Friday, February 19, 2010

Be whatever you want with Striking Poses

Hello beautiful people,

I’m back on track, not 100% yet as my PC is still broken and I’m finding it hard to work on anything nice for you.

So, I’ll try my best to show you the poses from the Love Notes Hunt. If you haven’t picked them up yet you have until Feb. 22nd.

There are 10 different poses and each one has a special love message that you’ll all love.

Like this one “love you” which is pose number 9

Love you Note

And to refresh your memory, here we have the last release from the past 3 weeks

Hollywood Startlet Fatpack

Singing Sensation Fatpack

The Fairy Essance Fatpack

Also don’t forget, if you adore the girl by the name of Paris Hilton, well her collection is on sale half price for the full fatpak and also half price for the single ones!

Lap of Luxury

Don’t miss the new Dollarbie 3, is super cool, great for happy shots!

Dollarbie 3

Have you wanted to rent a store at Harlow? Take a stroll around and find your perfect location. Please contact Jordan Whitt for any questions. **Remember, if you pay for 4 weeks in advance, you get a 20% discount on your rent.
Taxi here

Wanting to do a little advertising? Advertise in the streets of Harlow!
Taxi here

Oh, I love the pose number 7 from Hollywood Starlet, so I made another pic with it and this is how its look from the back side :)

No End

Have a nice Pre weekend xD

Ak! :3

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