Saturday, February 13, 2010

More ideas for your poses :)

Hello Striking Poses Lovers,

The famous valentine’s day or Vday is coming. I’m wondering how you can tell the difference from Vday and Bday when you say them.. Vday… Bday.. Vday.. they sound the same! anyway I’m not going to celebrate it as it’s my brothers Bday on Vday…. How confusing? Bday.. Vday… haha :p

Anyhow, I wanted to share my happiness with you all, as finally my precious Visa has been granted and I will marry Spad in RL soon :D Yaaay!!

Anyway as I always say, this isn’t about me, but about Poses! Okies, for today I have some of my artwork inspired by this elegant pose collection called Hollywood Starlet which has been modeled on Susan Hayward.

Hollywood Startlet Fatpack

In this picture I used poses 6 and 7, making a Expo car show with 2 fantastic models, as you know every nice expo has gorgeous models, and even that is not a model pose, you can always use it for it.

Hollywood starlet

Sometimes just using torsos and arms can really work well in a shot, which is why I’ve chosen pose number 9, this pose has a nice leg stand, but what I loved more was the head looking up to the sky, that is why I’ve decided to do this picture!

Look at me

So … don’t forget the hunt we have on, the poses are super great and the included notes are just perfect to express what you want to say but you are to shy to do it :) Look for the red sculpted heart and have fun!

Love Notes Hunt

And don't forget the sale for this week! totally cheap :D

Lap of Luxury

Just to remind you, this collection is based on Paris Hilton :)

Have a nice weekend and V Day!


Ake! :3

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