Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday Goodies!

Another Monday and another month. Wow February already! At this rate its going to be Christmas again before you know it.

From Harlow this week I have found some awesome things to show you.

Pose - Hello Lover #9
Wearing -
Finger Trix and War of the Roses from Snatch

Great big fangirl "squeeeeee" moment! I have been a huge fan of Sn@tch (link broken) since I stumbled across it a couple of years ago. Since then I have managed to almost buy out the store and every new release day, you know thats where you can find me. With a reputation for being a bit of a goth/vampire/neko/alternative store, many people haven't given it a chance, but its branched out into clothing for anyone and everyone. The value is fabulous, as is the designs. You don't just get one colour when you buy an outfit - you receive whole fatpacks of colours for under $300. Worth checking out!

Pose - International Model 14 #2
Wearing -
Pluto and Europa from XTC

Valentines Day is coming up, and nothing says "love" like a sexy leather teddy....to me anyway. I'll be buying them for myself this year, but maybe you have a sexy other half to buy this for, or buy it yourself and wear it for them. Either way, it will add something to your night! Check out the range of sexy leather teddies in XTC asap!

Cafe Table and Chairs from Jazzy's Home Furnishings

Nothing beats kicking back and relaxing, and a finishing touch to any home is a cafe set where you can enjoy time with someone special. Complete with a male and female pose on the chairs, this set is just the thing...and at only $39 from Jazzy's Home Furnishings, you cannot go wrong!

Pose - Hot Chica #7
Wearing -
Colour Me Stars Tatt from El Oh El

El Oh El is back and while I was looking around, I stumbled on this cute tatt which is their epic week one giveaway. Its well worth check out as by the sounds of things there will be a new one next week, the week after that etc. There's a MM and some cute items in store for you to buy, so check them out!

Want a store with us on Harlow? Come by and check out the vacancies. We have not only a fab build, but access to our subscribo, Rhianna who works her tail off planning fab events for the sim and me to blog your wonderful goodies.

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Anonymous said...

hey what skin might that be? It's nice

Kilolo Jenkins said...

OMG!!! I was about to post an homage to the awesome that is SN@TCH (and am still gunna!!). I love love LOVE that store and you took the words right out of my mouth LOL

Thank you SO MUCH for finally giving SN@TCH the shine they deserve!!