Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three's Company ...

I am hopping you haven’t forgotten our super duper big party this Sunday, and how lots of stores in game have sales, It’s the perfect chance to chose your pretty party dress :D

Striking Poses - Teaser # 2

If the pictures look gorgeous, imagine how the party is going to be, great music with an amazing DJ, with prizes, dancing, trivia and all in the best of glam! This is going to be just perfect; you don’t want to miss this, do you? OF COURSE NOT!! :p

I know I didn’t post the Sunday news this week, but I will be keeping you all up to date with what is happening. I want to tell you about the 1L pose, if you recall, for this week only the pose will be 1L and available to group members who have been part of our group for 14days! If you are not a member yet, or nto been a member long enough, sorry.. you’ll have to pay the full price!

“Fallen Love” is another pose based on Posh and Becks, I hope you enjoy it as much as you are enjoying the “Contemplation” one!

Fallen Love Couples Pose

Oh, I hope you haven’t forget that Striking Poses is part of the Cindirella’s lost slippers hunt, just find the single shoe and grab your prize, which is a lovely pose that will bring back memories of when you were told those bed stories as a kid :)

Kiss The Frog Pose

Do you want more free things? I am sure you do… we have 7Seas Fishing at the Harlow Docks! And how Zelly loves you so much, she has added some poses to the prizes, so you have Dollarbies, Group Member gift, Lucky chair, Random Weekly winners and 7Seas Fishing!

You can find our docks here

We still have some shops available for rent, and with the part approaching this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Think on all the passing visitors that will be attending the party and visiting the stores.. You know where to find us, that’s right, at the Harlow Sim!

That’s all for now … see ya!

No it’s not! … I was playing with the 2 couple poses, and I made this :

couple poses mix

You don’t need to wait until Zelly releases some trio poses, there are always zillions of possibilities at Striking Poses to play with.


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