Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks for being concern :3

Hi There,

Lots of my friends have been asking if I was okay after what happened in my country, Chile, we got a strong earthquake level 8.8, after that, a huge Tsunami ... I am good, thanks God nothing happened to me and my family or house, for me the earthquake was level 7 and 3 minutes longer >.< ... but we passed in good conditions, I must say, I am a lucky person.

At the south of Chile, where was the catastrophy, lots of towns are gone when the Tsunami hit not with one wave, with 3 or 5 waves one after the other and destroyed everything ... ships are over houses, inside them or betweens trees in the wood houses are over other houses, it's just like a science fiction movie like 2012 or the day after tomorrow.

Some of you have been asking how can they help us ... so here is the info of what I've found

International Red Cross – account Citibank Nº 9941973331 – code ABA:021000089 – address: 153 east 53 Rd. Street 4th floor. New York, Ny 10022

I will be very glad if you wanna help, but I wanna make sure that I'm not begging you, I just want to share my damage people with the rest of you that maybe don't have any idea what an earthquake is like.

There are dozen of kids looking for their parents, calling them under the destroyed buildings ... if you wanna help, do it for them please ... everything counts, a pray, a light a candle, a best wishes ... everything!

I wanna Thank to Zelly to allow me to use her blog for this. Zelly you are the best EVER! also I wanna thank to Nicky Ree, she has been lighting candles for our people and waiting to know how she can help ... you are wonderul Nicky! :3

And how we say "We are strong, we keep moving forward"

Go Chile!

Sorry about my english spelling or grammar *blushes*

Ake .. the people seeker

PS. thanks to US, Perú, Bolivia, Australia, Russia, China, Indonesia for your help :3

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