Thursday, August 13, 2009

Take Me To Your Leader!

Zelly's away on holiday, so the aliens have landed at Harlow and they are taking over!

Ok so its just me in my new toy...but OMG it sooo rocks!!!

From Fire Good, its the Bubble Floaty Spaceship! Omg this is just the BEST thing EVER! Simple to use, you just wear and turn off your ao then you can zoom around all over the grid invading and assimilating. It has cool spaceship sounds as you start walking or flying, flames and particles. Its just awesome! Available in 6 fabulous colours and only $250, you will love this as much as I do. Resistance is Futile!!!! I'm buying my best friend a bright pink soon as he gets his butt back in here to go invading with me!!!!

Pose - Pink #2
Wearing -
Day of the Dead from Ali Couture

Unleash the bad girl in you with this super smexy leather outfit from Ali Couture. Tight leather pants are topped off with a great prim belt with bullets, cos you never know when you will need those. The open jacket is just stunningly designed and looks great on, especially with nothing underneath! In this, no-one will mess with you when you are tearing up the grid on your ride! In my case, my big wheeler! I'm such a rebel!

Oh Ali Couture is having a photo comp at the moment. You could win $1000 and be in the next new release picture. Pop into the Harlow store, pick up some stunning designs and take a picture of you looking sexy and fabulous in them and then pick up the LM to the main store and pop the full perm texture (named so Ali knows who you are) into the mailbox. I've already sent mine in!!!!

Pose - Jane Fonda Dollarbie
Wearing -
August Dollarbie from Swim

If you didn't hear the news that Swim is having a 50% off sale at their Harlow store, then you must be living under a rock!!! Everything in store is half price this week only. You still have a few days to save big on the fantastic swimwear in store. Its Second Life after all, there's always a beach to explore and the weather is always fantastic!!! You can never have enough sexy swimsuits or bikinis to show off either, so run in and save save save at Swim!

Pose - Taylor Swift #6
Wearing -
Gold Fishes Bikini from Exodi and Bloom Belly Ring from Flirt

I picked up this bikini from Exodi, and I just love it. Its perfect to wear with the Jasper Bloom belly ring from Flirt. The gold and green flower looks fabulous against the skin and is just the perfect finishing touch for a stunning bikini at the beach!

The pot at the fishing tournament got up to $1000 and everyone had a lot of fun fishing here at Harlow. Keep your eyes open cos we're bound to have another one in the near future, along with more fabulous events. Until then, we have some of the best shopping on the grid, so pop on in and check out our stores and pick yourself up some fabulous stuff soon!

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