Sunday, August 2, 2009

Did you have fun last night?

Well... Hello There!

Another Sunday is here; doesn’t the time just fly by?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the party last night was lots of fun, I had such a great laugh and it was really nice to spend time with our customers!

I’m going to keep this post a little shorter than usual for a Sunday as I have things I need to get done. So instead of writing lots I’ll just post lots of photos from last night!

 Lets start the party!

Sexy Rhianna our Party Diva!

Zelly was really having fun!

 See the rest of the photos here

We gave away many prizes last night, congratulations to all who successfully answered the trivia questions and won a prize! All prizes were donated from our store owners here at Harlow, so a big thank you to them! I also want to mention what a wonderful job DJ Tydeyz Snook made with the live music, his selection in music was perfect, so let’s say another big thank you to him! And let’s not forget to thank all those wonderful people that attended the party.. THANK YOU ALL!!

Oh oh, did I mention that my Spad won a dress? How pretty he looks in it too! Hehehe.. and He wasn’t the only guy to win one either! Gunter was also a lucky winner too! Silly boys!



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Jordan Whitt said...

*waits for the pic of Spad in the dress to be posted*

Akelei Schnyder said...

you will spend all your life waiting for that xD