Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday Goodies from Harlow!

Wo0t its almost the weekend again! What a busy week its been! I've finally caught up on all the stuff I missed when my computer was out of commission and now I can finally relax a bit. I'm having a lot of fun with the new poses and can more often be found out around the grid taking photos.

Which reminds me, have you entered our Bewitched contest yet? There's still time and some fabulous prizes up for grabs. Its as simple as wiggling your nose to enter, so what are you waiting for? All info is posted on the Striking Poses Flickr page and in posts from Ake below.

Pose - Katherine Heigl Pick #3 (No longer available)
Wearing -
Open Denim Shirt ($200), Cropped Jeans ($150) & Logger Shirt ($200) from Dyn

Ok I love love love this look. Nothing is sexier than an unbuttoned shirt, jeans and another shirt tied casually around the waist. I've been a huge fan of Dyn since my early SL days and with every new design out, I'm even more gaga over them. They just get better and better. Plus they are transferable so its a nice way to buy gifts or even share clothing with friends or an alt. From sexy dresses through to casual wear, Dyn has everything you could possibly want or need. Check them out soon and fall in love too!

Pose - Alessandra Ambrosio #4
Wearing -
Moments Combined Wedding Set ($300 ) from Fashion Oasis

Pose - Vin Diesel #4
Wearing -
Moments Wedding Ring ($300) from Fashion Oasis

Well it had to happen sometime - Cam finally hooked someone with his corny pick up lines and tshirts. New this week at Fashion Oasis is the With Love range of jewellry, including some gorgeous and amazing wedding sets. He chose Moments for his lovely bride to celebrate all the special moments they have had and will continue to have. All wedding sets come in a fatpack of four rings - engagement ring, seperate wedding rings (male and female) as well as a combined engagement/wedding ring for $900, or you can buy the ones you want seperately for $300 ea. If wedding bells are tinkling in your future...check out the With Love range and see if you find the perfect set for you and your intended.

Pose - Krista Allen #10
Wearing -
Tube Bikini ($75) from T Junction

I have another new release from T Junction for you this week. As well as the best tees in SL, you can now find sexy and affordable bikinis to add to your collection. Available in three solid colours or three patterned ones, you will be able to find one or more for yourself, or even a friend, as they are transferable!!! And at only $75 ea (fatpack of all 6 for $350) you can afford more than one. The tube top also looks fabulous with jeans or a skirt. Don't forget to hit the subscribo in store to keep up with all the great new releases!

Pose - Charlize Theron #6
Wearing -
Hawaiian Top and Capris ($0) from Moulliez

Another perfect look for summer is this gorgeous capri and top outfit from Moulliez. Best of all, its a gift for you in store! There are also many fabulous summer gowns and dresses to add to your wardrobe, and the prices won't bankrupt you either. I'm standing there in store having lusties over something I think I will add to mine and share with you another time. See if you can figure out what it is before I get around to posting it.

Pose - Hello Lover #5
Wearing -
Get Fresh ($250) from Pout

Nothing is more summery than this gorgeous set from Pout. A floaty chiffon babydoll camisole top in a stunning design worn with capris will have you looking amazing for any casual occasion. Complete with flip flops and a matching headband (not worn) its the perfect summer outfit. Available in 8 colour sets, there is definately the right one for you. Its so cute, so summer and so must have!

Well thats it for me for this stunning Thursday. I hope you check out the stores for these and other incredible designs. There really are some talented people in SL creating such gorgeous things. I envy them. Making a box is the total extent of my building and designing talents lol. I think I'll stick to blogging.

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