Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Party Time!

Hello Everybody!

This has been a long week but a really good one for me. I am happy to be back in my routine. I have to thank my friends that greet me for my real life birthday. I had a really great time with them.

I always finish and start chatting about me, and I forget what I should be posting about, silly me! Well, let me get stuck right in and tell you the latest from Striking Poses!

First thing, we are currently looking through all the contest submissions and I have to say were having a hard time trying to choose the winner. But we’ll be sure to tell you all on July 30th!

While you wait, why not go grab your best pair of shoes, and your favourite dress.. as we at Striking Posses are going ...... PARTY PARTY!!! That’s right, were holding another PARTY!!!

The party will be this Saturday (1st of August) at 2pm SLT and it’s going to be held on one of the streets of Harlow and to keep things easy we have themed it.. “Come as you are” that means come in whatever you like! I’ll mention that you should all bring your thinking caps, as we’ll be holding random trivia’s to test your knowledge, and if you get a question right, you’ll win a prize! Weeee! We’ll also have a live DJ attending.. DJ Tydeyz Snook, she has a very sexy voice, and I’m always curious about him when I hear him speak! Oh.. did I mention Prizes? Well, what would a party be without Prizes? Soo.. we many prizes to give away all contributed from the stores in Harlow!

Where ever you see the following advert, just click and you’ll receive the notecard with direction to our party!

Come as you are party

If you haven’t received your group gift yet, you can still pop over to our Striking Poses store and buy it for 1L, but if you are not a member, sorry guys but you will have to pay the full price, think about it, and join our Striking Poses Group.

Body Slam Couples Pose

That’s all for now, see you soon!


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