Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rushing in on Saturday!

I didn't get my designer interview done on time, yet again, this week, so I rushed around Harlow and picked up a few more things to show you.

First off I hit Penny Palisades and found myself a new friend. Meet Fred, my new pet Cootie! Everyone needs a pet cootie in their lives, and Fire Good has just the one for you! Its not only cute and bound to get everyone talking, but you can name them too!

Pose - Yamila Diaz Lucky Chair

I also found this stunning Choli top from Spyralle in Penny Palisades. Great with jeans of a pretty skirt, its going to make you look amazing. The combination of pattern and colour gives it an almost outerspace-like feel and just elevates it from a cute top to something special.

Pose - Fay Wray #10

Dance Creations is having a $10 hunt sale in their Harlow store this weekend. I bounced on in and found this gorgeous dress! In stunning purple, it has a gorgeous strapless bodice and assymetrical skirt which starts short in front and flares out behind you. It also comes with a neck scarf.

Pose - Playboy 0209 USA2

Here is another special bargain from Dance Creations. In gorgeous teal, this is just the outfit for a night out dancing. Don't forget to check the amazing furniture and the $5 wall.

I'm in kind of a rush tonight to hit the deadline before midnight, cos Sunday is Ake's day, so by the time I finished the pics and noticed how dark they were, well I was out of time to go redo them. I really need to remember to check everything before moving on to the next thing.

Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Mine's over in a couple of hours, but thats time zones for ya I guess!

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