Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its Getting Hot in Here!

Almost "Too Hot To Handle"!!!!

I've been bouncing around Harlow picking up chili peppers full of goodies that our stores have put out for you to find. I'm so amazed at the gorgeous gifts that they are giving and have some pics for you to look at. I'll be heading back down to hunt some more a bit later and will have more goodies to share soon!

Pose - Full Tilt #

One of my favourite finds was this uber sexy dress from Dance Creations. They are not just giving you one gift during this hunt...but 5 amazing gifts! This is in #2 and I just love it. The bodice is breathtaking and it comes with 5 skirt options, so there is one for any occasion. With it I am wearing the women's engagement ring from The Loved Collection at Zari. Its her gift for you in the hunt. Its a simply stunning heart shaped diamond ring which you can wear even when you're not engaged!

Pose - Misunderstood #3

You have NO IDEA how long I have lusted over this dress...and to find it in one of the two gifts from Milady's made my entire hunt!!!! I love the lace detailing down the sides, the sparklie fabric and just everything about it. Its one of those dresses you just feel incredibly sexy in! If blue isn't your colour, there is a whole range of other options in store at Harlow.

Pose - International Model 12 #2

A new addition to our stores at Harlow is Multiple Personality Disorder. This is one store you are bound to love. The clothing is incredible and such wonderful quality...and EVERYTHING costs only $1!!!!! Yes that is not a misprint. Everything in store is only one linden!!! You can afford to go nuts in here...I know I did. This is the cute gift from MPD and its just adorable!

Pose - Body Beautiful #1

From Amanda's Fashions comes two sexy sets of lingerie from her new line - Amanda's Secret. You get this sexy set which is the Cherry one, and another in Red. You can just never have enough lingerie and these are two sets that will be sexy new additions! I love corsets and these are lovely ones!

Pose - Long Cool Woman #8

Silk & Satyr's addition to the hunt is this sexy little number called Caliente. Its a gorgeous little number that will look great whether you're dancing alone in your bedroom or out in a club. Its just a fun little outfit and you will love it! Check out their other dollarbie in store!

This is just a tiny taste of the goodies hiding around the stores in Harlow. The hunt runs until the 30th Sept, so you have plenty of time to come hunt out the hot peppers and the fabulous gifts they are hiding.

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