Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We want "Peace on Earth"!!!

After receiving lots of IMs, note cards and textures, the greatest hunting day is upon us! and what is this great hub called? "Peace on Earth".

Yup, that is, Peace on Earth Hunting and you can't afford to miss it, because not only will you be able to find some wonderful items, but you'll also get the chance to get a unique pose from Striking Poses, it is the most lovely, sweet and sensitive pose that Zelly has made and it'll only be available in the hunt! Not only this but this pose has different from the rest Zelly has to offer, this one you can carry around in your hand, and looks like a mini earth to symbolize peace!

So, don't miss this important event in Second Life! come and show all of us what that you want Peace on Earth for everybody.

Have fun and don't forget that you have to look for the Earth!

Talking about hunting and free things, did you check the new group gift for this month? or the new gift that you can recieve if you have SP in your profile picture? ... NO? .. OMG what are you waiting for?!!! ... go to the store and take them, because they are adorable, perfect for this xmas season!! and they are for couples too :D

quick quick ... run to our Store!!

Striking Poses Store
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What are we wearing?
Angel of Peace Poster

Halo--Al Jewels Tenshi Angel Halo
AI Design Studio, Quest II (136, 112, 21)

Skin--Tuli S6 Elf rose
[]::Tuli::[] Main Store, Le Zoo - Shops & Entertainment, Le Zoo (61, 166, 21)

Hair--ETD Aiiyanna Blonde
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)

Costume: Coconut Ice Seraph Angel Gown
!Butterfly Island!, Butterfly Island 141, 182, 28

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Pinup Patent

Spinning Earth Globe:

*The Nutcracker Poster

Hair: ETD Janae Blonde
ETD: Elika Tiramisu Designs, ETD Isle (212, 216, 26)

Skin: Redgrave Vivian
***REDGRAVE Womens Skin & Fashion, REDGRAVE Womens Fashion (242, 232, 23)

Costume: Reasonable Desires Sugar Plum Fairy
Reasonable Desires Store - Main , Reasonable Desires (142, 185, 26)

*The Rockettes Poster
All costumes shown: Sweeter Than Candy
Sweeter than Candy, Arrakis (85, 201, 31)

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