Wednesday, July 8, 2009

looking at you ...

Hello… all of you!

I hope you are all doing better than I am, I managed to catch the silly flu, thanks to one of my friends *sneezes*. I had an amazing weekend with my good friends; we had such a laugh and really enjoyed our selves, it had been nearly 3 years since we last met!

Anyway, none of that will stop me from posting the new and hottest things from Striking Poses, so pay attention, as I have some awesome things to share with you :)

I will start with our new release this week, again thinking on couple poses Zelly has this time produced a his and hers set and what couldn’t be more exciting than to have a couples pose based on the Becks! Lucky Victoria!

Contemplation Couples Pose

This is a perfect pose to share with your man when he comes from a hard day at work. Invite him to lie and you’ll make him feel so comfortable, enjoy the moment together, take care of the hard working man, appreciate what you have, he is all yours, I can guarantee you that.

Okay! … I know it is Tuesday but better late than never! The lucky winners for this week! Take a look and if you find your name on the list, contact Zelly to claim your prize, but do it before until July 9th!

*Angelena Nightfire

*ElVez Boccara

*jenna Fitzgerald

*sexxi Weezles

*tania Urvilan

Congratulations to all the winners and I hope you all enjoy your prizes.

Ladies, don’t forget that everyone can be a winner, just keep faith and if you didn’t win now, come to the store and get the new dollarbie! Another adorable pose based on Anna Wong. (don’t forget you can always find the old dollarbies at our Xstreet Market Place, link at the bottom of the post)


Now I need your complete attention for this next bit of information, Zelly is going to have a new dollarbie policy. Considering the how many loyal group members we have, Zelly now wants them available just to our group members for the special price of 1L and 25L for non- members. So from here on out, the dollarbies poses will have a regular price of 25L for non-members and a 1L price for members. This means you have to be a member of the group for 2 days to take advantage of this. Woot! :D

Wellt hat is all for now… Oh no, I almost forgot to mention the sale for this week, I hope all of you love the collection based on Eva Mendez, because she is our Sale of the week! You can grab the complete fatpack just for 250L!! or a single pose for the low price of 25L!!

Eva Mendes Fatpack

Look for this advert in the middle of our store, where all the dollaribes, new releases and sales are, in front of the stairs, I am sure you’ll find it easily!
I’m guessing you have all heard about our Sim Opening Party, and I can tell you the big day is coming, it is so close now just 5 days left! And we already have this for you!

Striking Poses - Teaser # 1 (small)

The party is going to be totally totally awesome and you can’t, just CAN’T miss it … I will be showing you more during the week, just make sure you don’t plan anything for this Sunday the 12th ;)

Have a great day!


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