Thursday, July 16, 2009

My day is coming ...

Hello pose lovers!

I can’t believe that were half way through the week and even worse were half way through the month! Oh, and let’s not mention the fact were half way through the year! Where does the time go? Ah, only 9 days till I become one year more wiser ;) (and no, I’m not getting older, no no!)

Anyway, enough about that… let’s get back to… poses! So, I hope you have already taken a look at our new pose releases for this week, as in my opinion it has been the best release so far this month!

I have chosen the pose for today, it is an ideal pose to show off the rear side of your body. It allows you to reveal the detail of clothing from behind, think on a long black open back dress, or perhaps a high detailed tattoo running down your spine or how about a beautiful hair piece?, Me? I have chosen this detailed shirt to show off the pose wit,…

hello lover pose 1

Now let me tell you about our freebies and in shop sale!

The dollarbie for this week is based on an old retro style celebrity, Doris Day. The pose is ideal to show off the happiness you feel! I’m sure you will all love it!

Doris Day Pose
As sale, there is this fabulous fatpack based on Liv Tyler, the price for this week is going to be 250L and each pose will cost 25L … isn’t a bargain?!!!
Liv Tyler Fatpack

Do you want more? … Of course you do!

7Seas Fishing is at Harlow, take a trip to our docks, grab yourself a fishing pole and with the perfect spot you can fish for wonderful prizes! Not convinced? Well, some of the prizes you can catch are beautifully made poses, as well as couple poses!

Okay, that is all for today …. See ya soon! (Tomorrow, if our Jordan isn’t able to post, then I will! If you are wondering where she is, well she is having lots of computer problems.. but she is working hard to get them fixed!)



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