Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I 'm a mess with titles :S

Hey Folks!

When I have too much on my mind it becomes blocked and after attending a boss-employee meeting I ended up with so many ideas floating round my mind I just forgot about all the other things I should have been doing. Today I managed to finally finish the sneak peak and some other job that Zelly has me working on for her.

The post today will be based on three things. First of all I’ll show you the last 5 pictures from the collection “In the Mood” based on Kim Basinger. This was released on Saturday and can be found in the middle of our mains tore.

I have for you something that Zelly wanted me to create and it’s to show you the original pictures that the poses were based on. It took me some time to come up with this nice little design for them :)

I have to say the end result is not what I had in my mind, as I’d prefer to show you my own way to the use the poses in Second Life and in Real Life; I may come up with something else a later, not sure yet though.

Anyhow, here they are ;)






Next, I’m getting the new releases well in advance of their release date, so I am now able to produce true sneak peak pictures for you. The next line up of poses are incredible and I am really looking forward to showing them all to you, but in the mean time you’ll have to wait.. but I do have this for you, enjoy it :P

Sneak Peak next release

Lastly, we have a new dollarbie available to you all and like all the other poses our dollarbies now come with a new style and name…

Dollarbie Pose 01

The dollarbie poses are available to our group members for the super low sum of 1L, if you are not a member then you have two choices, the first is simple.. Become a group member! The second.. is to buy them at a slightly higher price than 1L. But of course the obvious choice is join our group and enjoy all the great benefits our group members receive. Not a group member? What are you waiting for? Join us now!

Join our group is real easy, just locate one of the huge group adverts we have round the store, and then do a simple ‘click’ and voila! you are now a member! Simple huh? What are you waiting for then? Not convinced? Well, joining our group won’t take a group slot, you’ll enjoy all the lovely gifts we give out, you’ll get the latest updates and news and you’ll get full access to all the dollarbie we have on offer! I assume you have stopped reading now.. and are on your way to find our group advert…. If you are reading I guess you’re already a member! :P

Oh, before I forget, I reminder that there are still a few shops available to rent here at Harlow!

There is one store for 375L weekly and you'll get 75 prims to use, contact Jordan Whitt for more details. But our other choice is the boards for advertising, there are 6 boards avaliables for you in front of the main store and 4 at the docks ... come to have a look!


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