Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday News at Striking Poses

Hunting Open Season!

No no, this is not like a bugs bunny cartoon, this is about Striking Poses holding a hunt! YAY! I’ve been lucky to be asked to do the advert and the note card to put into every pose you find. This hunt starts today and runs till February 22nd. (I have the location for all of the poses … muahaha(evil laugh))

Love Notes Hunt

If you like to go hunting, well SP is also participating in the Snacks N’ Sweets Hunt, you have to look for a yummy cupcake and get your prize :D

Snacks N' Sweets Hunt

No, we are not just focused on hunts, no way … we have a new release for you, and this week it is the time for retro Celebrities! Yay! This weeks is modeled on Susan Hayward, a beautiful woman that made the silver screen sizzle, and now you can too! Only if you get the “ Hollywood Starlet Collection!

Hollywood Startlet Fatpack

Okay! We know you like presents and sales, this is why Striking Poses has a new dollarbie for you, but don’t forget that group members will pay less for dollarbies! :D

Dollarbie 3

And we have a new collection is on sale, this time it is the turn for Lap of Luxury… go to our store and try them out!

Lap of Luxury

Zelly has told me that a new collection will be out this Monday for the Midnight Mania … but … sadly the name of this collection is a mystery, as I don’t know it either! But keep an eye to the group notices, Zelly will inform you all soon ;)

Don’t forget we have free stores for rent at our sim, if you want to open your new branch, or share a sim with wonderful designers, Harlow is your sim … come on over and pick yours!

You can also do some advertising at Harlow, how? Well we have some Advertising Boards for you to show all our customers about your store, no matter if your store is inside Harlow or not, just let us know about you!

You can find them at Harlow streets or at the Docks :)

Okay, that is for today!

Have a nice week!


Ake :3 >

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