Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Striking Poses every where!

Hello Striking Poses lovers!

Oh my, what a really nice weekend we had, I hope you all took a look at the pictures, I have to admit I am no good at taking them with people moving all the time! Guess I need a little more practice. Anyway what could be better then catching a natural feel of a party full of happiness and excitement? Nothing other than a funny picture!

So … I’ve some really good news for you, Striking Poses has a new store in Second Life, It is a very posh elegant looking store located in the sim: **Prism Main Store**

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

You will love the store decoration, it also has some of the pictures that some of you had made for us a long time ago when we got our main store at Glenn and we’ve kept this pictures on our Flickr!

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

In the middle of the store you will find an elegant fountain, if you listen closely you can hear the water trickling, and it is beautifully decorated with Caribbean style plants. Also you’ll see more of the pictures taken by our customers, this is also where out advert for our group is located.. Soo.. if you not a member already, you know where to go! Plus, being a member will allow you to take part in our sales, see sneak peeks and free gifts!

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

You’ll also find two area where all the poses are, these has been setup with a number of sofas, it’s the perfect spot for our male partners to relax… while we… SHOP! :)

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

At the back of the store you will find all of our couple and group poses.

Striking Poses at Prism Main Store

We still have the Body Slam couple pose on sale 1L. You have to remember though the price is only for the people that are part of our group. If you are not a member, or maybe your friends would like to join, just read further up this post and you’ll find the location to the advert in our store. Group members will also get to see our sneak peeks, be part of the weekly drawings, free gifts and much much more! Oh, and let’s not forget about the dollarbies that are available to members only! (Poses for 1L!!).

Body Slam Couples Pose

Have a nice evening!


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