Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Be a Starlet? ... with Striking Poses ;)

Hello people!
I hope you are all busy at our hunt! No? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me remind you then, we at Striking Poses are holding a Hunt from Feb. 7th to 22nd. It is the “Love Notes Hunt” which means all the 10 poses in the hunt come with some different love message for you to express!
I did the hunt and is pretty easy to find all the hearts, don’t wait too long or you’ll miss your chance ;)

Love Notes Hunt

As you know, our celebrity for this week is the Hollywood Starlet, the beautiful Susan Hayward., the poses are totally glam, I like the style of elegance they have, that is why I was greatly inspired by them and did some pictures with it.
First the original pictures that Zelly used to get her inspiration.

Susan Hayward

And now … meet my inspirational work
This is pose number 02, it is perfect to seduce your partner this valentine’s day, also is a perfect pose for lingerie designers, If I were one, I would use this pose to show my work or my assets ;)

Silent World

Also, I decided to work with close up shot, not that I am getting egocentric, but sometimes people think that a pose must be used to show the whole body, but there are poses that tell “show some part of me!” … So, I took pose number 05, a sitting pose ;)

in my mind

That is all for today, don’t forget we have a sale going on this week, time for a Lap of Luxury, based on Paris Hilton ;) Half price the complete collection and single poses.

Lap of Luxury

I also want to share with you some sad news. From now on our lovely Rhianna won’t be a Diva anymore, this means she is leaving Harlow and Striking Poses for personal reasons. Rhi, we will really miss you, was so much fun to work with you and I will feel alone now you won’t be around. A big hug, take a lot of care of yourself and send me emails!!! :D We Love you! We also want to thank for all your hard work and devotion you gave to us. *Hugs*

Okay see ya soon!


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