Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! I know you haven't seen much coming from this blog lately. My assistant and I have been on somewhat of a hiatus for the holidays. I have lots of things brewing for the New Year that I'm very excited about and hope you will be too.

I just want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Be safe this season,
Zelly <3

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's COLD Outside!'s so cold outside where I'm at and maybe where you're at too. I thought we all needed the perfect poses to show off our warm winter clothes, so now I present to you the Snow Bunny poses...and they are just so darn cute if I say so myself. :D

Also, be sure to drop by and take a look at my new main store! :D

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Couple Kiss ;)

Hey hey ...

You know, all this week I have been showing you 2 pop star collection, and there is
something else that I must show you, do you remember that polemic kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna? ... well WE HAVE IT AT STRIKING POSES!!! yeah, believe it or not, is a couple poses for girls, just catching one of the most famous kiss in the pop music history ;)

So, i'm ending this week with this couple poses and I let you know that next week come something really good :P

Of course, you can also use this kissing pose with your male partner, like I have done hihihi ...

Have a nice weekend!!!

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Ake's picture

Ake is wearing

suit : ::: B@R ::: Steam Rocket Ride
::: BareRose ::: HQ, Bare Rose (149, 15, 30)
Hair creator "Queue Marlowe"
hair name ... Phoebe black
bang name ... lucy bang dark
Shoes: *GF* Rose Bootie -white-
*G Field* Main Store (143, 115, 23)
Spad is wearing
suit : ::: B@R ::: Professor of Occultism
::: BareRose ::: HQ, Bare Rose (149, 15, 30)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Looking like a Pop Star ;)

This week we are going to review all the older poses Zelly has created, we want to refresh your mind and show you just incase you may have forgotten.

Today we have the Queen of Pop music, she is amazing, and no matter how old she is, she always manages to impress us with her elasticity and agility. This is what Zelly has captured in the poses she has created, the best of Madonna here at Striking Poses.

This collection comes with 12 poses and all of them are just awesome, was so hard for me to choose one, all of them are just perfect, really well made.

You know that I like to be creative and show you the other side of the artist behind the poses, to take the celebrity inside you and show it to the world, that is why I always take some pictures and when I saw the pose number 10 and I turned around and looked at my bed ... I couldn't help but do this shot for you.

Don't forget to come to our store and become a member of our group, you could be a weekly winner, and also get lots of free poses, Zelly is very generours person and is always thinnking on all the costumers like you ;)

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Ake Poster

Hair: [Aden] Annyka (Black)
Aden Main Store
Chantilly, Aden. Main Store, Chantilly (178, 180, 23)

Underwear: RoseTanga RedxBlack (low)
Candy House
CANDY HOUSE+La rosa Rosa ::eyes+apparel::

The Old can be always New ;)

Hello there!

This week I am going show you some of the older poses that Striking Poses had made a long time ago. I'm going to take this opportunity to refresh your minds for those who may have forgot, or for those who are new to Striking Poses and have not seen these poses before.

I will start with a girl we all know, one of the most famous girl of our time, she isn't perfect (far from it) her history is very dark and sad, but her music and videoes I like, and you might even hear me singing along to them! (only somtimes.. *blush*).

Yes thats right, its the Britney Spears pose collection! This fatpack comes with 10 different poses, and like always you can buy them in singles.

I have choosen the following pose, its number 2 in the pose collection, don't forget you can always play with the poses, do some nice pictures or just add them to you AO.!

Oh, I almost forgot, I have already the preview pictures poses for next week, and this time everybody is gonna be happy ... I have choosen just 2 poses ... and they don't come in the same fatpack ... that is all what I'm going to say ;)


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Ake's Poster

Hair: AVEDA - Short Layered (Noir)
AVEDA Institutes
Second Site Project by Imaginal , Sunset Commerce (81, 212, 25)

Scarf: *GF* Knit Muffler -orange-
*G Field* Main Store (143, 115, 23)

Top: Nyte'N'Day - Shroud Wrap Grey
Nyte'N'Day: Clothes, Skins & Mor, Nyte N Day (118, 46, 28)

Pants: BP* gaucho/blue
BP* Shop
BettiePage Voyager, BP*, Croquis (204, 88, 25)

Socks: Scottish socks
Willow Beach (33, 162, 23)

Shoes: [0N] Engineer Boots Zipper Brown
0 St., [0N] ZERO NUMBER + DuckFace KoenJi, Koenji (227, 41, 40)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Supermodel Pose @ Striking Poses!!!

Hi hi!!

Today I have something very cool for you. Girls that love photography will love this collection as it is modelled on Christy Turlington!!!

If you are not familiar with the name, I will tell you that she is a supermodel best known for representing Calvin Klein fragrances since 1987 and others like Maybellyn and Armani campaigns but she doesnt like to be labelled as a supermodel.

So for you girls out there want to have a nice photo shot to start your career as photographer model or to just have some nice shots for hangign around your home, I cantell you that this new collection is perfect for that purpose. The poses have a naturalmovement that will make your photo shot ready for a magazine cover ;) or maybe you could participate in a picture contest!! ... I'm sure you will find the perfect use for this Christy Turlington Collection.

And how Zelly said .." it is a collection with some unique vogueish poses. These will definitely make for interesting pictures."

About me, I love shots, and I couldn't help but do one meanwhile I was walking around my neighborhood looking the christmas decoration for this year ;)

Have a nice week!!!

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SP poster

--Skin--Redgrave Lyla Pale
*REDGRAVE*, Mens & Womens Fashion (171, 98, 24)
--Hair--Exile Ayumi Sand
Exile at Ivy Falls, Ivy Falls (152, 119, 27)
--Dress--Ash's Trash Britney VMA '08 Sequin
Ash's Trash - Britney Spears Ski, FREEPORT (84, 98, 22)
--Shoes--Stiletto Moody Pinup Patent Color Set

Akes picture

--Hair --ETD Laine - Black
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)
--Muffler--*GF* Fur Muffler -holiday white-
*G FIeld* Main Store, Yabusaka (144, 116, 24)
--Sweater--Nyte'N'Day - Snug Sweater Red
Nyte'N'Day: Clothes, Skins & Mor, Nyte N Day (118, 46, 28)
--Pants--InimitablyDesign / Star Pants Blue
..:: InimitablyDesign by Mell Mc, World of Fashion (80, 135, 37)
--Shoes--=DeLa*= Boots "Liddell" Wool Brown
=DeLa*= MainStore Cloth Denim shoes, Isen Fell (155, 78, 22)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Poses Collection!!!

When I think about myself in 10 years time, I would like to think that I look just as sexy and beautiful as Ashley Judd, if no,t I can always make my avi look like her using the new poses from Striking Poses, Zelly took the best poses of Ashley to be use in this collection.

Ashley Judd is an american actress and how we say in Chile "she is good like the wine, the older gets,the better taste" don't if that makes as much sense to you as it does to me. :p

This collection comes with 10 poses that you can buy as a fatpack or they are sold seperatly so you can pick your favorite.

Don't forget that the Peace on Earth Hunting has started and there is a lovely unique pose made by Zelly for this huge event.

As usual a shot for you by me, this time Spad is posing using one of the Michel Jacksonposes from that Collections.


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Striking Poses Poster
*Skin--Redgrave--Lyla Pale
***REDGRAVE Womens Skin & Fashion, REDGRAVE Womens Fashion (242, 232, 23)
*Hair--ETD Sonia Blonde
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)
*Boots--BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent
!!BAX Boots Main Store @Jiminy )226,174,114)
*Top--[HOT] Momma Black Halter
*Jacket--Hot LALA Onyx
Alluring Secrets The hom of Hot, Wards (211,84,99)
*Skirt--::lee loo:: "gift for you" skirt (part of set)

Akelei Poster
*Dress--~HSC~ First Impressions
Haute Style & Co. - Fashion for, Opium (145, 183, 24)
*Shoes--*Baroque* Cupido: Midnight
Baroque@Twin Towers rebuilt, 9-11 memori, Foresta (152, 33, 27)
*Jewelry--[P/a] THEMISTO - choker and piercing/BLACK&RED-
'[P/a] PERTURB/ation' MAINSTORE, Hopes Point (199, 63, 26)
*Hair-- ETD - Janae - Black
Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flickr Makes Me Cry *sigh*

If you are a content creator and post photos of your products with a link to your store on your Flickr account, you really should read this.

Ok, here is the dealio. Flickr deactivated my account WITHOUT WARNING. After weeks of writing them, I finally get a reply today saying that they purposely deactivated it because I was in violation of TOS.

"Don’t use Flickr for commercial purposes. Flickr is for personal use only. If we find you selling products, services, or yourself through your photostream, we will terminate your account." Ok, I wasn't selling anything...I was displaying my products which I've seen hundreds of content creators do, but ok.

So now I have created a new account "ZellyMornington" and a new group called Striking Poses in a Virtual World. I'm so sorry, but if you were a member of my old group, you will need to join this new one as the old one is dead.

Here is the link to the new group:

EDIT: I asked Flickr if I could appeal this decision and was told that once an account is deactivated it is completely wiped from their database. So be careful if you use Flickr to post your creations...once your account is gone, it's gone. :(

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We want "Peace on Earth"!!!

After receiving lots of IMs, note cards and textures, the greatest hunting day is upon us! and what is this great hub called? "Peace on Earth".

Yup, that is, Peace on Earth Hunting and you can't afford to miss it, because not only will you be able to find some wonderful items, but you'll also get the chance to get a unique pose from Striking Poses, it is the most lovely, sweet and sensitive pose that Zelly has made and it'll only be available in the hunt! Not only this but this pose has different from the rest Zelly has to offer, this one you can carry around in your hand, and looks like a mini earth to symbolize peace!

So, don't miss this important event in Second Life! come and show all of us what that you want Peace on Earth for everybody.

Have fun and don't forget that you have to look for the Earth!

Talking about hunting and free things, did you check the new group gift for this month? or the new gift that you can recieve if you have SP in your profile picture? ... NO? .. OMG what are you waiting for?!!! ... go to the store and take them, because they are adorable, perfect for this xmas season!! and they are for couples too :D

quick quick ... run to our Store!!

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What are we wearing?
Angel of Peace Poster

Halo--Al Jewels Tenshi Angel Halo
AI Design Studio, Quest II (136, 112, 21)

Skin--Tuli S6 Elf rose
[]::Tuli::[] Main Store, Le Zoo - Shops & Entertainment, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21)

Hair--ETD Aiiyanna Blonde
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)

Costume: Coconut Ice Seraph Angel Gown
!Butterfly Island!, Butterfly Island 141, 182, 28

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup Patent

Spinning Earth Globe:

*The Nutcracker Poster

Hair: ETD Janae Blonde
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)

Skin: Redgrave Vivian
***REDGRAVE Womens Skin & Fashion, REDGRAVE Womens Fashion (242, 232, 23)

Costume: Reasonable Desires Sugar Plum Fairy
Reasonable Desires Store - Main , Reasonable Desires (142, 185, 26)

*The Rockettes Poster
All costumes shown: Sweeter Than Candy
Sweeter than Candy, Arrakis (85, 201, 31)

Monday, December 1, 2008

December comes with new Poses!!!

Hello there,

Today I show to you one of the 3 new releases. I'm gonna star with an American lady that wanted to be an actress from a young age, but as all young dreams she worked hard through out her life to reach her goal. That is why I respect her and I have chosen her collectionto begin this week. If you still don't know who this girl is, well ...She is Leah Remini and you can see her in the comedy series called "The King of Queens"

This collection comes with 10 different poses that you can buy in a fatpack or single.

Also, I want to congratulate the followin girls,

Ashely Judd: Arwen Hykova
Christy Turlington: Ilona Torok
Leah Remini: Cherryh Sorbet

They are the happy winners of our weekly drawing, if you would like your name entered in the drawing, simply join our update group. Just touch a group sign located in the won't cost you a group slot. ;) If you are already a member, then let your friends know so they can have a chance at winning also!

Tomorrow star"Peace On Earth Hunt" (until Dec. 31) and Striking Poses will be offering a very special one of a kind commerative group pose that I'll show you tomorrow. It will only be available in the hunt and will never be offered again. Don't miss out!

Doesn't something seem to be a miss? of course! a photo for this weeks collection! and as always here is one of my creations using one from the Leah Remini Collection. Spad is using one of the poses from the Zac Efron Collection for men.

Before I forget to tell you, since now on, we are gonna give credits to the designers of the clothers that we are wearing in the pictures, so keep an eye to our favorites designers ;)

Striking Poses Poster:

Skin--Redgrave Lyla Pale

Hair-- W&Y Yuki 37
WAKA & Yuki (Tsukiji Beach Shop)

Shoes--Maitreya ChiChi Brown
Maitreya Main Store, Glam World 2 (242,213,26)

Dress--RunoRuno Silk Dress
~*RunoRuno*~ at Moonlight Requiem (137,175,29)

Akelei and Spad Poster

Dress-- *GF* Rose Bootie -red-
Shoes-- *GF* Rose Stitch Dress -black
*G FIeld* Main Store, Yabusaka (144, 116, 24)

Top--CARDIGAN Sweater Olive
*REDGRAVE*, Mens & Womens Fashion (171, 98, 24)
Pants--Classic Cargos - Navy
(Elephant Outfitters),(Armidi 108, 71, 28)
Shoes--AM_MID_Bb Boots Black
[0N] ZERO NUMBER, Koenji (224,46,40)

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