Monday, September 14, 2009

Another quickie....

Hiya guys, just another quick update.

Yes we're all still alive and kicking, although suffering technical difficulties at the moment.

We have the Too Hot To Handle sim wide hunt at Harlow starting tomorrow, the 15th September, which will be running till the 30th. Keep your eyes open for the stores displaying the hunt poster!

Zelly's router has had a meltdown and she is unable to be online at the moment, so she sends her apologies to all hunters who will be searching in the Striking Poses store. As soon as she is back with us, her gift will be hidden. But don't forget to check out the rest of the stores for their hidden gifts.

Current Vacancies at Harlow:

50 Prim Stores...$250/wk

74 Prim Store...$375/wk

150 Prim Store...$750/wk

700 Prim Store...$1470/wk

Don't forget the advertising boards around the sim. We have some on the docks where we have at least 20 people several times a week participating in fishing tournaments who can see your advertised business or service.

So we're hoping to be back to our normal blog postings soon. This whole pose rebranding has taken a lot out of us all...especially Ake who deserves a medal for all the hard work she is doing. Don't forget to pick up a list from the signs around the store which will tell you the name changes so you don't do a "Jordan" and keep buying poses you already have.

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