Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sneaking in on Monday...Just!

Eep I'm cutting it close with the post today. I hit a "no motivation" spot this morning and kept putting things off and now rushing to get in before its Tuesday and Ake's posting day! I do have some awesome things for you today though, so let's get to it.

Pose - Vanessa Paradise Dollarbie
Wearing -
Alexandra ($649) from Ali Couture

I just LOVE this gown! In fact I haven't taken it off since Alia sent it to me, except for doing other pictures that is anyway. Its just the most stunning thing I have ever seen...and thats saying something. With three versions of the bodice (standard, see through and a prim draped version) and a gorgeous rose trimmed skirt, its spectacular and looks incredible when you're dancing. It also comes with the roses for your hair. This is a definate MUST HAVE gown!!!

Pose - Tatiana Del Toro Dollarbie
Wearing -
Prada ($490) from MEB

Another one of my favourite designs from MEB is the Prada dress. Its simply lovely! I love the delicacy of it and the muted colouring. It flows amazingly and is an elegant summer dress for any special occasion. Its dressy enough to go from shopping trip to a night out dancing. You will fall in love with this dress too, or maybe something else in the store. All the designs are something special!

Pose - Cameron : Marlon Brando Dollarbie Jordan - Stop in the Name of Love Group Pose (left)
Wearing -
Tees ($75) from T Junction

Omg just when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore, I opened my new releases from T Junction and found some of the best shirts yet!!!! For Cam - "Buy me another beer, you're still ugly" which did have me wishing I could ctrl alt del him!!!! Here we are hanging out at the Bewitched set in the Studio. Have you checked it out yet? We have cleverly replicated the living room from bewitched and its open for you to come have some fun with and its also the setting for our photo competition. Don't forget to check out T Junction for the funniest tees in SL!

Pose - Tiffany Theissen Lucky Chair
Wearing -
Tee ($75) from T Junction and Scotty Shorts ($20) from RLF

RLF is owned by a new designer just wetting her feet in the clothing field and her first attempt, the Scotty Shorts, are just super. They are unisex and look good on whether you are a male or female. Cameron modelled them for me earlier and he looked hot in them, but I pinched them back cos I love them! I slipped into yet another T Junction release - Come to the dark side...we have cookies! Mmmm cookies! Look out dark side, here I come! RLF also do custom shapes as well as some standard models sold in store.

Have you heard about the special store at Harlow? Called Penny Palisade, its our Sim gift to you all. Everything in it comes from our generous vendors and is priced at $25 or less. I had a look around earlier and picked up a few things shown below. Only available at Penny Palisade.

Pose - Natalia Vodianova #3
Wearing -
Ruffles Lingerie ($25) from STC

From Sweeter Than Candy, you will find this gorgeous lingerie set.

Pose - Scarlet Johansson #5
Wearing -
Casual Grey Shirt and Crystal Mimi eyes ($25) from Ema's Secret

As well as the shirt and eyes, you also receive a belly piercing and nail colour.

There is so much super shopping to be found on Harlow. We've also got our new Event Diva, Rhianna, cooking up some special plans so keep your eyes open for details coming soon.

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