camera #6
Wearing -
Exotica 2 from Magnolia

A huge Saints fan, Jessica has made some sexy outfits in their black and gold colours. I love this one, Exotica 2. It comes with many options, and I'm just showing one - hotpants worn with the half skirt. It also comes with a full length skirt, mini skirt, long pants and you can just wear it with the hot pants as swimwear or hot clubwear. Check out Magnolia (formerly Dance Creations) for more awesome clothing at amazingly afford prices.

Pose - Working the Camera #8
Wearing -
Tornado Weather Skins from YoLo

As her contribution to the Haiti Relief Funds, Anik from YoLo is giving the proceeds of the Tornado Weather skins to the Red Cross. In darker skin tones, they are a nice addition to any skin collection, and you are doing something good when you buy them!

Black Leather & Copper Set from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

A nice addition to any home or business are the new table and chair sets from Jazzy's Home Furnishings. Available in three varieties, there is bound to be one that suits your home, and they will definately suit your budget! The chairs have two male and two female poses, just perfect for a dinner party with another couple.

Check out the hunts we're involved with, the fab stores you can find on the sim and maybe find yourself a new place to set up your own store. We have vacancies!

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