Saturday, July 4, 2009

She's My Cherry-Pie!

To all Americans and Canadians, have a safe and happy 4th!!!

We've decided to make a change to my Saturday blogs. Instead of showing you more fab goodies from the Harlow stores, I'm going to be interviewing our talented designers and sotre owners instead, so you can get to know a bit more about them and where their ideas come from etc.

My first interview is the gorgeous, talented, fabulous (yes she paid me to say all this) Cherry Cheevers, the woman behind DollyRock!

Who is Cherry Cheevers :
Me! Just the same as I am in real life, no RP, no drama - a very lucky woman who counts her blessings every single day to have had the good fortune to have found Second Life and the wonderful people that inhabit this space of ours.

How did you get into designing :
I used to design clothes for a specialist type of Asian doll called BJD's (ball jointed dolls) or 'Dollfies' in real life and I also had several years experience of Photoshop. When I discovered Second Life it seemed an obvious path to combine aspects of these two interests.

What would you say your main inspiration is :
Everything! Can't pin that one down. It could be the pattern on a pencil case or the cute pair of socks a goth girl is wearing when I'm in town.

Does your DollyRock style reflect your RL style :
Not really, generally the DollyRock style is rather more outrageous than my own style :-)

What would you say your design niche is :
I guess DollyRock is known for satisfying the inner raunch and I do love to make teh sexy!

What is your favourite creation :
The last one I made:-)

What is the one you wish had stayed in your head :
Hmm there are a few - probably my first 30 outfits when I was learning the ropes..and NO you're not getting pics :-)

What is the biggest challenge facing designers today :
The state of the economy immediately springs to mind of course, both RL and SL and the every changing shifts in the fast moving environment that is Second Life - oh you just wanted one?

Whats the biggest benefit for designers in SL :

Once you accept the restrictions of the avatar mesh as designers in SL we have enormous freedom to go wild with our creativity, we don't have to worry about fabric costs or gravity, for example :-)

Where do you see yourself and DollyRock this time next year :

World domination is the plan!! No...seriously...I'm very happy where I am. Creating outfits that my customers enjoy. Did I mention I have the BEST customers in SL? *waves*

Where do you like to shop :That's such a mean question! I hate to single people out, there are so many fabulous designers out there. I rarely buy clothes these days..but shoes - Bax, Moodys, Shiny Things. Hair: Too many!! From ETD to Damselfly and a horrible weakness for Sky Everett's hair.

What is your biggest fashion weakness : hair...shall we say hair and shoes?

What do you do in SL when you're not designing :
Are you a stalker?? I guess 90% of my time in SL is taken up with some sort of DollyRock related activity. The rest is shared between hanging at zyngo, tripping the light fantastic and MOYB :-)

What is something no-one knows about you :
I can milk a goat! (Actually a few people know that.)

Most embarrassing SL moment to date - pics would also be good :
Easy! This was a few hours before I opened my sim for the first time after several weeks of setting it up. One click and I sent 95% of the whole place back to my inventory. I had to promise a Linden my first born to get a quick roll back. You think I took pictures? Are you nuts?

Pose - Audrey Kitching #3

I still have the first outfit I ever bought from DollyRock, so I dusted it off and slipped it on and took a picture. It was back in my "dancer days", days now sent off into repressed memory territory. I don't think I ever got to wear it on stage though. Those days were pretty short-lived and I moved onwards and upwards, much like Cherry Cheevers and DollyRock. Two and a half years later she and her store are still going strong and still churning out fabulous and sexy clothes at affordable prices.

Don't forget to check out her store here on Harlow, as well as all the other fantastic stores just full of goodies for you. Or if you want to kick back and relax, try your hand at fishing on the Harlow docks. You might just reel in some of Zelly's great poses.

And keep watching this space for more info on the Harlow Grand Opening Event!!!

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