Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did you enjoy your weekend? ... because we did!

I’m not sure where to start, so many things happened over the past few days. I will try and cover it as best I can in a readable and understandable kind of way. xD

First of all, I would like to thank all of you fantastic people who came over and partied with us at the weekend. I have to say we had lots of fun, and the selection of people who stopped by was just amazing, we had famous SL people, we had bloggers, designers, our customers, friends.. ah we had everyone! Because of all these fantastic people the part was a huge success!

And of course this couldn’t of happened without the excellent job that the guys from Studio Red did! They had produce the most wonderful set of invitations, they were brilliant hosts and excellent planners, and because of them everything turned out just amazing!

Next we want to thank the brilliant designers at our sim, they worked really hard in creating the most fabulous set of gifts for you and we really appreciated the love and attention you put into each gift. Without you guys this party would have never happened.

I’d like to Congratulate all of our Trivia winners, and I’m sure you are all enjoying your prizes and let’s not forget the two “Best in Glam” winners, wow didn’t they look stunning! If you missed them, or if they didn’t rezz fully (like for me, Thanks Linden!) you’ll get a chance to see them in the next couple of days when we award them their prizes!

I will be putting some photos online soon from the party, and you’ll need to look over at our flickr group to see them all! But for now … enjoy these ones ;)

Harlow Party 02

Halow Party 01

Harlo Party 03

Harlow Party 04

This week’s release is not based on any particular celebrity. Zelly has called these poses “Hello Lover” and the poses are well, you know Zelly.. they are as always, absolutely fantastic, and I can’t make my mind up to how I will show them to you.

Hello Lover Poses Fatpack

If I could, I’d love to spend the time and show you all 10 poses done my way.

Well … were nearly at the end of the post… but as always we will finish with the lucky winners for this week, you will have until this Thursday 16th to contact Zelly and claim your prize.

* Asthenia Pinazzo
* Eileen Villiers
* HunneeCup Kenin
* Perry Quintessa
* Topcat Trevellion

Okay! That is all today …. Tomorrow you will have another long post to read!!!


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