Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday on Harlow

Wow I can't believe its July and the year is half over already. Its been a rollercoaster six months for me so far and I'm hoping the remaining six months are more settled. How has your half-year been?

I found some awesome stuff to share with you today, along with news of a special store just opened in Harlow.

Pose - Krista Allen #3
Wearing -
Silvermist Hibiscus ($100) and Lover's Knot Necklace from Eolande
Hair - Queen Anne's Lace from Calla

If you haven't heard of Eolande, then you must be living under an SL rock! Not only will you find amazing jewellry in many styles, but also fabulous hair accessories especially designed to work with some of SL's biggest names in hair, like Calla. Perfect for summer are the stunning Hibiscus flowers which slip on behind the ear for a touch of colour and glamour. Dress up your hair as well as yourself with something amazing from Eolande today!

Pose - Sports Illustrated 1985
Wearing -
Natalia Skin Medium Freckled ($10) and Lush Lashes ($89) from Eye Candi

I was wandering around Harlow looking at the fab new stores which have just opened when I stumbled across Eye Candi and two amazing deals! Absolutely gorgeous is how I would describe the Natalia skin I found there for only $10!!!! It comes in 3 skin tones and is lightly freckled for a cute girlish touch. I just adore the makeup! After skins, hair, poses, tiaras and cupcakes, my next biggest addiction would be without a doubt....Eyelashes! I love how they can completely change your look and give you a more sexy and seductive look. I found a box full of 5 lash styles for only $89!!! I'm in eyelash heaven!!!!

Poses - Jordan : Pink #2 & Cameron : Vin Diesel #9
Wearing -
Tshirts ($75ea) from T Junction

There is no better way to make a statement in SL than wearing it on your chest! When we were browsing in T Junction Cam found and had to have the "I just moved you to the top of my "to do" list" shirt, to which my reply had to be "lmao". Poor guy, no wonder he's single with pick up lines like that!!!! But its a fab shirt and will get a giggle out of your friends and who knows, maybe he will find someone to top that list! As for me, I'm still LMAO!!!

Pose - Gisele Bundchen #4
Wearing -
Diamond Dream Silver Shoes ($160) from Angels

Another thing you can never have too much of in SL is SHOES!!!! I found the cutest and most glamorous ones in Angels when I was having my explore around Harlow. Perfect for dressing up an outfit or just for wearing when you're lounging around in your underwear, posing up a storm! With heaps of styles and colour choices, you will be able to find the perfect pair, or pairs, for you!

Pose - Jean Shrimpton #9
Wearing -
Keiko in Teal ($125) from Out.Rage

Dressed up or down, the Keiko from Out.Rage will get you from casual day wear through to evening wear. The top has a lovely open halter neck with a spiderlike brooch detail at the base of the neck, and the fabric chosen has a dressy and sparkling effect that really makes it something special. It comes with long trousers and just looks fabulous on. There is a variety of colours for you to choose from.

Just opened on Harlow is a special new store called Penny Palisades. In this store you will find items from not only Zelly, but some of our Harlow store owners all priced at $25 or less. Come hunt this store down and nab yourself some awesome bargains. Have fun exploring the sim while you search and maybe you'll find yourself some other fabulous items as well.

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