Sunday, September 6, 2009

Same Poses, New Names

In keeping with LL TOS, all of my poses that have a celebrity name in the title will be renamed. I know this will cause confusion to people who have already bought poses with the old names so I am posting this chart. It lists the old name and the new name. If you are not sure whether you've already purchased a pose or not, please refer to this chart as I will not be offering refunds on double purchases.

Abigail Clancy--International Supermodel 01
Adriana Lima--International Supermodel 02
Alessandra Ambrosio--International Supermodel 03
Alyssa Milano--Charming
Angelina Jolie--Long Cool Woman
Ann Margaret--Smexy
Anna Nicole Smith--Flirtacious
Ashley Judd--Mysterious
Audrey Kitching--Working The Camera
Barbara Eden--Jeanie In a Bottle
Bette Davis--Eye Candy
Bettie Page--Domination
Beyonce--Soul Sister
Brigitte Bardot--Sexy As She Goes
Britney Spears--Wild Child
Brittany Murphy--Untamed Heat
Cameron Diaz--Something About Her
Camryn Manheim--Bold and Beautiful
Carmen Kass--International Supermodel 12
Catrinel Menghia--International Supermodel 04
Charlize Theron--Full Tilt
Cher--Dark Beauty
Christina Aguilera--Dirty Girl
Christy Turlington----International Supermodel 10
Cindy Crawford--Look At Me
Clara Bow--The It Girl
Claudia Cardinale--Quiet Elegance
Debra Paget--Cheesecake
Demi Moore--Cougor
Dita Von Teese--Burlesque Queen 01
Dita Von Teese--Burlesque Queen 02
Dita Von Teese--Burlesque Queen 03
Doutzen Kroes--International Supermodel 11
Drew Barrymore--Miss All American
Eva Longoria--Bueno Chaquita
Eva Mendes--Hot Salsa
Fay Wray--Scream Queen
Fergie--Kickin' It
Gisele Bundchen--International Supermodel 05
Grace Kelly--Full of Grace
Gwen Stefani--Glamorous
Halle Berry--Catty Girl
Hayden Panettiere--Cute As Punch
Heidi Klum--International Supermodel 06
Janet Jackson--Stank In The Tank
Jean Shrimpton--International Supermodel 07
Jennifer Aniston--Friendly Persuasion
Jennifer Garner--Feeling Pretty
Jennifer Lopez--Lust in the Dust
Jennifer Love Hewitt--Innocent Love
Jessica Alba--Play Me Softly
Kate Beckinsale--Hot Chic
Keeley Hazell--International Supermodel 08
Keira Knightley--Carribean Shimmer
Kirsten Dunst--Cutesy
Krista Allen--Sultry
Kristin Bell--Sugar and Spice
Kristin Stewart--Pulse Racer
Lady Gaga--All That Glitters
Lara Croft--Girls With Guns
Lea Thompson--City Girl
Leah Remini--Body Beautiful
Lindsay Lohan--Misunderstood
Liv Tyler----Girl Next Door
Mariah Carey--Diva
Marilyn Monroe--Screen Siren
Milla Jovovich--Whimsical
Ms Marilyn Monroe--Screen Siren 2
Natalia Vodianova--International Supermodel 13
Neve Campbell--Sticky and Sweet
Norma Jean--Screen Siren 3
Olivia Munn--Hot, Hot, Hot
Pamela Anderson--Sexy Baby
Paris Hilton--Lap of Luxury
Playboy 01.09--Playthings 01.09
Playboy 02.09--Playthings 02.09
Playboy 03.09--Playthings 03.09
Playboy 10.08--Playthings 10.08
Playboy 11.08--Playthings 11.08
Playboy 12.08--Playthings 12.08
Queen Latifah--Big and Beautiful
Raquel Welch 1--Sex Kitten 01
Raquel Welch 2--Sex Kitten 02
Rihanna--Sexy Attitude
Sandra Bullock--Sassy
Sarah Jessica Parker--City Chic
Sarah Michelle Gellar--Sexlicious
Scarlett Johannson--Enchantress
Taylor Swift--Soft and Supple
Tyra Banks--International Supermodel 09
Victoria Beckham--Posh and Spicy
Zooey Deschanel--Framed in Beauty

Elvis Presley--Performer
Michael Jackson--Thrill Me
Zac Efron--Young and Dangerous
Vin Diesel--Male Models 02

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Anonymous said...

And they will ban us if we don't rename the poses ourselves?

Or can we still keep the poses with the old name?

And last but not least, what they'll do with everybody whose last name is GACKT?????

LL is so ridiculous sometimes.


Rouge said...

do we need to have the poses redelivered---like they might suddenly disappear from our inventory in the old names or are we okay?

Zelly Mornington said...

@Rouge & Lilly: As far as I know your poses will not disappear from your inventory and you will not get banned for using them. Redelivering isn't really an option for me since I can't track further than 3 months ago, plus I have sold literally hundreds of thousands of poses.

But remember, the poses are copy/mod so you can always change the names. I know it's an inconvenience, believe me, I know. I had to think of and rename almost 1500 poses. lol

Shelby Rasmuson said...

I'm not sure if you're planning this but keeping the list handy at your stores would be great for those of us who might be at some time buying new ones...(or a link)

Zelly Mornington said...

@Shelby--Yes, there are BIG signs all through my store that you can touch to retrieve this list at any time in-world. :)