Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Big Day is Comming!!

Just a quickie, to keep you updated with all that is happening at Striking Poses.. so pay attention!

This Sunday the 12th we will be hosting the biggest and the greatest party ever held in Second Life, full of fancy music, games, gifts, and of course US! This is not to be missed as it will be the talking point in Second Life for the next year! xD

Striking Poses - Teaser # 2

Next our release for this week is Contemplation, I took a quick photo while we were buying a new piece of land… yes I know, we keep on moving.. But wait till you see out new house!!


Up next is “Fallen Love” which is a couples pose for the members of our group, also the dollarbies will be just 1L for all our group members, the rest of you will have to pay the normal price. If you want them at the lower price.. you know what to do… ;)

Oh, before I forget if you are interested in renting a shop in our Harlow sim, then contact Jordan Whitt, as we still have a couple left!

You know.. I can’t wait for Sunday to come! I already have my dress and accessories, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you guys and gals. And us girls at Striking Poses will be taking time out from our jobs and letting our hair down to……. PARTY PARTY!!!! Weeeee!!

Also, don’t forget the Cindirella’s lost slippers hunt and all our lucky chairs and 7Seas prizes!



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