Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Stunners!

Summer is definately here! Temperatures are rising and layers are coming off as everyone enjoys some fun in the sun! To help with that, I have found some goodies from the stores on Harlow.

Pose - Candice Michelle Dollarbie
Wearing -
Classic Blue Summer Dress ($75) from Amanda's Fashions

Sweet pink flowers dot over a soft blue fabric making up the cutest summer dress you will find at such an amazingly low price. Also available in pink and cream, the Classic Summer Dress from Amanda's Fashions is an instant classic indeed. Its perfect for wearing out on shopping jaunts, hunts or just exploring the marvellous Sims around SL. And at only $75 each, you can afford more than one. Also check out the rest of the range and see what else you can find.

Pose - Fergie #7
Wearing -
Devil Inside (Store Gift) from Foxy Fashions

I love tank tops, especially with jeans. I found this super set as a gift in Foxy Fashions! I love the distressed fabric of the jeans, which look incredible on and have such great detailing. They are pedalpusher length (midcalf) and can be worn with sandals or boots. The tank top is my new instant favourite. Not only is it jacket layer (my fav!) but it has a cute "Devil inside" caption (which no-one could believe of me) and the texture is just stunning. Unlike most tops, it has a stretched knit look to it across the bust, giving it a more realistic look. For a gift, its amazing! Thank you FF!!!

Pose - Playboy 0309 Germany
Wearing -
Knockout ($250) from Fashion Oasis

Aptly named, the Knockout gown from Fashion Oasis is a complete knockout! The picture I took doesn't do it justice at all. It has the sexiest lace detailing on the bodice and the skirt is something else as well. Its a gown you have to see to believe, and at only $250, how can you not snap it up? After all, its from Pixeldolls, which have some of the most sexy and detailed clothing in SL and are amongst my top 10 favourite stores.

Pose - Kate Beckinsale #2
Wearing -
Harlow Daywear ($300) from Exodi

How could I pass up a stunning summer outfit named after the Sim I love? From Exodi, its a versatile outfit that can be worn as a babydoll dress, as above, with tights or jeans as a babydoll top, without the skirt layer as a short jumpsuit, or just wear the top with jeans as a sexy strapless tank top. Its four outfits in one, and lives up to its "daywear" name. You'll have trouble choosing between the colour choices when you add this to your collection. Its a must have summer item!

Pose - Krista Allen #10
Wearing -
Romantic Dream ($199) from Rattenscharf

What could be a better way to end a hot summer's day than waiting for your special someone in a hot set of lingerie from Rattenscharf. Again its an outfit that lives up to name of Romantic Dream. Comprising of a sexy camisole and thong, it is elevated from the ordinary by the design and special little touches. There are deep red roses on the bodice and also on the thong to give it a romantic accent, and the design of the bodice which exposes some skin to tease and tempt is just incredibly sexy. It comes with the stockings and gloves, which have a lacey frill around the wrist.

We have a few stores still available to rent on Harlow and the most incredible opening bash planned for this Sunday, so you need to be in quick before you miss out. We're expecting a huge turnout of people who will see what Harlow has to offer and how fabulous our stores are. Do you really want to miss out on this exposure?

I'm looking forward to dressing up and celebrating the official opening of the Harlow Sim with Zelly, Ake and all the wonderfully talented people who have made this Sim home to one of their stores. I'm also looking forward to meeting some of our fabulous readers and customers, cos after all, where would we be without you? So mark July 12th on your calendars and come glam it up with us!

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